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Reclamation I

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
When there's a king and a queen usally results in children. But this King unfortunatly had 2 sons. One was nice and good while the other was cruel and evil. One night when feasting the king fell dead from food poisoning. Many wondered how this had happened. Archibald the evil brother pointed the finger at the good brother. He said he had killed him.

I was feasting happily alongside my dear mother and the General of the armed forces. I held conversation with the general then suddenly my father started to make chocking noises. His face went deadly white and i watched as his eyes rolled back and his face fell into his shining golden plate of food. He was dead. Everyone was silent. Even the crickets could be heard because of the silence. Then it became chaos. Children cried, Nobles dispaired and you sat there shocked. In the morning Archibald accused i, infront of everyone in the castle that i had done the horrendous deed. I yelled never. But Archibald continued. Finally i couldn't take it and said I have not and then i fled out of the great hall and onto my horse with all my guards and i fled for my life to my castle in the west. Meanwhile i heard from messages from spies
My lord
Archibald has crowned himself king and told all the nobles to swear alliegance to him and to hunt you down. He has commanded a Duke to hunt you down. This duke is powerful but prefers overwhelming numbers of men instead of expencive troops. Also my lord that your father's archers have refused to join his army and are fleeing for their life to your castle. Be prepared for WAR
William Vandergrant.

I look out of the window and see my army and my kingdom. I knew i had a weak military but they were willing. The thing i didn't really need to worry about was the economy. I knew i had a strong economy.

Will you prevail the darkness, or will you fall. You must command the armies of the dead king's son. The story is yours to complete.
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Map Design3.0
A map with a good designing, but the playability is wrong, in my opinion. It's impossible to win it even on easy.

Playability: 3
At the start you get your reiforcements at make a call to arms to all the units on the castle. It took me three plays to be able to find all of them because the castle is massive. However when the war starts your outer walls are easily breached and you're forced to retreat in very few time. Later on all you could do was to watch your archers firing at the enemy and hope you win.

Balance: 2
Nonexistant. You have a lot of troops but they're overwhelmed by the massive army that keeps coming and coming in many invasions. Giving a look on the map editor reveals there are 21 invasions, most of them blowing up the sprite limit. Reinforcements arrive later, but they arrive at the same time as one more enemy army, so they're anihilated without use.

Creativity: 4
I enjoyed looking at many eye-candies spread across the map and the main keep. A prison it to the north, some gardens, and such things.

Map Design: 3
The eye-candy includes many variations, with lowered walls, water towers, bushed making gardens and probably took a long time to be made, however the terrain design was left with nothing but some hills.

On events you receive far too much messages that get annoying after some time. Some even get repeated. Besides economical events that won't change in anything the map.

Story/Intructions: 4
I liked the story, however it has some flaws and gramatical errors on the description page. A minimap would help to get the rating up.

Overall: Great designing and a nice sotry, however the playability makes the map impossible to win. I am pondering if the author bothered to playtest the map himself.

Keep going! You have talent! Just don't make such impossible invasions once again, right?

File Author
I will work on what you said, look out for an update in the near future. By the way what should i add in my map design?
docweasel I liked a lot of the original details you added, like the archers shooting range and the horse race, and some of the other structures are very well done and have nice details.

However, and this is just my personal preference, I don't really like to see things like solid squares of farms and other buildings lined up on flat ground in a symetrical fashion, it just looks very unnatural to me, like a checkerboard or a video game, not how a real kingdom would be. The land should be more broken up, different levels, the farms and buildings would be built according to the rise and fall of the land, so that farmland would only exist on some areas and other areas would be better for crafts. The way it is now 90% of the map is flat grass. I just think its more interesting if there is some variety and detail to the landcape, rivers and ponds and lakes, hills and valleys, rocky areas, the trees more spread here and there rather than on one clump, etc. and the citizens would of course have to seek out the best places for these buildings, not just build them all lined up in a big flat field.

This map has a lot of potential and could be pretty fun, I just feel you need to do some more landscape work here and place the other buildings as imaginatively as you did the detailed part. Personally, what I do is set my buildings and things I want in the map where I want them, then small area by area see how I can improves stuff that looks too flat and typical, so the player gets a nice experience for something new to look at rather than just stuff lined up on flatlands.

You have a lot of talent I think your map could really be great if you did a bit more work on it.

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Map Design3.0
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