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Dunmore Castle

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Normal
General Comments:
Dunmore Castle is my first attempt at a siege. It's a fictitious castle based on the old Motte and Bailey plan, but with stone walls rather than wood. The setting is coastal with little or no wildlife to complicate matters. The idea of a small advanced party was given to me by Lord Malibar, who hates to enter a scenario under fire. I hope he'll see there's actually a reason this time :)

The map can be played both offensive and defensive however it's better balanced when attacking.

The same map will be used in a regular invasion scenario. Yes, a real one, with few economic goals to fulfill and rather a lot of invasions.

Tips (attacking):
- The long way round may need to be the best way, as shortcuts may prove impossible.

Tips (defending):
- You may want to reduce your troops inside the castle to provide a better challenge.
- Be sure to use the force stationed near the cove. The few knight here might help destroy the enemy siege engines before they can be used.

Yes, it's flawed, but if you stay away from finishing this off with xbows only, you'll have a nice challenge going through the front door.
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Lord Malibar You misquote me - I don't hate entering a map under fire. I hate entering a map under fire when there is no reason for it! If the storyline includes an ambush, then so be it.
It's entering so close to FIXED positions that is inane. :)

Jayhawk states that this is his first Siege Map and his inexperience in this genre shows. However, given his skill with creating invasion maps, I am sure he will catch on quickly :)

I played first as the Attacker, then as the Defender. Then, I played again as the Defender on Hard settings...

PLAYABILITY: As ATTACKER: First try win with under 20% troop losses - a tad over half of those coming as I entered the map and the fact I took on the Knights which sally forth with my ground troops instead of my bows. The lack of trebuchet availability ensures a few extra causalties but does not significantly alter how the scenario plays out. Whenever Siege players see the Keep within crossbow distance of the outer walls, their eyes light up. An easy victory is theirs to be had! I won without breaching a single wall. Furthermore, I was able to win with standard Siege tactics and little planning overall.

Keep placement within unobstructed crossbow range of the attacking force is probably the most common mistake new Siege designers make.

Many players have Siege assaults down to a science. Don't be afraid to challenge their skill tactically - a challenge is exactly what they are looking for. Force them (through your Castle and other defensive structure designs)to use more than Siege engines and crossbows for the victory.

Unlike Invasions, where the goal is often just to survive long enough to meet economic goals and troops are freely expendable instruments to that end, Siegers pride themselves in their ability to capture or defend a Keep with the lowest troop losses possible - a good idea to keep in mind when designing future Sieges.

As DEFENDER: There was not that much difference between Norm and Hard. Judicious use of the pitch pits made Defending the Castle easy. Even on Hard, I lost less than 50% troops.

Put together, you end up with the grand paradox of most Siege Maps: you need to make Attacking harder, but doing so makes Defending even easier.

Very, very few Maps manage to pull of both well. My advice to designers of Siege Maps: pick either Attacking or Defending and build your scenario towards that side of the battle. Then, tell people which way the scenario was designed for.

If you attempt to make a map challenging for play on both sides of the walls, plan on hours and hours of playtesting, as it is extremely difficult to do.

I can't speak for all reviewers, but most will respect the fact you designed a Map for Attack or Defense and rate it only in the manner it was meant to be played.

BALANCE: Pretty much covered under Playability. As the Atacker, the Castle design swings Balance heavily into your favor. On Defense, the ample supply of strategically located pitch makes your work easy. Toning down the pitch and oilers (or removing the pitch altogether) would do much to improve the balance of Castle Defense and I doubt it would hurt the AI defense against Attacking players as using Knights to render any threatening pitch patches harmless is already well documented.

CREATIVITY: This is the first map I have played to support an ambush at the beginning in the storyline. The dual storylines for play as Attacker or Defender is also new to me. Kudos for both. At the same time, most assuredly due to the designer's inexperience with Siege, the Castle is rather simplistic by Siege standards. Keep up the thoughtful storylines but make your Siege Castles more imposing.

MAP DESIGN: The Map lent itself well to the scenario but was lacking the overall detail or special features to propel it to a "5". Still, it had enough detail to get an above average rating.

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: As noted, the inclusion of storylines for both sides of play was a novel approach. However, I think Jayhawk should have listened to his intuitions and just come out and said "Play this as Hard or Very Hard on defense" instead of suggesting it as an option.

Overall Jayhawk, a credible first effort in Siege!

Downloaders: You are advised to play this one - given the designer's skill at other types of Maps, this will most likely be the easiest chance you get to beat a Jayhawk Siege Castle.
Wraith I have to disagree with Lord Malibar's opinion. I thought that the map did offer quite good challenges, and was very well done. As for the walking in underfire, you do have time to prepare, as they are far enough away.

Attack: A good challenge all round. When attacking you might find your self amidst a burning castle, scrabling to safety, or being charged by an onslaught of macemen, depending on how fast you get there.
The point it, that strategially everyone is place aggressivly accordingly. As well, there is enough of a challenge to get to the keep to keep you coming back for more.

Defend: A bit easier, but I do feel this was more of an attack map. You do have to repostion your team to get the maximum kills. I personally finished with both in the 25% loss range, but thats after a few tries, knowing where the traps are.

As for the landscape, I really found that alot of work came into this map. Its REALLY beautiful. I stopped to just gaze at it. Anyway. My #1 recommended map is this one for sieges. Good luck,
File Author
:: wonders about the fact that even though this castle was downloaded some 50-odd times, nobody mentioned it was an unplayable invasion map, not a Siege map ::
Lord Malibar Why would we think it was an invasion map? It is posted on the Siege list and when you d/l it and unzip it, it loads as a Siege. Since it plays exactly as the map it lists as, no alarms are raised.

File Author
The original, which you reviewed, did, the second one I uploaded fixing a few minor issues didn't. I found that out when I started working on the invasion variant of the map.

I DL this one to make sure (yes, that did add a +1 to my downloads counter) and found out it showed up under invasions, where'it's pretty boring as nothing happens.

I uploaded the correct version, and updated the comment on the map's difficulty rating, as that was hardly appropriate by now, as you'd shown it was flawed, dropping the rating effectively to normal, or even lower.
Map Design5.0
This map immediately drew my attention and defiently lived up to my expectations. I have ignored all other reviews and comments on this map as everything seems quite confusing! The map design is lovely and the castle design is just right. I started off playing as defender - too easy, way too easy so I switched to attacking - much harder! You need to put a lot of thought into the assault of the castle. The picth and moat slow you down more than anything else. Portable shields are very useful in this map and can be used well. A fun castle to siege. I love the map design of this map - always do with Jayhawk maps. This one is very realistic, simple but brillaint. There is a nice storyline but not a huge amount and not quite a 5. I think overall 4.6 is a suitable score for this lovely little siege. Good work!
skurill O.K., a old castle and not so important. But it has typical faults and I am really disapointed. The walls .... far to thin, and not enough staircases. A typical fault. and the towers, only one by one. Hasn't ever someone noticed, that it is possible, to combine them to get strong and typical towers?Has no one ever noticed, that it isn't enough to place ONE fire-basket? And far more, the archers are wrong placed, they can't reach the baskets ..... a joke?
The design of the Castle ... no real idea. The landscape .. again a typical fault. The designer design first the castle and than the landscape, again without any idea and real interest.
the rating .... 4.6 , ... a real bad joke ....

[edited by ericgolf]

[Edited on 05/23/12 @ 04:51 PM]

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Map Design5.0
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