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Lord of the Rings-Black Gate V-1.2

Author File Description
Lord Suwanshree
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Hard
Map Name : Black Gate
Game : Stonghold (Any Version)
Map Version : 1.2
Type : Invasion
Size : 300x300
Difficulty : Hard
Set Game difficulty to : Easy
By: Lord Suwanshree

Version 1.1 Comments------>>>>>>>>

Hey this is an update on the previous black gate mode by me, but for this I would specially like to thank X29, he helped me with lot of things with his ratings and to find the many bugs on the map.
New features are:

*In fact the whole terrain is totally different and more detailed as directed by X29.
*With a little troops adjustments now a part of the enemy attacks instead of you attacking.
*In the Earlier version you couldn't loose because there was not loosing condition now thank god you can at least loose.
*I found that the gates look a little odd so i decided to remove them and made an opened gate like apperance using the walls.
*It keeps you very busy from the start and is very fast so reduced game spped at the start is recommended.
*Also very very important do not increase the difficulty at the start. first try on easy and then if you like increase the level.
*Ive added some missile units on your side and they can prove to be vital to the enemy.
*But also instead of all macemen now the enemy has crossbows too on the towers which make the map more challenging.
*I have found that this map is even harder than the first one, i can't figure a proper way to defeat the enemy.
*There is one way to win but that is too complicated and long to describe here.... Just use your archers, crossbows and the Missile units to their best possible use.
*Also at the start your troops are in the stand ground stance so accoringly choose their stances at first.
*Also there sre some more troops at the bottom of the map which contains the imp. crossbows and missile units- bring them near your troops before the enemy attacks.

Again i would like to thank X29 for tellin me what to do & what not to do.... Also viewers are requested to download the mod 'Minas Tirith by X29' map on the invasion column.

Improvements and changes in Version 1.2------>>>>>>>>

*More height in land outside Mordor variation.
*Added more attacking macemen (+50).
*More improved look of Mordor with swamps and hills.
*Macemen at Mordor are now set on Attacking which makes the map tougher.
*Added boulders and iron textures to give a fitting colour to the hills.

Installing it : Just put the included "Black Gate v1-2" file in your maps folder inside your main Stronghold folder.

Uninstalling it : Just delete the "Black Gate v1-2" from your maps folder.

WARNING: THIS MAP MOD WAS UPLOADED BY ME TO THE SITE www.stonghold.heavengames.com, AND www.gamespyarcade.com

My E-mail address : suwanshree@yahoo.com


AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
X29 This was my original review. The map has definitetly improved since then. I am leaving this post so that viewers may see where this map originated.

Just so you know there is at least one other Black Gates level on the internet already. The only other one I know of is the one that comes with the Lord of the Rings Mod.

Playability 2/5 This level requires you to use the specific stratagy that the designer describes in the help section. The only other stratagy is to have you one archer shood down all 1000 or so macemen from a distance. Both stratagies take forever and are EXTREMELY repedative. There is extremely little variation in both your troop types, and the enemies. You get some pikemen and one or two unique troops. I think the enemy is all macemen. Some missile units on either side would have made the map more interesting and opened up more stratagies. In the movies and the books, Arogon and his troops were attacked, but in this mission, they are attacking. Hmmm.

Balance 3/5 When I first played this map I thought it would be impossible to beat. All my troops got slaughtered as soon as I attacked. Then I played the map on the highest speed and had my lone archer take out all the macemen(boring). Then I read the "help" for the level and tried that stratagy. It works, but again it is repedative. One more thing, though it is possible to win, you cannot "Lose" since there is no Lose condition.

Creativity 3/5 There is nothing new in this map and since it came from a movie, and not your imagination...

Map Design 2/5 This needs a lot of work. The land is way to flat. Use the hill and mountain tools and then the terrain equilizer to get some variation in height. Use more that just dirt all over the map. Adds some rocks and boulders to break up the monotony of the landscape. Also there is no lose condition.

Story 3/5 Average, enough to let you know what is going on.

I know not everyone has the Lord of the Rings Mod, but the Morranon (Black Gate) level it contains is much more impressive. I would rereview this map if an update was submitted that improved it.
Map Design3.0
Let me just say that the update is much more impressive than the original. It still has a few rough spots, but overall much better.

Playability 4/5 Impressive. The more varied units and the macemen charge make this map very fun. The only complaint I have in this catagory is that some of the macemen in the back don't seem to be set on aggressive, so they just stand there waiting for you to attack. If you want to pause in the editor (use the Alt+H keybord shortcut) to check the macemen individually. If they actually are on aggressive, but just don't attack (I've seen it happen), setting them to patrol would make them move around and make the map a little more interesting.

Balance 4/5 Though I did beat it on my first try, I did it just barely with only about twenty swordsmen left. Again, I wouldn't have beaten it on my first try if the macemen were all set to agressive. That would make this map really challenging and require a lot more stratagy.

Creativity 3/5 I never give out greater than a 4 in the creativity spot for Lord of the Rings maps. This one is pretty average in this catagory. If you want to really spice thinds up I suggest you take a look at the Tutorials over at Stronghold Knights. They have a TON of tricks to make any map better. Paste this link to see the site.


Map Design 3/5 Probably the area of this map that still needs the most work. It is definitly improved over the design of the original version though! Too many of the areas are still simply flat with the same type of terrain all over the screen. I suggest spotting the map with unique terrain types. Maybe some swamp and rocky hills back in Mordor, and some boulders on top of the mountains. Still it is obvious that more effort was spent here than previously.

Story 4/5 Intersting take telling the story in the first person perspective. It is different, but not everyone will like it. You may want to watch the Return of the King again and try and get Arogon's speech word for word. That would give you a five in my opinion.

Glad to be of help.
X29 I have downloaded version 1.2 and the additions were nice, but my previous review still stands. This neew update is not quite as revolutionary as your first was, so I do not think it warrents another review on my part. Do not feel bad Lord Suwanshree (your map currenly has the same score as mine =). I like your map. It is good for one who does not have the hours of free time to spend planning out every inch of the map to make it simply spectacular. If you want to see what I am talking about when I say hours spent on every corner of map design, download any of Warlord_Design's maps, especially their latest, Hunters Valley. The map design in that one is simply astonishing.

Even if you update your map again don't expect another review from me. If you spend hours upon hours going over every inch of your map, Email me and I'll see if it is different enough to need another review.

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