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Ciervos Island Siege

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
The Lord Agotado and your King Ciervo have a long history of envy and animosity towards each other. Years of warfare and misery have been the result of this.

The Lord Agotado has built himself a nice little beach house on a secluded mountainous island. Your King Ciervo has decided he wants it for his very own.

You have been charged with taking down the Lord Agotado and his entire garrison. The Lord Agotado has anticipated this move from your King and has prepared for your arrival.

You will want to pull back to the beach immediately...and you might want to stay there... Treading lightly and cautiously is the order of the day.

This Island is heavily fortified, well guarded and an all around miserable place to be. The Lord Agotado is quite a tough adversary...devious...and a bit excessive.

...I wonder if the Post Office is hiring...


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Best Willis
Map Design5.0

Tons of arrows
Gallons of blood
900 dead enemies
232x load game
350 dead soldiers
156 heroes
70 game years
5 days of playing
1 game

„Get renowned or die trying…“ (captain Best Willis after landing on the island)

12 January 1109 – After landing on this beautiful place we were attacked by those dirty bastards from the nearest fortress, so we had to retreat to the beach. When we set the tents, Balc my best scout came to me and informed me about the situation. Everybody was ready and waiting for my commands (even ten useless ladermen). The second thing was, that they had found a hidden way on the small bay near our camp. I ordered ten crossbowmen to check the situation on the other side of the lil bay. They found out a small wooden bridge over the sea and behind it a huge stone fortress, that they later named: the Dragon and another long stone fortress later named: the Snake. We already knew about the bridge with the two towers and the fortress edging the beach named Jaws. After we killed almost everyone on the wooden bridge using the trebuchets and crossbowmen, I ordered 30 archers and 40 crossbowmen to hide in the curve above the bay and attack the two towers on the stone bridge. Within five days, these two towers were defeated.

17 Januray 1109 – Balc informed me about our losses. During the fight we have lost five crossbowmen and only four archers, several men were wounded but able to fight. Great, I thought to myself, if it is going to be this easy, the whole island will be ours till the end of the year. Just time had to show how wrong I was. After 50 of my crossbowmen climbed up to the towers of the stone bridge, they killed a lot of the men in the Snake. We also found a suitable place on a high plain next to these two towers so I ordered my men to construct a trebuchet and attack everything possible in the Jaws. They took down four towers. My tactis was simple. After we destroyed those four towers, I ordered them to launch dead cows into the Jaws fortress to infect everything inside. This was a good strategy through the whole winning.

23 March 1109 – After few days, our situation was like this: We did get out supplies, we didnt get another men and everything else was before this time. Except for the fact we destroyed the first two towers of the Dragon… Balc tempted me to attack while they think we are too weak and so did most of the other men. But I decided to wait a little longer. As the time showed, I was damn right! During our false sham attack, one of their archers did a mistake and burned the whole pitch also with the farms. On the March of 28 I gave the order to attack the Dragon. Every able macemen had to be ready for getting it for us. In the first line, there was a portable shield, than there were wounded crossbowmen and archers and 50 macemen. They didnt had any chance, even thou our losses were high. 34 maceman had died. We conquered the Dragon till the night of that day. A lot of their men from the Snake falled that day after our crossbowmen climbed to the highest tower of the Dragon. Yes, Dragon was ours!

11 November 1109 – It is pretty atrocious to wait here in these cold months and wait for supplies. Trough the whole summer we did not see a single boat with new food and we almost ate our horses and cargo donkeys. Just after it finally sailed we were able to think about the new attack. Balc devised to destroy the gatehouse and the space behind it (inside the fortress) so we can build a trebuchet that will be hidden in the face of their archers. It was because every single try to build a trebuchet in front of the gate failed and two of our engineers were killed. We did it as Balc said and it worked! Our stones were flying over the march like a birds and after some time we destroyed forst three small towers, than the main gate and finally the big tower that was nearest to the main castle just over the sea channel. I forbid them to destroy the adjacent one, I knew we will need it.

3 February 1110 – The spring was here again and we were full of strenght. So was our enemy, but we did fear them not. After another smashing attack, we were able to occupy the Snake and to look beyond the walls of the main castle. Anyway, there was a problem. We couldnt get to the tower I saved, because of our heavy trebuchet attacks. I ordered the engineers to build a siege tower… My crossbowmen, poor pensioners, did a lot of damages on the enemy side. Three big towers losted their squads, than I ordered them to move to the end of Snake, where the two small towers offered a great chance for striking attack. Fort Jaws suffered another reverse but the same for our troops…

13 April 1110 – While preparing the final assalut on the fort Jaws, which squad attacked us on the beach while landing, I spoke to my personal scheduler, architect and naturalist John Eltin Sparks and this was his report in my short version:
"The island is very nice and as I found out also very hard to conquer. Our troops proceed just very slowly and there is no way to cross the island to the main castle without getting wet or killed. We have to move and conquer firmness by firmness and I have the feeling as if we move into a trap. Otherwise the nature is really nonpareil with hard rocks on the high plains so the roosts are well protected against ground attack. The lochs are roughly obdurated into the land and making a beautiful land scenery. It is a feast for eyes to see a nice firmness of white stone standing on the steep hill. It is obvious that masters builders did a lot of work here and my heart is filling with sorrow, when our trebuchets are hitting the nice white walls and towers…"

16 April 1110 – At this day, it was raining really hard and so I ordered my crossbowmen to heavily attack the walls of Jaws. While they were attacking I sent three engineers down the stairs to build a trebuchet. They could move relatively close to the jaws, because the squad retreated at the back of the fortress fearing my pensioners (wounded crossbowmen and archers). When trebuchet was ready, fire began. First we happily destroyed the boiling pot so many of their men burned alive. Than we began destroying their walls. I can still hear the mass yell of my men: HIT HIT HIT HIT!!! As the stones were flying in the sky and almost animal yawl, when the stone hit the place. After destroying the tree small towers, my trebuchets couldnt do more work, so I led my crossbowmen into the Jaws… So far this was the bloodiest fight. Many of us died, but as the night went off, I could note down another stronghold – the Jaws.

3 May 1110 – Balc told me that he sent three scouts by now, but none returned back with a report. „They are hidden over there sir…“ he told me. I didnt slept that night and as the sun went up, I exclaimed all archers and crossbowmen and ordered them to cover the entire mountain pass with arrows. There was an armory full of arrows and bows in the Jaws, so we took that liberty. With this tactics they continued while passing the mountains. It was a long walk, but in one month, we had took control over the pass. There was nothing to stop us now…

20 September 1110 – As there was no supply ship entire four months I decided to act straight ahead and seize the small fort whit round tower. It wasn´t easy, because while trying to climb on very small adjacent steep hill a lot of my pensioners died. It wasnt easy to kill the rest of the troops in the fort and six of my macemen died. Also as we took control over the two towers, ten of my archers died, when they were suddenly attacked by a group of pikemen. But I will remember them as heroes and so will their country…

14 January 1111 – Our last challenge! The great fort we named Devils Sight. It was too far for our trebuchets, so we only destroyed a few towers and killed wee enemies. We had to wait for supplies and as I was sitting behind the table in the small forts round tower and looking at the walls of Devils Sight, I remembered what these men did. I remembered how they fought and how bravely they died for the king. Will he ever notice our blood? But I also remembered what our enemy did. It was only ten years ago, when the men we were now fighting against looted the country, when they were killing children and women… When they killed my own son! May the king have this cursed island after Im finished but as Im writing my own story here, I will kill them all!

11 November 1111 – It was a symbolic date and I only can tell you one thing. My men were fighting bravely like a lions…

Playability: 5
You have to be patience.

Balance: 5
This map is greatly balanced as you gradually lost your men. I played on normal.

Creativity: 5
As for the castle and the idea.

Map design: 5
Really nice!

Story/Instructions: 5
As you play this game, you create your own story. That´s why 5.

End: I felt that this will be a real challenge and it was. I would really appreciate your feeling about my review.

Best Willis
File Author
Let me add a few tips not included in the readme.txt file and elaborate on what is in there.

You must use the terrain to your advantage. Attempting a straight on charge will be suicidal. Moving your troops in small numbers will keep them safer from enemy fire. Archers, Crossbow Men and Siege equipment are essential and must be used wisely.

Several places on the map require you to knock down structures to range in your seige equipment and protect it from enemy fire.

This is not a 45 minute game. If you're looking for a quick attack map, this one is not for you. I designed this map to allow you several options when attacking. There is always more then one way to clear the enemy.

The path to the final castle makes several turns and back tracks. You will need to attack structures before you reach them to allow you to get in close enough to find cover once you do reach them.

This map can be beaten with 60% casualties on Normal. I built it and wind up with 80% casualties on Hard. I admit, it isn't a walk in the park, but if that's what you're looking for, then you might want to try it out.


File Author
Wow, what a review...I am humbled...

I am glad you enjoyed the map. You understood the story is revealed as you play, not just handed to you. Kudos on your observation.

Like I said before, this isn't a 30 minute map. It's a map for those who don't mind investing some time and thought into a seige map.

Tactics are, because a blind charge makes for a quick game...

Thank you again for a tremendous review, and investing the time to play my map to its conclusion. Keep watching for Volume II, Ciervos Revenge...coming soon...


SimRPGplayer I haven't yet beaten this beauty (then again, I haven't played it in over 2 years), but I just want to speak of how much I love it. A friend and I competed to see how far we could get (it wasn't very far, even on easy). I plan to give it another go and a full review sometime soon.
kodakeasyshare how do you find the time to do such a review!?
File Author
The sequel to this map is out! Look for Ciervo's Revenge in the Siege download section.
Skullus Playability: 5
So much to do and see, it was amazing

Balance: 5
Very well blanced

Creativity: 5
Quite creative use of bridges, e.t.c.

Map Design: 5
A Wonderous map making an amazing seige

Story/Instructions: 5
The Story made the seige all the better

Additional Comments:
This seige is Magnificent, And Amazing in how all of this can be fitted into one Battle.

[Edit – This review has been retracted by staff as part of a retrospective moderation of reviews. This was carried out to deal with the issue of some reviews not meeting the minimum standard. The content of the retracted review has been left to stand as a comment. The author is welcome to contact staff about this. Edited by ericgolf]

[Edited on 12/14/08 @ 10:10 AM]

Synyster Very good map. The way the castle was built into the island helped give it a realistic effect.

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Map Design5.0
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