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The Walls of Troy (Final)

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
Image Hosted by"You want me to look upon your army and tremble? Well I see them. I see 50,000 men brought here to fight for one man's greed!" -Prince Hector to King Agamemnon before the assault

Yay! My first map! I think it's good, cause i really enjoyed playin it! I actually wanted to make the assault on the beach of Troy first, but not until I learn how to build boats (at least one boat, Achilles').

I think y'all know the Iliada. If not, read it! Or take a look at the text description in the game.

Prepare your mouse and keyboard, cause it's gonna be a long bloody battle! I think it's better played on Very Hard. Ya'll be playin as the trojans defending the city. The gates of Troy shouldn't get battered down, so defend them well.
The Pig is also the closest person I could choose to match Agamemnon's appearance.

Hey, since there are sprite limitations in the game, I couldn't create HUGE pre-placed armies (of 50,000 greeks and who knows how many trojans). Too bad.

I'm not good at building cities, but when it comes to epic battles, I'm much better.

Now a little about the map: the battle starts in the inner section of the perimeter, which contains the (not so huge) gates. The greeks chose to attack this section because it's the only one with gates, and because they just can't climb the high walls, or breach them, because of their thickness. You will notice the emptiness of the map, but just because the terrain was supposed to be flat and sandy. And about that small castle I built just behind the walls: that's not the real trojan castle!! It's just, let's say, a lookout point for King Priam during a battle. The real castle would be high up on the hills of the large city. And furthermore, I don't think anyone can make a map with the whole Trojan city inside, because it's darn TOO big...

And all the people who saw the film Troy should know that there were a LOT of mistakes. Petersen wasn't fit to direct the movie. Ridley Scott would have done a FAR better job ;)

If this turns out to be good, I'll be working at The Beach of Troy (Achilles!) next, and then maybe The Fall of Troy (the Trojan Horse!!)

Tip! -> The best thing to do is to concentrate on defending your gates, while at the same time getting your men as close to the walls for the archers to support them against the hoplithes (pikemen). And as things get worse, you'll have to redistribute your archers.

Tip! -> Playin this map on Easy will result in more swordsmen attacking you, while playin it on Very Hard will result in a **massive** amount of angry pikemen rushing you. Also, don't lead your men too far from the walls, or they'll fall into a deathtrap.

P.S: Oh, and don't worry about the continuous invasions, they will stop, eventually. So don't worry, you can win.
(I know the inside of the city looks kinda weak, but you won't be focusing on that, trust me. And the siege towers are also considered to be homes.) Please rate!

Latest changes:
-Some siege towers have been replaced by a bunch of alternate house thingies.
-Invasions are now almost perfect, and a lot tougher too! Your archers will also play a major role in defense, so distribute them well!
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Stratego The Walls of Troy

Wow, what a promising start, ice_dragon! Although I don’t like scenarios of immense bloodshed very much, this one really took my breath away. I’ve played the recent version 3.1 on normal and hard, each time one attempt needed. Thanks to the author’s tips I bravely stood the massive assaults by tolerable casualties. Actually this scenario is a classic siege map with you as the defender, but no time to lose to think about it, the permanent invasions will keep you awake. A quite realistic slaughter similar to the film sequences that I saw in the movies about two months ago. At the beginning there were just a few effective preparations to do, to be forearmed for the forthcoming assaults. Mustering new troops and gathering my units on the weaker points was a sufficient strategy of defense to await the enemy. The “smoothlessly” working economy behind the walls I didn’t notice at all. So I could concentrate on the bloody occurrences on the sandy battlefield in front of the huge walls, where my archers opened fire with thousands of arrows. But there wasn’t nothing else to do, I simply had to watch my men defending the castle and retreating the attacks by killing all enemies ( that’s why playability 3). Balance is great, tough invasions that deserve a 5 here (although I didn’t finish on very hard).
Map-Design: Well, in my opinion, if this would be a Stronghold Crusader map, with all the special tools given in the editor there ( for example modulation of sandy areas, characteristic mediterranean huts, desert rocks or much more..), this map might be fantastic! Nevertheless my sincere respect to the author who was bothering to arrange a quite naturalistic overall impression. The palace and the wall construction are great, but I subjectively suggest to erase the irritating siege towers inside the castle and to replace them by natural stone walls or something different. Creativity is solid but not spectacular (because of the well-known story “Iliada”) and I personally guess a little too much struggle, but well-suitable for those who love playing gigantic scenarios of epic wars. In my opinion introduction and story (plus minimap and additional pic) deserve a 4, well done.
A very impressive first map on SHH, ice_dragon, go on, boy…

…keep on designing!

Best regards


File Author
Thanx Stratego that was really inspiring! Seems I'll be working at The Fall of Troy after all. But I must say that I abandoned The Beach of Troy, because I found it boring ¯o¯ (zzz..) Anyway, I replaced it with 2 other projects: The Great China Wall, and The Battle of Stirling Bridge 1297. Any advice on building the trojan horse would be greatly appreciated!!
nfp So I'v played once on normal, with 11% loss. No tactics needed to defeat enemy, anly all trops grouped near gates, thats all strategy :-( It can be done better. no civilians needed. there is a limitation of 2500 units per map, so if you have 2000k defenders how many you can have attackers??
Only one thing has value, the idea of battle of troy.

nfp That limit of people on map is 1500 not 2500.
Map Design4.0
Not bad.

Playability: 3/5
Playability and balance are probably the weak points in this scenario, for issues that aren't your fault, so I've tried to be fair with the scores.
Its more of an interactive movie than anything else, simple positioning of the troops at the start and watching them kill is all that it takes. In fact if you try to use tactics, you are much more likely to lose. Its all down to Stronghold not being very good with open warfare.

Balance: 3/5
Anything that needs to be played on very hard is going to let itself down in balance, but it was completable, just, on V.Hard. Both playability and balance are damaged by the sprite limit which damages an otherwise great map which could have massive pre-placed armies and invasions.

Creativity: 4/5
Fair enough, it was taken from a film, but I think the open war theme is a very good idea.

Map design: 4/5
You kept it very close to the film, well done!
...Just get rid of those siege towers. Perhaps try engineers tents?

Story/Instructions: 4/5
A film storyline well re-told. Interesting and adds to the map. Just what I like to see!

A good testament to a brilliant film, shame the game lets it down though. Otherwise, recommended. Looking forward to seeing the next in the campaign ice_dragon!
Zebas For the Trojan horse, you could sort of use wooden wall on different terrain heights. With wooden walkways and a few steps you could kind of make a cut-away horse that you can put your troops inside ready to spring the trap!

To make a kind of open the gate objective you could have a lot of archers on the walls. Place your main siege force out of bow-shot and place steps up to the wall on the inside. Provide cover from archer fire for the troops inside the city, walls etc. and make the player use the force inside the city to clear all the archers off the wall before destroying the gate and letting the troops in.

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Map Design4.0
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