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14 - Land of the Arab

Author File Description
Kester Mission 14 - Land of the Arab

There's a full roster in this mission. It's you and the Pig against Saladin "The Wise", Caliph "The Scorpion" and Sultan Abdul, each starting with 2000 gold. The key to success in this mission is the order in which you attack your enemies. Go for Caliph first, then Saladin, and finally Sultan. My first few tries I left Saladin for last, thinking to attack the smaller enemies first, but by the time I got around to the Saladin he was much too powerful. So here, then, is how I proceeded.

A minimal economy will be necessary, as with three opponents it will take a little while to win. At the start of play I set up the following: the granary, two apple orchards, three woodcutters, an iron mine, a quarry with 2 ox ties, a dairy farm, and the mercenary post. I then bought 3 Arabian archers and 7 Arabian swordsmen. The archers I placed in a perimeter tower (with a brazier) to the north of my keep. I then immediately marched the swordsmen to the Caliph's keep and dispatched him before his forces were built up.

With one opponent down, I next placed the barracks, armory, marketplace, three more quarries and another iron mine. To keep the troops happy I built an inn and bought ale. I then bought 10 pikemen, and started using the proceeds from the stone and iron to build up my army. I also bought an engineer's guild and made several catapults, but I have to say I really don't think they had much effect. Once I had about 20 Arabian swordsmen, and 10 each of pikemen, slingers, and horse archers, I ordered the Pig to attack Saladin. While his troops operated their own catapults, I set my army on the front gate, and Saladin's castle was soon overrun.

After that, it wasn't too difficult to take out the Sultan. I built up another batch of perhaps 20 swordsmen (on top of the surviving troops from the previous battle), and together with the Pig attacked the keep. The Sultan hadn't quite enclosed his keep, so it was easy enough to kill him.

When I attacked in the order set out here, the game was surprisingly short (for having three enemies to destroy)!
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Seabourch This was a fun mission for me, the Pig proved to be a good ally though he seemed to not recruit any men after a while but he harassed the Caliph to no end with help from my mangonels and was able to bring down the Scorpion easily. Sultan fell after I sent down a siege force to just knock down his towers and gatehouse followed by his archers and swordsmen being killed by my missile troops. Saladin went last against my massive army of 100 horse archers and about 90 archers and crossbowmen, my arrows blotting out the sun but nevertheless, bringing him to his knees.
shareef I quote: "by the time I got around to the Saladin he was much too powerful"

C'mon, if you can't defeat a saladin then who can you defeat???? It takes quite a good planning to take down an 8-tower castle but it is not that hard!!! to defeat him I used a hundred pikemen* 50 shields, 50 knights, 50 Xbowmen, 12 catas, and 20 fire balistae I moved in all to the front of his castle, but because of difference in speed, I put 50 knight between the shields and the castle to give the tower mounted catas and balistas something other than the precious shields to shoot at, when the rest arrived, X bowmen took care of everything on towers, balistae killed all on feet,and i kept bombarding his castle with my catas bringing down all walls, and although he kept rebuilding, he eventually ran out of stone ** so I moved in with my pikemen and killed the Lord, he had no chance at all to come back at me.

* Surprisingly: Pikemen hold a number of records in the game:

They can take more Xbow bolts than any other unit.
They can take more fire balista bolts than any other unit, (except for the fire balista itself)
They are quite fire resistant
They come third in terms of taking normal bow arrows, they can take 50, first is the E.swordman 168, followed by A.swordman, 63
They are cheap too. If you are buying all the weapons, they will cost you as little as 114 gold units (including training costs), they cost 20 at the barracks, and if you prefer to make the weapons yourself, it costs you only 1 iron unit and two wood planks.

** To make the process shorter, simply make another group of knights and destroy all mines and kill all oxen
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