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Pembroke Castle Siege

Author File Description
Duke of York
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
Pembroke Castle

Pembroke Castle, a massive Norman Stronghold located in southwest Wales, sits atop a high rocky ridge on a peninsula surrounded on three sides by the tidal River Cleddau. It consists of a large round keep, inner ward and an outer ward larger than most entire castles. It played a prominent role in the history of England, Wales and Ireland.

Soon after the Battle of Hastings in 1066, the victorious William the Conqueror turned his eyes toward Wales. Nearly thirty years later in 1093, Earl Roger de Montgomery established the first Norman settlement at Pembroke and ordered it fortified. Over the next hundred years, both the castle and settlement grew in importance and were fortified together. Due to direct access to the sea from the River Cleddau, Pembroke became a major seaport and chief staging area for the Norman campaigns into Ireland from England. It also became the administrative hub of the region and the seat of power for the Earls of Pembroke.

Peace was shattered when the English Civil War erupted. Most of South Wales sided with the Royalists but fortified Pembroke Castle declared for Parliament. However, In 1648, when the war was almost over, the town leaders of Pembroke made an unexpected switch in sides. Lord Cromwell himself came to Pembroke to direct the siege. Seven weeks later, after the water supply was cut off and a large train of siege cannon arrived, Pembroke surrendered to the Parliamentarian forces.
In this scenario, you play the part of Lord Cromwell and must besiege Pembroke Castle. Please note, the scenario is only playable as the attacker. I have created and uploaded numerous invasion scenarios, but this is my first attempt as a Siege Map. Please also note the castle design as compared the the ground plan and drawing in this thread. I have tried to capture the castle as best I could within the limits of the scenario editor. I hope you enjoy the scenario and I look forward to your comments.


Duke of York

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Map Design5.0
Pembroke siege

Men of war stand firm and strong before the gates of Pembroke,
This historic juncture is not a puncture to delight the Stronghold folk.
Faint laughter drifts from tower to tower; they think they haven’t a chance,
But it’s your gallant warriors with all the heart that begin the fearless dance.

It’s a siege of course with oodles of style,
but never rest on your laurels,
With a castle so proud you’ll need plenty of guile,
As it’s only the start of this quarrel.

Be strong and brave, and foresee the danger,
and never be surprised by the bite,
Your army so vast but no one’s a stranger,
for this the true test of might.

So embrace the challenge, spawned pain don’t suffer, brutal war will carry its hero’s,
But don’t be fooled there is non tougher than this castle made from just 1’s and zero’s.
So advance with care, oh lordly one and play not into their dirty hands,
God’s eyes look upon; you are his son and unlock the promised lands.
Pembroke siege is a tremendous piece of map design from Duke of York as he once again explores British historic castles and faithfully restores them to the jubilation of the Stronghold community.

There is plenty of creativity in this offering and as always castle design is unprecedented. The excellent structural detail amazes, and coupled with a flourishing in-castle economy that provides just more evidence of the realism thrown in by DOY.

This Siege extravaganza is a tough but fair take on the style and will (if you allow it to) keep you pinned down comfortably while your brain develops a suitable strategy. Pembroke castle is a good map and those of you who are fond of sieges will relish the opportunity to play and gain victory. DOY does it again with this one…Congrats

All the best, Andy.

Duke of York
File Author
Sir John,

There is a way to capture the castle using only battering rams and suffering about 20% losses. I would be glad to share that with you privately if you email me.

Merepatra Madd Sir John's "review" was deleted (as were others of his) as it did not meet the standards set down in the Review Guidelines He has been invited to resubmit.

Madd Sir John
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
(It doesnt allow trebecks the only usable siege engine in the game.)

Balance: 4
(I'm sure this castle is a challenge without trebecks.)

Creativity: 4
(Nice looking castle with a surprise or two)

Map Design: 5
(The toppled town looks great and add a dark mood to the map. Next time consider having the fire during the senario.)

Story/Instructions: 5
(Well researched and planned out)

Additional Comments: All I have too say is great job on this one dude. I had too allow trebecks, so thanks for not locking your map.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4/5
I started the map the first time just to take a look around and watch for weak parts of the castle, I saw that you could just walk around the castle on the west side and come on the backside of the keep were your troops can easily destroy the wall without being shot at.
So the first time I played it I took pikemen as all my attacking troops. So I chewed down a part of the wall to the west and then ordered all my troops to go around the castle and then start destroying the wall on the back. then I realised that the wall there is under ground level, Dóh,
So I restarted it and this time took 100 laddermen with me and the rest macemen. I did the same as the first but this time when I reached the back of the castle half my laddermen were lost but I put the rest up against the wall. Then I ordered all my macemen to climb them and the kill the lord. I won with 38% casualties.
[Edit] On the authorsd wishes I played this map throuigh afain, on very hard without going to the west around the castle.
So I attacked from the front, first with archers and macemen to clear the towers and the courtyard.
Then I just took all my troops and attacked the Lord.

Balance: 2/5
I was surprised about how easy this map was (Which is not usually the case with your maps)
First (serious) try on normal I won with 38%. Can't become more than a 2 here.

[Edit]Even on very hard (attacking from the front) I finish this map with only 72% casualties. I dont use to be a very hard player, I have trouble completing most maps on normal.
Nothing really to say here its just way to easy.

Creativity: 5/5
As always you have been very creative reconstructing this historical castle.

Map Design: 5/5
It looks overall good.

Story/Instructions: 5/5
Good story and good instructiouns, nothing to say here

Overall: 4.0/5
I'm a big fan of your maps, but this was a little dissapointment. There are two very easy things you can do to bring the score up drasticly: 1) Seal of with rocks or something so that the player can't just walk around the castle. 2) Delete the texture bugs by placing some nature element or a building over them.
This is a very nice and interesting map, with a little more work it could become perfect.

/Arn de Gothia

[Edited on 07/31/05 @ 02:05 AM]

Jasper Tudor
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
The map is tremendously fun to play.

Balance: 4
At first when I saw the castle I thought there was no way to get in. At my first attempt (not a very serious one) I played on Easy and made a head-on charge with the troops given to me, and got slaughtered. At my second (this time played at Normal), and more serious, attempt I tried to break thorugh the side-gatehouse near the west river, only to find out (a "little" too late) that the gatehouse only led me to the outer ward, and that the inner one was stilled to be conquered.
At my third attempt (also played at normal) I switched all my crossbowmen (since you don't really need them) for laddermen and macemen, got in through the back door (or rather, climbe dover the back wall) and easily killed the Lord. Gave this a 4, since it was a bit too easy once you found out, I think it would play better with less defenders, and forcing the attacker to use the "real" way into the castle.

Creativity: 5
The ruined town outside the castle looks great, and this was one (if not the one) of the first map to present a round keep, great reconstruction of a great castle.

Map Design: 5
Nothing to be said, it's DoY, that's it.

Story/Instructions: 4
Works, gives the required information, though the 17th century don't really interest me, which made me less interested for the fight.

Additional Comments:
Defenetily one of the best Siege-maps posted here.

[Edited on 11/17/05 @ 02:26 PM]

WWII44 Its an easy map to win on the defending side because the attackers attack the side wall and here for easily picked of by your outlaws and regular archers/crossbow men, other than that it was a fun map to play.

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Map Design5.0
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