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13 - Heat of the Desert

Author File Description
Stratego Mission 13 - Heat of the Desert

Start conditions:
Two adversaries:
Caliph The Scorpion, Caliph The Jackal

Particularity: Numerous herds of lions around your starting position

4000 gold for player
2000 gold for adversaries

Considering your “miserable” keep’s position on the southern corner of the map, you have no choice but taking the offensive.
Begin to build:
one granary, one market, one armoury, and barracks. Then fill your armoury with bought bows and quickly recruit many archers; I guess 50 archers are enough. Of course, crossbowmen might be better and stronger, but in this special case, you need a speed bonus.
Deploy several groups of archers assisted by your initial spearmen upsetting or destroying the adverse production of food, iron, and stone.
On the green area, you have to erect two square towers, each of them manned by 10 archers. Two mangonels (+engineers!) ordering sustained fire against the two hostile gatehouses (or keeps) will assist you to disturb a constant building up of the adverse settlements.
Withdraw your advancing troops on top of your secure towers, as soon as the enemy will start his counter attacks by Arabian swordsmen and slaves.
Your military superiority should be sufficient to survive these hostile reprisals without serious injuries. After these attacks, both opponents will be paralysed.

Economically it will be the best to place two or three woodcutters, two apple orchards, 1 wheat farm, 1 hops farm, 1 bakery, 1 brewery (later 1 inn to raise your popularity) and to start an intensive exploitation of the north-western stone and iron resources. That’s all you have to do for a stable development.

If you are willing, you freely can set in motion a petty arms factory (fletchers, tanners, blacksmith and armourers), but it isn’t imperative at all.

The sale of stone and iron soon will bring you in a position to finish the two weakened caliphs by an army of mercenaries.

Overall, it’s a relatively easy scenario, that shouldn’t cause serious problems.


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tinney_29 I cant download the file. my computer always asks me what to open the downloaded file with. I tried opening it with crusader but it didnt work. what should i do? By the way i have windows 2000
File Author
Hi tinney_29

after downloading/unzipping the saved game, did you copy it into your sav-file-folder (Crusader)? If not you have to do so, then it will work fine, believe me!


[Edited on 08/24/06 @ 10:36 AM]

SirRavenFire 3 Wow, For me this was a tough mission, because i'm the kind of guy who likes to go for over kill and big booming economy. What I (Eventually) figured out was these few basic things which allowed me to build peacefully. I will list my basic strategy in order.

1: (Obviously) Place your granery and a merchants hut. Extend stock pile if you want.

2: Place a Mercenary post and buy some slaves the more the better. Depends how much money your willing to spend.

3: Build a WALLESS moat. Make sure it completely surounds your castle, be sure to put a gatehouse through it, or you will be trapped in your own castle. If you are slow or only bought like 3 slaves, you may suffer from an attack during this step, but your starting units should be able to fend it off. You will probly have to look out for uneven ground well doing this, as moats can only be build on "Minimal hight" Land.

4: Place two look out towers behind the moat at key points, Place 1 small wall + Stairs behind each.

5: Buy 10 Or more if you want Arab bows, Place 5, or more in each lookout tower. (Yes its possible!)

6: Finally, the last step to your defense, place a single layer low wall around the OUTSIDE of your moat. Buy stone as needed.

You should do this all on minimal speed setting (Except maybe the digging). And do it quickly. Replace your archers as you see fit, and build your economy! This will hold off ALL the caliphs attacks. You may end up injured ocasionally but he will never EVER touch your lord. The caliphs only moat digging units are slaves. And the slaves cant get through the walls. By the time any Arab sword gets through even a low wall, all the slaves should be dead. You may suffer a bit from the caliphs archers but don't worry to much.
smackdownhotel this walk through really helped me a lot thank but what i did i saved the game when setting my castle and if anything went wrong i started from where my castle was already built instead of doing it all over again
Traple X I did just build one tower, with mangol and had an economy of Iron and spears (buy wood, sel spears) I bought food, and killed them easely cause the enemy had lost their economy due the hugh number of archers (producing bows)
I made them both out with archers, a trebuchet and of course assasins.
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