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Author File Description
El duke Mario II
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
Neptune Lighthouse readme
by Duke Mario II

Defending side only
Difficulty: Normal or Easy

Map Units

You Start out with most of the archers and crossbowmen in the first walls. In the back of the castle are 4 mounted tower ballistae. You have some tunnelers in the guild, some archers in the barracks and swordsmen guarding walls. In the back of the castle are more crossbows, archers and a few knights. Use your troops wisely ;)

For installation:
After downloading the file, open the zip and extract its contents to the folder "maps".

Uninstaller included: no
You have to erase the map if you want to uninstall it.

After the map is correctly "installed", you can find it in the Military/ Siege with the name Neptune Lighthouse. The recommended side to play is deffending, in easy or normal.


After the wolf beat sir Fades in the battle for Mars Lighthouse, lord Josheidon (You) found himself in desperate need of reinforcements, but the "Wolfen army" blocked any aid from your brothers, the lords of the Five Towers. Mercury Lighthouse surrendered days before without any resistance, and the strongest of the lords, sir Fades, lord of the Skeleton rage from the Mars Lighthouse, dead you found yourself in big problems. You realize that there will be no tomorrow, but then scouts bring good news:

"The wolf is not commanding this army, maybe he splitted his army, maybe we have a chance to beat the Wolf back to his own reign."

"Yes, indeed; but we have to win here first, send my archers to the main walls, and bring there some swordsmen too, our enemy must be stopped here".

"Yes sire".

With these words spoken, the men got courage. The assault on Neptune Lighthouse is about to begin.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
An all around good map by El duke Mario.

This map has to be one of the hardest Ive played in a long time a little too hard.

I played on normal it was basically a physical impossibility I would send my knights to attack the Siege equipment especially the towers and Id send my tunnelers (Poor Little guys) to attack too if you didnt take out those siege towers you basically lost so you should reduce the number of Siege Weapons.

On Easy I won by a hair I lost around 60% of my troops basically the rest were archers.

The Story is really good but you go into a wee little more detail then some people would want to read but thats just some people some like a really long good tale.

Creativity is really good although maybe you could put some more eyecandy in.

Map Design is pretty good.

Well this is a really good map I would say, not perfect but really good keep it up!!!
Madd Sir John
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
(Can seem hard at first)

Balance: 4
(The story is what determined this, so it cant be helped)

Creativity: 4
(Not a 5 because I thought the castle could of been a little bigger and just a little more complex.)

Map Design: 3
(I was expecting a grand lighthouse but it barely noticable. And again the castle's dimensions.)

Story/Instructions: 5
(Originality is always the key too a good story. And one coming out of left field is Marvelous.)

Additional Comments: Fun map that can offer challenge and intrigue.
Dragons Rider
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
Now this was a hectic map. Troops came pouring in from all directions, with every kind of troop coming to join the fray. Even the Monks came along, although they didd'nt last long. My strategy was a fairly straightfoward and simple one, although suprisingly difficult to pull off effectively. The Knights, with no thought for themselves, would sally forth and destroy all siege equipment. The Siege towers that they failed to destroy, either because they didd'nt have the time or were cut off, were destroyed b the swordsman I brought up onto the wall. The Crossbows were sent to the front wall to help defend it. An engineer went there as well. As soon as the sige equipment was destroyed, the survivors would make regular attacks on those that were attempting to break down the gate. Invetibly, it does get destroyed, but I allow myself just enough time to evacuate all my archers to the Keep. It is then a case of some very well timed boiling oil and some sharpshooting. There are some remaining swordsman in the keep, as well as some archers who make very effective human shields. Using this strategy I managed to win on very hard, after some heavy stress and micromanagement problems.

Balance: 3
There wasnt much to say here, it wasnt too hard on easy, a challenge on normal and a headache on very hard. it woud have been nice to have had some killing pits or even better, pitch ditches. They provide a source of interest and amusement for many of us Strongholders. Caged war dogs or moat would have been nice as well. You diddnt have any pikemen or macemen, which kind of left out some good hit and run attacking/defending troops, which made it somewhat of a difficult situation, to defend a gate with knights instead of charging forth with them. Apart from that no real problems, apart from the annoying umber of siege engines. A couple of things to fine-tune a bit.

Creativity: 4
A rather good concept, I dont think there are many maps around here that mention a lighthouse. Not much else to say here.

Map Design: 3
I was a bit dissapointed here, to tell the truth. It had looked to be a great Helms Deep fortress from the minimap, yet I was somewhat let down. Its a pretty small fortress that would have no real life practicality, not one building apart from the barracks and the tunneling guild. What were the water things meant to have been? What was the point in putting them there? Something to think about. The outsides, the open plain, was nice, although I dislike the look of the mountains.

Story/Instructions: 5
A wonderful story, going into great detail with a great sense of believeabilty as well as interest. The section in which most designers (including myself) are always let down by, does not seem to apply to you. Keep it up.

Additional Comments:
This was a fairly well made map. Continue churning out the maps. D_R_

[Edited on 10/12/11 @ 03:02 AM]

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Map Design3.3
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