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1312-Scarborough Castle

Author File Description
Alan Spencer
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal

Title: 1312-Scarborough Castle
Version: 1.00
Map Type: Invasion
Install to: stronghold/maps

The year is 1312. Immediately following the death of his
father and his own coronation, King Edward II recalled
from exile his former 'playfellow' - a conceited young
lord greatly disliked by the barons of the realm, by
the name of Piers Gaveston. Edward has poured gifts and
honours, including the Duchy of Cornwall, upon his friend,
and the two delight in openly mocking the nobles of the
court. Outraged at such treatment and other insults the
barons have revolted, and Edward has sent Piers to safety
at the formidable Scarborough Castle on the North Yorkshire
coast. While the other barons contend with the King's
forces, you, the Earl of Warwick, have marched on Scarborough
with deadly intent. Piers Gaveston must die, for only then
will the King realise how deeply and dangerously he has
offended the nobles of the realm...

Historical Note: In reality Scarborough Castle was starved
into submission and Gaveston was executed. You do not have
the luxury of waiting for such an event - the Royal Army
is coming...

This scenario is a careful mix of Invasion and Siege, the
aim being to take Scarborough Castle by assault and kill
Piers Gaveston before the Royal Army arrives in strength.
Throughout the scenario you will be subjected to repeat
attacks by advance units of the Royal Army and other
contingents loyal to the crown, before the main force
itself arrives to relieve the siege. This scenario is
therefore a race against time as you cannot defeat both
the castle garrison *and* the bulk of the main Royal forces.

You begin this scenario with sizeable forces with which to
invest the castle and initiate a prolonged siege, but on
hearing of the approach of the Royal Army itself you realise
that you do not have anywhere near sufficient forces for a
swift assault. It will be necessary to build your economy,
erect strong counter-relief defences against the approaching
forces, repeatedly rebuild and reinforce these defences (if
they fail to hold the army back you are very likely doomed),
while all the while attempting to take the castle as quickly
as possible. But time is against you - the enemy will muster
ever greater forces in a desperate attempt to relieve the
siege and save the King's favourite, and eventually the main
force itself will arrive... with a vengeance.

Tip 1: With no local quarry you must rely on puny wooden
defences so make full use of stakes and pitch ditches,
as well as multiple defence lines as were historically
used in similar situations.

Tip 2: Braziers may be placed on wooden firing platforms,
at the top of the steps.

Tip 3: Expand your economy rapidly as you will likely need many
armoured troops, of which you start with only a few.

Tip 4: If you suddenly find you've been playing for 20 years and the
castle is still nowhere near falling, pray.

Tip 5: As with my previous Invasion scenario (1067-The Saxon Rebellion)
there is much to do early on. I recommend a medium game speed.


This scenario features a fairly accurate representation of the real
Scarborough Castle (pretty much to scale so far as the important bits
are concerned), and the scenario background is a real event. I have
however taken a degree of artistic license with some key features of
the castle defences, partly for better balance and partly because the
game does not (yet) permit every historical feature of medieval castle
defence. In essence, where Scarborough Castle had noteworthy defence
features not possible to simulate in the game, I've substituted
something else to accurately reflect this. A case in point is the stone
bridge (watch where you hurl your rocks!), where in fact Scarborough had a
double drawbridge over deep ravines. The game does not allow drawbridges
higher than ground level or over anything other than a moat, hence the
stone bridge replacement. This prevents the passage of siege engines
beyond that point, creating the same obstruction as the real drawbridges
/ ravines. In addition, the bridge may be damaged by your own siege
weapons if poorly aimed, which would make it impossible to
win this scenario...

In addition, I've included the barbican (extended, enclosed gatehouse)
part of the castle, even though this was not present at the time of the
real siege, not being completed until the mid 14th century.

Finally, please note that this castle will *not* be taken by a swift
assault even using all of your many starting troops. My purpose in
basing this scenario on a real castle plan was literally to test just
how good the original was. Having played this scenario several times
now (and not often successfully) I more fully appreciate why it was
that, historically, the Earl of Warwick had to literally starve
Scarborough Castle into submission.

Have Fun!

Alan Spencer

PS. If you enjoy discussing strategy games check out the above url!
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Dalan Doordouwer
Map Design5.0
Another good solid Alan Spencer scenario

Playability& Balance: 4
I had a good time playing it. It is a nice balance between running an economy and a siege. It wasn't too hard to guide the incoming invasions past a forward fortress,lined with archers, that would decimate the force before reaching my fortress, though. I do have to admit it took me two failed tries to figure this out properly.

Creativity: 4
Simply put; not a 5 because using a historical event is a genre of its own. Not a 3 because Alan does adapt them very well.

Map design: 5
As usual with Alan, a nicely polished, attractive map.

Story/Instructions: 5
Again, something he spoils us with. The historical context is very well documented and very inviting to 'give it a try'.

Have fun playing it. It is a good solid scenario, correctly classified as 'normal' difficulty. In the end it wasn't as hard as I'd expected (from other scenerios by Alan). It is amazing what properly placed trebuchets can do.
Map Design5.0
An excellent map that gave me lots lots of fun. I played it at the hard level, and was finally sorry to beat it. Maybe i will try at the very hard level.

A very very good map
Map Design4.0
An amazing map. Very difficult but extremely rewarding to play. With defence and attack decsions to made constantly it was demanding map to play.

Requires a good combination of units to seige the castle and your defence...well I can see why the author says pray..

Well done, great map

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Map Design4.7
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