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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
Vlad the Impaler (1430 -1476) lord of the Wallahia county where he was known as "Vlad Tepes" was one of the cruellest lords of the land in the South of Romania. Today he is known as a national hero for his fight against the turks and for the economical growth in his period of time.
In the Elisabethan age, Bram Stocker used his figure to create the famous caracter Dracula, altering some information about the romanian lord. The cruel but just lord became Nosferatu, Lord of Darkness under the name of Dracula.

But let's return to our story. Vlad was the II'nd son of Vlad Dracul. He was born in Transilvania, at Sighisoara in 1430 while his father, an ex-lord of Wallahia was in exile. He spent his childhood in Transilvania until he followed his father who became once more Lord of wallahia. Meanwhile Vlad Dracul had 2 more sons: Radu "cel frumos" and Vlad "Calugarul" (the last names are nicknames->" the beautifull" and "the monk"). Being on a visit with his sons: vlad and Radu at Constantilopole Vlad Dracul was acused of being unfatefull to the sultan and kept as prisoners in a fortress in Anatolia mountaines. Later, the father is set free and returns to wallahia but he is assasinated. Vlad "the Impaler" manages to escapes and returns to wallahia too where he ocupies the throne with help from some aristocrats, but that for only one month because he is exiled first in Moldavia County and then In Transilvania (combined with Wallahia they form Romania). In 1456, the new lord of Wallahia, Iancu of the Hunedoara city defeats Mahomed II at Belgrad in July 21-23 but dies of plague. Vlad Tepes takes advantage of that and returns to Wallahia defeating the new lord: Vladislav II. Vlad Rulled Wallahia with autority but because he became lord without the Turkish agreement he searched for allyes. He helped Stefan The Great to become lord of Moldavia and supported Matei Corvin to become the king of Hungary (who ocupied Transilvania for centuries)

Vlad Tepes used severe measures against the aristocrats, he stimulated the development of trading, organised the army. His most used penalty was impaling but he was no crueler than the cruel century he lived in.

In 1462, after he faced the turks some times (refusing to pay the tribute, killing messagers, attaks in the douth of the Danube), Sultan Mahomed the conqurer (the conqurer of Constantinopole) Attacked wallahia. In June 16, at night, the lord attacked the turkish camp with 7000 soldiers and created panick. The sultan himself was in danger. Before sunrise, Vlad retreated. The Sultan advanced to targoviste being permanently harased. In the Capital he found a forest of spikes with turks impaled on top of them. Mahomed retreated beyond the Danube but he made Radu, vlad's brother Lord of Wallahia, defended by 4000 turks. Vlad took refuge in the mountaines where he waited the help from Matei Corvin. The Hungarian king recived some fake letters from Vlad's enemies:the Saxon traders wich "prooved" that Vlad wanted to obay the turks.So vlad was imprisoned for 12 Years By Matei Corvin.

After 13 years from The Penalty Vlad manages to reocupy the throne... and that brings us to present...

You are Laiota Basarab. You are an aristocrat that wants to get the throne. You know that Vlad could never last in the thone while the turks oppose himso you decided to betray him. Unfortunately He found out and aked for another aristocrat wich has a small castle in the North West to gather troops to attack you before you get the chance to attack the Lord. You have to hurry because you have only two years until the invasion and you lack the troops to defend yourself. Kill the aristocrat and let Vlad think you are dead. Gadher troops (if you have killed the aristocrat then you will have all the time and Kill Nosferatu

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Map Design5.0

There’s lots of playability in this impressive scenario. It took me two attempts to beat it and it depends on the first task, how fast you will kill the aristocratic Lord. (I won’t tell you how many assassins are needed for this special mission). If you fail to manage it within the first two years, it will become more and more difficult to achieve the second demanded objective eliminating Dracula’s men. The invasions will instantly stop as soon as you get rid of the aristocrat. The only annoying thing: I totally needed 50 “game years” to complete all the tasks! I suggest changing the time of play.
Besides, you have plenty of gold for your economic stabilisation and your military planning. Although there’s a lack of food supply, you’re able to sell other goods for buying the necessary food-stuffs that will optimize your popularity for a long time.

Almost perfectly balanced and the enemy’s fortifications seem to be an impregnable bulwark. You have carefully to use all kind of “siege tricks” to break through the different hostile obstacles like thick walls and towers or deep moats. Trebuchets are very useful in this case, also throwing infected cows. In this connection, you have to change your tactics several times. The single weaker aspects: There are relatively harmless invasions and a few too passive hostile units as mace men and knights.

Creativity/Map Design:
What can I say? It’s a grandiose interaction of a gripping story and a fascinating map design, that will demand all your skill from you. Lord Dracula’s castle is an imaginative and geometrical constructed architecture, partially integrated into the sea. Behind a strong defensive structure of walls and towers, manned by numerous archers and assisted by those dangerous ballistas, there’s a well-functioning economic area. However, in my opinion, a little bit too cramped and overloaded. Your own start position is a small island, connected with the mainland by a narrow land bridge and you are able to block it up against the assaults.

The author presents us an interesting and thrilling mixture of fantasy and historical background that will attract you at once, but alas, there are a few grammatical errors and orthographic mistakes that should be corrected. Maybe a spelling checker will help. By the way, how about a minimap on the description site?

Again, a challenging and recommendable map, don’t miss it!
Very well done, Leaveyou.


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Map Design5.0
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