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Royal love affairs

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Hard
As daylight breaks a company of His Majesty's knights commences their routine patrol of the area. The Wolfs are howling, the rivers running and the birds singing. A regular day at Ch√Ęteau de loup overlooking the hills of Flanders.
At crossing the river the lieutenant feel a chill running down his spine as he faces the palisades of hastily sat up French camp. And struck by the impetous vision of glory so often felt by young knights he orders the company to charge. They are slayed by the superior numbers of the French.

His Majesty the King has charged you to withstand the siege and the assualts which are certain to come. you must also produce weapons to front British interests in France.

In secrecy Her Majesty the Queen has ordered you not to kill the enemy lord leading the attack Comte de la Rouen. Apparantly the reason for the sudden icefront between England and France is the love affair between the Queen and this man.

Note: This map is not at all historical correct. It's just for fun. Enjoy!

P.S. The file has now been updated so as to correct many quite - present, bugs. If you still find any, please post them. Also, the terrain has been slightly added to so the minimap is not accurate anymore.
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File Author
An update will soon follow with harder demands and a time limit. And then a sequel...
LordHjallis Great story, I'm looking forth to the sequel. The castle, or château if you please, looks good (I especially liked that gatehouse in the moat with the stairs). At the start of the game you could see the company of knights patroling as in the story. Overall pretty good, only thing I could ask for is a little better terrain with some more eyecandy...
Bismuth "Royal Love Affairs" is an imaginative map - a good first upload from SirNemo. Only a few errors mar the playability.

The interesting story attracted me to the map and I wondered how the Queen's request to not kill the French commander (?) would be worked into the game. Well written but short. Story - 3.

The designer has created a complex stone castle with a keep, multiple walls, stairs, towers, gates and moat. There is also a wood walled agricultural area at the rear. Hundreds of military units are already in place, some set on patrol around the castle. A full economy has also already been established at the beginning of the game but it must be tweaked and augmented to produce enough food for the population. I liked the ramp up to the main gate and the way the invaders tended to spread out and attack different portions of the castle.

The castle has an inner gate to protect the keep but enemy units can bypass this by walking along the walls.

Across the river is the "hastily prepared" French camp.

Map is mostly low ground with some hills plopped down here and there. More terrain shaping and use of plants, more rocks and other items would improve the appearance of the map. Map Design - 3, Creativity - 3.5 (nearly 4)

First time I played it took a while to sort out the structure and "connectivity" of the castle. I had to hunt to find major components like the granary, armory, and marketplace. Then I had to adjust the economy to meet the needs of the population and begin to achieve the weapons goals for a win.

The initial invasion was not a great threat but later, larger, repeated invasions came. Though I met the goals for bows and spears, large invasions continued at regular intervals. I tried to hold on but I could never achieve the "no more enemy or invasions" win goal. Looking at this in the map editor I found out why.

This map has good potential but it is marred by the following problems.

1. With two invasions scripted in to repeat indefinitely, I don’t think it is possible for the "no more enemy or invasions" goal to be achieved.
2. Also the win event is dated for the year 1125 while the game starts in 1066 - so even if the invasions were changed you would have to play for 59 game-years before you could see the victory screen. I think this is really too long by most standards.
3. The Lose condition is "Any Lord Killed." Here is where you would loose by killing the commander of the French camp. However your own keep has no Lord to be killed so when you castle is overrun the game continues on without end. The Lose condition is dated 1120.

Hard to say what the balance would really be like with these errors corrected. I will just say Balance – 3, Playability – 2.

SirNemo – This game has great potential once these scenario problems are fixed. I suggest you replace the repeated invasions with a number of individual ones at different dates. Both the win and lose events could be dated 1066. Also the Keep in the castle needs a Lord of it's own in order for the lose condition to work. Sometimes the Lord disappears in the course of designing a map but he can be reset with the keys "Alt-V."
File Author
Thank you for your advice! I will repair the bugs and update. Nice review.
Map Design3.0
Great story, the castle is a nice design, other than the fact you have to destroy and relocate the Armoury because in its pre-set location there's no room to expand it. You couldn't fit the required weapons in it plus what you need to outfit even a few recruits as it is. I don't like castle designs where I have to lower the walls to see the basic stronghold/barricks you need to quickly moniter in order to fight properly. The walls were no protection as they were since enemy could circumvent your inner gate. Plus units had to walk all over the place to get in position. I try to always add a 'landramp' in addition to any eye-candy stairs that lead to a location that is central to the design and functionality.

I played this 'cold' without looking at it in the editor and made it to the 'last battle' on Normal and still the defenders kept on coming. Finally they overran me and I opened it in the editor and lo and behold, there's no "Turn off Repeating Invasions" set. I make mistakes like everyone else in my Scenario designs, but there's no way you play tested this because there is no way to win.

Basically, if you can get enough archers made quickly enough you can hold off the enemy for quite a long time unless your economy starts getting unbalanced and you lose population and it impairs your ability to restock the walls, which over the long long long duration of the game (well its infinity now) is just kind of repetitious. I don't see a lot of room for strategy here because there is a limited area the enemy attacks. Maybe more signposts to scatter the attacks would help. They all came at my main gates so I robbed all the defenders from every other point and put them on the main gates, and even put out outland towers to kill them at the signpost in my spare time.

My opinion is this map needs a lot of revamping to be interesting and challenging gameplay. As a graphic representation to your fine story it works, but not as an entertaining and challenging mission, even with the correct scripting for Win and Lose. You Lose said "Any Lord Killed" but the Blue Lord seems to be missing so as long as you yourself don't kill the Black Lord, there's no way to win _or_ lose as is. And why put so many defenders in the Black camp if the object is _not_ to kill the Black Lord? A few for looks I guess but why so many?

Hope you do rework this, it could be a fun map, but as it its pretty unplayable. I liked it enough to edit it myself and play it out.

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Map Design3.0
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