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Devil's Lair

Author File Description
Pat Dark Knight
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Number of Players: 4
Balance: Balanced
Difficulty: Normal
Legend has it that numerous ghostly figures have haunting, in partnership with the devil, to carry his plans to conquer these vast lands, which are presently owned by you and three other Lords. For some years now, this legend has been considered false, to the relief of the people, for the lands called the 'lost pits' (a large stable dip in the land, where lots of minerals and rock can be found), were never occupied by these ghostly figures.

But overnight, following a strangely cold evening, loud sounds and disturbances were heard and reported all around the pit, as well as young children starting to go missing and disapearing, never to be found again. Your people call this 'the work of the devil' , and they've decided to never set foot in these pits ever again, now called the 'devil's Lair'.

These Land were peacefully seperated in four, equal for every Lord. The task given to you and your three trustworthy Lords, is to destroy all of the devil's men, to be able to stop his attempts to conquer these lands. But once this task is completed, beware of the Devil's curse which will give you greed to take control of all the minerals and ressources for you, and you only. This will probably affect all four Lords, which will make them all turn on everyone else...

Good Gaming,
Pat Dark Knight
Dark Knight

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Sir Lurchalot Hello, PDK,

Something amiss here? I've downloaded it three times and WinZip complained each time that it contained errors.

Just to check my end, I also downloaded Endless Nightmare (again) and The Kings Island. Neither of them had any problems.
Pat Dark Knight
File Author
hey Sir lurchalot,
thanks for the info!

I'll have a look in it, probably upload it again, and it'll be working as soon as I can

Pat Dark Knight
Dark Knight
Pat Dark Knight
File Author
I just tried it out, and it unzips fine. But I may be using it differently. Instead of unzipping it with winzip, I just copy the .map file into the directory I wanted, or I just extract the files.

Ill upload the folder again, just in case.

Pat Dark Knight
Dark Knight
Sir Lurchalot Works fine now, PDK - Thanks! :)

By the way, unzipping and extracting are the same process. ;) The map file *must* be unzipped (extracted) before you can do anything with it.

As just a matter of course, I never unzip the complete archive. Instead, I'll simply view things like the map images, notes, or readmes from directly inside WinZip and unzip only the map itself.
Pat Dark Knight
File Author
Yes, makes sense now ;). Thanks for the comment about the map not working fine. We were able to look into it as fast as possible.

Pat Dark Knight
Dark Knight
Sir Lurchalot Indeed you did get on it VERY quickly - and I appreciate that! Thanks again. :)

I'm going to play it very soon (a game currently in progress) and I'll be back with a short review.
Pat Dark Knight
File Author
Thanks Sir Lurchalot, but surely you don't mean a review, for I was told that you don't believe in these types of reviews, for they are inaccurate? ;) lol

When I made this map, I really didn't expect to get a good review, or a review at all, so let's see what you give me! :)

Pat Dark Knight
Dark Knight
Sir Lurchalot Hi, PDK,

First, about reviews, that's a slight misundersting. :) I very much believe in reviews and wish I had more time to do them; it's *numerical ratings* that I do not do.

Now, on to the business at hand. ;)

This is an *excellent* map! In my opinion, it's exactly what the game creators had in mind for Crusader. Instead of each castle being supplied with resources - other than food creation and a small amount of timber - you are actually in COMPETITION with your opponents for iron and stone! Excellent! Also, there are NO protective walls separating you from your enemies as are found in far too many maps. With a few exceptions, that "protective separation" approach makes the gameplay far too easy and you can win very quickly.

Not so with this map, however. I chose three of the tougher enemies, namely Saladin, Fredrick, and Lionheart and winning was neither quick OR simple. I found myself under attack fairly early on and constantly thereafter. (Avoid using the silly ones like The Rat.)

If someone wants a good challenge, I suggest you try this map! And don't forget to ally all of your enemies together against you.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Map plays perfect and with no playiblity issues at all. Excellent testing Pat.

Balance: 5
I gave this a 5 because the map has finely tuned resources. "Finely tuned" meaning that Pat took his time placing the resources in a way to make it a challenge. In your Keep corner area you get some iron and farms, and have to be greedy to get the middle where the stone is. Keeping your iron going and farms is what will get you through slave attacks that burn up your conquests in the middle. Wood is never really a problem, but getting food is. So clear land early and build farms where you can. The enemy is close enough to threaten your farms with his. But not too close as to make it claustrophobic. Best balance I have seen from Pat since Rain Forest.

Creativity: 5
Ill give you an example of some creative work on this:

"..curses by the devil will make you smell greed, and want the mine to yourself which will turn you against your allies."

Map Design: 5
The map is a work of art and plays normally. You have a real challenge playing against three comps on this one. Give them a little extra gold and you are in for a long hard game (I played this a looooong time, and loved it!). The map is designed to force you to be defensive. Keep a wall (and better yet a tower) manned with archers if you want to survive the rush.

Story/Instructions: 4.5
The story about the ghosts shows imagination and hard work. But it really doesnt have anything to do with the actual map or playing it. Thats ok (I embellish story too), because the rest of the story keeps you going and gets you in the mood for a long and strategic game on a realistic looking map. I gave it a 5 to get you a perfect (the map is a 5 dude!), but this would be a 4.5 if that was possible.

Additional Comments:
Look for my "Big Texas Tea Party" map soon in the Stronghold Crusader: Invasions section. You can be like Bush! Keep up the good work Pat (the original dark knight)!

[Edited on 07/26/05 @ 12:49 AM]

Pat Dark Knight
File Author
Wow. Thanks Sir Lurhalot and Lollard, the feedback I got from this map exceeds by far my expectations. - my missunderstanding Sir Lurchalot ;)

And lollard, yes - I'll have a look at your Big Texan Party. and yes - I'm looking foward at playing with, as, or against George Bush ;) lol. It isnt a Texan Party with Bush, now isn't it? :)

Pat Dark Knight
Dark Knight
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Map Design5.0
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