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Tol Amnieroth 1.1

Author File Description
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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
Instructions: This is my third map. I wanted a scenario with some open fighting as opposed to the inside defending or outside attacking which is more commonplace in the Strongholds. There is nothing to stop you from garrisoning your men up in the fortress for the opening battle but it destroys the whole idea of the scenario, so you should count it as a moral defeat! I ought to warn you that you are pitched straight into battle and so try and get yourself familiar with the landscape and layout beforehand. If anyone would like to rate it that would be great and some feedback will help me improve the scenario. This is the preliminary run to see what anyone else thinks of this map so if you rate it that would be really cool because I’ll take into account what you say and try and make it better. Hope you like it so far.

Ive re-edited it a bit so if you want to try it again that would be cool.

“When you were just a child your father Sarotel pledged his allegiance to Elvandor High King of the north as all the lands of the North came under the dark shadow of the red fists of the south as the hundreds of tribes in the south finally laid aside their differences, uniting under one banner, under one ruler, the warlord Narshaad’ar who was in the debt of Nargothmer Dark Lord and sorcerer of the South. Narshaad’ar was determined to avenge the slavery and oppresion of his people against the Norsemen and marched to war with the largest army ever seen, gathering followers as their forces drove steadily deeper into the heart of the northlands, pillaging, raping, and burning as they went, slowly but unstoppably approaching the city of Tol Capita. Elvandor summoned all the forces he could muster to his great city and stronghold in the mountains and forests of Magnimarill.”

“Many thousands answered his call holding true to the alliances that the founding fathers of the states of the North had agreed to in the very beginning of the Norse lands. Your father was one such man. He emptied the fortress of Tol Amnieroth leaving just a few men under the control of Dagra his Lieutenant right hand man. The battle in front of Tol Capita raged for many days and nights. Countless were slain as the Southren charged again and again constantly rebuked by the defence. Finally however the defence was beaten back to the brink of defeat, when a cavalry charge the like of which has never since been seen came sweeping round from the mountains as Sarotel lord of the Horsemen arrived at the battle. The disruption his onslaught caused allowed the defence to rescue victory from the jaws of defeat and Narshaad’ar was forced to flee and return to his master.”

“Yet even as this victory was celebrated it was not complete, for Nargothmer entered into the mind of Dagra and sensing his ambition took control of him until he was totally willing to do Nargothmer’s bidding. He seized control of Tol Amnieroth and slew your family. I and a few select individuals had forseen this and you were smuggled from the fortress as your brothers were slain. When your father returned from the Great Battle he and his forces were weakened and they were ambushed and slain. Under the rule of Dagra our country fell into ruin. The economy collapsed and our people fled. Riots where commonplace and the country grew poorer and poorer as it sank into deprevation and despair.”

I spoke, “But we managed to retake the fortress, what of all this now.”
“Dagra was not killed as you know and you have dishonoured him particularly by retaking the castle by stealth. He will summon a great army from Narshaad’ar as the dark lord seeks to defeat these lands of the Norse once and for all. Dagra will be back for your blood, he has already taken the outlying towns and villages. This is your last stand.”

At that moment a horn bellowed. And they watched in horror at the size of the army as it moved into place. Then they heard Dagra’s voice challenging them.
“Use not those underhand tricks that have in the past secured you victory meet me head on in battle as a noble lord would do. As your father would have done.”

Hints and Tips: Look out for your reserve and “hidden” units.
Cavalry are your biggest asset.
You’re rewarded for killing troops and increasing your wealth.
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ckubrick2 Ive played a lot of maps, but frankly I like Jdodders88 maps the best. Lots of action and war. Thanks for the beautifull maps!
lord zendro arh... looks like you have put many many soldiers into the map i´ll download it and try

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