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Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Impossible

Title: D.E.A.D.L.O.C.K - Deadly Enemy Attacks. Defend LOst Castle Keep :-)
Version: 2.01
Map Type: Invasion
Install to: stronghold/maps
Scenario Length: 26-9999 yrs.
Map Size : 400x400
Number of Attackers: 30 000
Difficulty : Possible
Recommended Difficulty for Play : Normal or less

Victory Conditions:
-Build Castle
-Defend your Lord
-Kill Enemy Lord
-Don’t destroy the city under the enemy's castle.


Scenario Design: NFP
Playtest: NFP
Promotional Artwork: NFP
if you have any comments please mail me.


-are bored with small armies (in this map atacks about 30thousands troops)
-are bored with small castles
-hates prebuild castles
-are bored with foolish units atacking
-are bored thay can't build castle and ruine other in one game
-are bored with short gameplay (in this map about 26-35 years playing)
-are bored with stupid rules (devastating fheat crop etc. Based on strictly given time)
-are Masters Et Masters


-You can use multiple starting locations.
-Find hidden paths.
-Kill enemy lord before the year 1426 when the big attack start.
-Popularity must be changed during playing :-)
-Find Magic mission

other help: in package is for begginers, advanced and masters.
be warned if you read this help you cannot experience it on your own


Your father king Uther of the Pamesia leads the army against cruel and terrible king

Eard. Your father killed him in the biggest battle. Everything appeared that in the Pamesia

will be peace, after long ears of war.
Your father sends you to your uncle Horos with gold. To help rebuild his ruined castle. But

on the route you have been attacked by the unknown group of soldiers. Only by the luck you

hide all gold and not been killed. Some poor villagers found you almost dead. They saved

your life. After a few days you retuned home. But not alone, with you had returned one

villager. He told to your father important news about lord Eard. He had 3sons. Two sons are

in the Pamesia and they are planning revenge, and another one brother is in the long trip

with his armies. They have returned to Pamesia approximately in the year 1426 and together

they strike to your father. But the villager knows where the most dangerous of sons are

hiding; it’s near his village in the castle Mounter. Your father gave to you quest, build

castle near village and destroy enemy castle.

Country Heloe
Heloe is the most mysterious country in the Pamesia. Lies on the shores of biggest

known lake Loke. Some rumors tells that there are thousands of paths which leads from

anywhere to nowhere. Some rumors tell that before many hundreds years ago, here lived the

most powerful magician and he could destroy everything and could make anything. So that is

why the country is so strange. Sharp mountains. High waterfalls. big rivers leading through

the mountains. And peaceful lowlands.

Crush Kill and Destroy

by NFP
any comment's please send to


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File Author
If you play it. I will be happy if you send me save from your game. Im interested where and how you build your castle. And how efficient was that.


nogold57 I played first time and lost.I am not much of a econ player.I got engrossed in building up everything and lost.Next time I made it to the time I was ready for the long onslaught and survived to go on and kill the king.playability(5).I enjoyed the crossbow duel.The (balance) is not for the novice.But since I'm not a novice(4)I was really interested in the overall stage that you set.were the stone was located ,I dropped the idea of going for the big pile,and was glad to stick with the one next to keep.Creativity(5).The map design was above average(4)Story is something that is last in my mind to look at but was good enough for what I look for.(4) summary,a very nice scenario and enjoyable to play.I enjoyed a good old fashion butt kickin'.If you like big battles right down to the wire,this is it.nogold

I had a great challenge playing this map! I'm afraid I had to play on easy level (I usually win most scenarios on normal or hard but not this one). It's not for the faint-hearted. The invasions are immense, even on easy level.

I found the story, or rather the challenges set out for the player, fascinating: Don't destroy the town and do the magic mission. I ended up not trying the magic mission as I did not wish to divert my troops on what seemed like a wild goose chase. (I had deliberately not read the very good set of hints files so as not to spoil the suspense) I now know that the mission might have been worth trying.

I think one reason I really enjoyed this one was that you can build a moat and I like moats :-)

I'm not an experienced reviewer. So I will not score this. However, I will say that I think the one reviewer's overall score seems right to me.

Well done and thankyou to the author!

Map Design5.0
I do believe this is the best Stronghold mission I ever played. It has taxed my brain like no other.

I tried reviewing this, but the review was rejected. An admin said he had "concerns" about my awarding Deadlock a top rating for every category, especially since I didn't know what balance was and I never read the story/instructions. So I've tried again, rather more seriously.

For playability is must get a 5. I've been playing it for ages, and although I have to perform the same actions again and again, e.g. deleting the ruined castle to get the stone, I'm still interested. I have wondered about the victory conditions - a few times I got a defeat message when I thought there was still life in the old dog, but I seem to get around this situation just by having a more convincing defence.

For balance, I suppose I'd go for 4, maybe 3. Oh, alright, let's say 3 to keep the admin happy. It's as impossible as it claims to be and not suitable for everyone.

Creativity is 5 again. No other mission has had such vicious attacks. I repelled a number of really quite huge attacks and then attacked the enemy castle, to find I need spearmen to fill in a moat and laddermen to scale walls. If I got a surprise, then it's creative.

Map design is, surprise surprise, 5. It's a nice enough map, with problems preventing creation of the perfect castle.

For the story/instructions, say 4. a lot of thought went into it.

I don't see how the extra mission that was mentioned could be done with Stronghold's lousy scenario editor. Could someone please tell me how to find it?

File Author
The answer about the secret mission is hidden in the down right corner. :-) and it was really tricky to setup such mission in scenario editor. It has condition in it:
you must destroy small willage in the mountains.
if you have pleasantness > 1 => bandits
if you have cruelty > 1 => archers

but the source of this map is lost and this download is locked. But im currently working on rather different and challanging map named H.E.A.V.E.N. not sure about release date :-)

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Map Design5.0
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