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Creepy Caves

Author File Description
El duke Mario II
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
Creepy Caves
"This is one main entrance"

Guard: "Hello there people!, visitors that are walking through Creepy Caves, one of the main entrance to the great city of Stonepath that outsiders call Stonmonte.
I am your guide through these Creepy Caves, if you want I can tell you a story of the caves that occured years ago when the place was found for the first time by outsiders.

The outside, a green and pretty place with a river and a waterfall... at list the area nearby the entrance to the caves. It rained recently and the area was a little muddy, not too much. I remember the wolves that came from a hill.. they were unstoppable."

By the way, a boy interested asked something...
Glenn: but they were only wolves! why were them attacking?

Guard: I tell you their story...
Long ago, these giant wolves inhabited the place and the mountains, hunting dear, attacking bears... humans got there and stablished, and the wolves attacked continuosly. And so the humans ran away, but not for long, soon they came with an army and almost destroyed the wolves. From that day the wolves wanted revenge, and almost took revenge..

Glenn: when? how?

Guard: Once before duc Truffe, the Pig, a famous lord from the lands was almost destroyed, but managed to escape. Fleeing from his counties he found creepy caves and was informed of the inner civilization that was inside the mountain by a scout from the wolves. Wolves and the Pig formed an alliance and attacked the place, but knowing this, the king told them to protect the caves.

Glenn: This is nonesense, I think you just imaginated these events, or tell me how did you know all of this?

Guard: Well.. I was a guard from the gate, I saw them fighting... from the "Inside".

Glenn: Weren't you affraid?

Guard: No, now come. We're almost there.
Creepy Caves
This is the 4th map i've submitted, and made the map considering that it was a good idea to expand the idea and finally made creepy caves. Have fun playing!

Oh, I forgot.. you should play this as a deffender -the most of the times- on normal or maybe hard (if you want a real challenge play at very hard)As an attacker you should play it on hard.

It is highly recommended to play as the deffender because the story is focus in the deffending side.

-A short complete story is in a .doc and includes the story, tips and a brief information about the wolves, the pig and the insiders.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.5
Playability: 4

It is very well done, obviosly you have playtested it many times. I beat it on my first go on easy, then on medium, but I could not beat it on hard. To kill the wolves, it is much easier than it sounds. All you have to do is light the pitch they have to run through. To attack, it is very, very easy, as the archers start on the ground, so they cannot light the pitch.

Balance: 4

It is well balanced, the armys are much in the opponents favour, but it is very beatable.

Creativity: 3

One of the only maps on stronghold heaven with good caves/caverns.

Map Design: 4.5

The caves were good, I liked the way you put ford on the floor of the caverns, to slow the enemy. Also looks well. Good eyecandy, exept the river to the south-west was boring, it could have been made better. The caves could have been hidded better on the top, so you should not be able to see the gaps when the terrain is not flattened.

Story/Instructions: 3.5

Story was ok, could have been better, but what is there is good.

Additional Comments:

Overall a very good map. This is one of my keepers, everyone should play this map.

Keep these good maps coming,


Map Design3.5
Playability: 2.5
Creepy Caves is a fairly engaging scenario represented by a siege map with scripted invasions at the start. The lack of any gatehouses or walls between the enemy units and your Lord proves an effective way to ensure the AI attack with full force. The scenario is quite fast-paced as you manoeuvre your army into a defending position. Leaving them where they are is folly given that you will need to face up to many spearmen, macemen and pikemen all attacking through two principle routes. Whilst I found the scenario to be a good scrap with plenty to think about, it didn't hold my attention for more than two attempts at different settings. Everything works, and the scripted invasions are a nice addition to the map, but I found the scenario to be rather basic in other ways. Interesting, nonetheless.

Balance: 3
Playing as a defender, in line with the author's wishes, I found that the optimum challenge was whilst playing on hard or even very hard setting. The wolves can cause you a few headaches and I would not have survived without gathering the troops and moving them to the keep. Your biggest asset here, however, is the pitch ditches and killing pits. The pitch, when lit at the correct point, can wipe out huge numbers of attacking units and significantly weaken others, leaving your defending troops with a distinct advantage towards the end of the scenario. Spearmen are useful to hold up some of the units, but little else. There seems to be one way to play this map and one alone, which spoilt things a little. However, this is still a very good effort by El duke Mario II. Commendable.

Creativity: 3.5
The basis for this map - the use of a pseudo-cave system - is an excellent one for sieges. The AI, whilst filtered along specific routes and removing some of the element of surprise, do attack with ferocity because of the lack of walls or gatehouses between them and your Lord. The map is pleasantly different to the majority of sieges and it is clear the author has bucked the trend of standard siege maps with this offering. Impressive stuff.

Map Design: 3.5
The cave system, or the effect of caves, is more functional than aesthetically pleasing although the terrain looks more than acceptable. The areas of lower ground interspersed with marshland and wetland looks very good indeed, however. It is pleasing to see care and attention using the smaller brush sizes to create a carefully modelled area of landscaping. It is, however, a shame that so much of the map isn't used as the same concept on a much bigger scale would be very tempting indeed.

Story/Instructions: 4
The scenario's strongest point, in some ways, with a very healthy description on the Download Page to entice the player. Supporting this is a rather bizarre but quite well written storyline, which expands to provide some background information behind the scenario about to unfold. Good notes by the author too. The level of content and detail is excellent.

Additional Comments:
Although the map could do with some work (think same, but bigger), everything works as it should and Creepy Caves is a genuine attempt at something different, something new. I liked it. Good work!

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Map Design4.0
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