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Best Willis
File Details
Map Size: 200x200 (Small)
Difficulty: Hard
This is a small and "quick" scenario in which you have to get out of a very small island. Story in the game. Enjoy an write reviews. Thanx!

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Map Design4.0
Good things come in small packages.

A couple nights ago I was about to shut down the computer when I spotted this new offering by Best Willis. The description said "Small and Quick" - yeah OK, I'll have a go at it. Well, small and quick it may be, EASY it is not but FUN it definitely is.

Islet presents a tiny, rocky, island, beautifully crafted and set in the midst of the blue sea. The terrain shaping, placement of rocks, plants etc are all very well done and pleasing to the eye. Viewed from all angles it looks quite realistic.

On this island you find a small stone keep, a granary, a stockpile and one woodcutter's hut. The inhabitants include the lord, one archer, one wood cutter and three other souls huddled around the campfire. You have no food, no money, only a few boards in the stockpile and your popularity is zero! Map Design - 4, Creativity - 4

All you have to do is come up with 10 swords. Good Luck!

I don't know how many times I had to restart this game both from the beginning and from saves. I tried various strategies and several almost worked but in the end, after many attempts, I found a way. With some careful balancing and timing I was able to win just three months before the deadline.

Not going to give you any hints here, the fun is in the discovery. Only I suggest that you not play this just once and then go to bed because it may keep you awake thinking about how to beat it. This little game seems to offer only limited options but is packed with challenge.

Because you are working with limited manpower you will find "slow" periods in the course of playing it through. Once I got the hang of it I ran the game at maximum speed (90) most of the time and only slowed to normal (45) at critical moments. Playability - 5, Balance - 5.

Nice story but I wish the designer had developed it more and placed it on the description page. A map a nice as this one deserves more promotion. Story - 3

Thanks Best Willis for this clever little map.

Note: You rated it "IMPOSSIBLE" and that may discourage some people from playing it. I would suggest that NORMAL is a better rating.
Best Willis
File Author
Thanx Bismuth! I really looked forward for some review, but I didnt think so, that it would be so high and so soon:) Im especially thankful for this, because my invasion map wasnt rated for a couple of dayz. Once again - thanx...
Map Design4.0
I have had a great time playing this map.

Playability : 5

I was really impressed with the Idea of creating an Economic map with the idea of a limited amount of abilty to accomplish your mission. As was stated in the pryor review, Correct thinking is the key. But once you accomplish the task it still requires a quick decision towards the End to beat the timer. Enough said no hints here...After completeing the task you can either leave the mission or continue. I chose to continue to see how long I could continue game play . Now at 50 swords , 20 people , 4 bakeries,1 wheat farm , 2 mills and 3000 Gold I decided to retire. I would like to say that this mission is a Good form of a trainer without using cheats.

Balance: 2

I was a little hesitated on how to give a correct score for the Balance of the game. The fact that the entire map is based on it being extremely off Balance is it's creativity. But to give it its fair Grade I had to chose a lower score. Do to this I have chosen to give the playabilty a High score of 5. Dont misunderstand me the Playabilty is deffinately High, But some may think that a map that is set up to most likely end without a Victory is either to hard to try or not worth the effort and may not see it as playable.

Creativity: 5

Now here is the real jewel. The entire concept of the challenge before you with the timed and planned events not to mention your location with limited resources and building abilty is what is so creative. Again like I said in the Beginning , I have had a great time playing this map.

Map Design:4

The design of the Island is great. Not to give away any secrets to it. It had to take some time to correctly set and construct areas of importance where Building availabity is offered. I also agree with the pryor review that the Author created an Island that is viewable on all sides and gives the appearance of an actual Island.

Story/ Instructions : 3

I am very weak when it comes in gradeing this area. For some they may feel that there isnt enough written or that it isnt story Book enough. I feel the Storyline gave you the idea of what your mission was and why you were on the island. It even gives you the reason for your tasks. I have created several maps and tried so hard at writing long and story book style introduction's with no results. I feel you accomplished the task.
Best Willis
File Author
Thanx Vonner, I really appreciate yr rating. And do not fidget about the ratings. After all: it is just a game. So, thanx alot.
Map Design4.0
Wow, what a map! A quick and small scenario as the author says that deserves a brief and appropriate review.
"Islet" is one of the most creative eco-maps I've played so far. It's an exceptional class of maps that you will remember even in a couple of years. A really spectacular combination of limited building options on a small rocky island and a very tricky conception of achieving the demanded quantity of swords.
When you start playing it in a habitual manner you surely will fail soon. I needed several attempts until I found out the correct plan to get ahead. You simply have to "forget" all your typical playing styles here. It is well suitable to broaden your mind and to train your abilities. This jocose eco-map has got a high score of replayability and a well-timed balance that you must not ignore. All things perfectly work together and in my opinion this map isn't really too hard to play if you know how to proceed. Creativity is unique and it promises a high fun factor.
I don't intend to give some secrets away, but just one advice: flexibly thinking will help!
A nice and short story, but I would rate it as "hard" and not "impossible".
Map-design does its duty with a quite natural looking outfit and without any special eye-candy (unfortunately no minimap). I finished this scenario needed 5 tries (on normal) achieving the demanded goal 14 months before deadline, played on hard 5 months earlier.("Very hard" I'm still testing)

I absolutely have to recommend this creative map and it's a "must" for both experienced players and beginners as well.

In one word: Great, Best Willis!

Best Willis
File Author
What to say? Just thanx stratego. I can see, that I can learn alot from your reviews. This one shows me that. I will review in quite different way and I hope I´ll b successful. Thank you!
Map Design5.0

I played this scenario recently and thoroughly enjoyed it. It is challenging, intriguing, and has more than its fair share of surprises.

Playability: 3

I thought this was the weakest portion of the map. Everything is crowded together so tightly sometimes it’s difficult to see what’s happening. One of the attractions of Stronghold is the sight of your people performing their work. Spreading things out a little will let us enjoy the view!

Constructing new buildings required almost surgical precision in some cases. Placing the new building was a bit tight and this can cause frustration amongst some players. While it is obvious where everything needs to go, and it’s a good idea to restrict where and how many buildings of a type to allow the player to build, you can accomplish the same thing without requiring them to squint at the screen to place them. Give the player a couple of tiles leeway, and they’ll thank you for it.

Balance: 4

I played this scenario at Normal with a followup session on Hard.

This was difficult to score for me as well, as the map has a particular “trick” that needs to be learned to complete it. The trick goes against commonly accepted practices of castle management and can be difficult to learn. But once it is found it becomes very easy to fulfill the victory conditions. Definitely above average, but not perfect.

Creativity: 5

A perfect score, in my opinion. This scenario turns castle management on its head and requires the player to unlearn many of the practices used to succeed in other missions. I’d say this scenario is probably easier to win for an inexperienced player than it would be for someone with more skill. Good Job!

Map Design: 5

Other than the Playability problems mentioned above, I thought this map was top-notch. Terrain features flow smoothly into each other. Vegetation is placed in a realistic manner and gives the map color and motion without obscuring the action on it. It closely resembles one of those collectibles you can buy of a small island with tiny buildings on it that you can place on your shelf. I wouldn’t be surprised if the designer based the map on one of those!

Story/Instructions: 3

This was also a little weak. The story was sketchy and left out a few important points. For example, an explanation of why the player’s popularity starts out the way it is would have helped a lot. The story is so short it could easily fit on the download description page and could have been a selling point for the scenario. Next time give us more!

Additional Comments:

The Bottom Line: This map is enjoyable for those who like the challenge of having to think differently and who like working with an extremely limited amount of resources. Highly Recommended!

[Edited on 03/24/07 @ 07:43 PM]

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