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The lighthouse part II

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
Made with version: 1.1

This follow up of part one takes you ten years ahead in time, now an end has come to a decade of peace and you will once again have to take up arms.
Your old enemy with whom you had the war in England has located and followed you to the shores of Holland.
To make matters worse the dutch noble that attacked you in part I has become very desperate for food.
He has seized the opportunity and is on the offensive again.

This is a very large map which looks real good.
You will have to kill the wolf, he stands on his ship.
It has a fairly challenging economy and at times challenging invasions.
It should be ok on normal diff setting for the average player though.
If you consider yourself a good player I strongly recommend playing it on hard.
If you are having some trouble with beating this map, make sure to read the hints&tips file that is included in the zip file.

This is the second part of a trilogy. PartI is called "the lighthouse partI v2.1, it can be found here under invasion maps. Make sure to play that first, it will enhance the fun and realism of this one.

Aron Groot, aka Lord_ako
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Map Design5.0
VERY fun map

Balance is a little off at the start and takes ALOT of work to be bringing in enogh cash for a fastish win, around 1155 you get attacked by a large army. so you need a big army to kill them off and then kill off the boat, lots of X bows and Archers, no more then 10 Swords men are needed so don't worry about them so much

I love the landscape makes it hard to block everything off from attacks. which I think is great.

the instructions are very well done and it has a good story.

great job on this one lord ako its my fav one to date and will play it manytimes over

(wouldn't mind more attacks if I got better starting resources, hint for next map *LOL*)
Map Design5.0
I really cant say I like this. It looks VERY Pretty. The "eye candy" Is unmatched. Unfortuntly we still have to play the map. If there was a slot for eyecandy, it would get a 10, but their isnt...
I write this hoping that your scenarios can gain from this. I saw today that you wrote the questions of an apsiring designer... Here's the tips:

I need to build an armoury. I need wood. I have 5 wood, so atleast I can build a woodcutter. Wait no woodcutter available...Ok, lets buy some.. wait. I cant buy it either! (-2)
In the industry buildings there is only pitch and iron available. *still no wood for them* The iron deposits are too small to fit iron on, and there is no pitch, save one that already has one on it!
Only the bakary is available. No mill... Mills are in place, but out of effective range...(-1)
*I could go on, but I cant get it lower...*

You start with no armory available, which means that you cant produce weapons until you sacrifce your own buildings, which means that you have to kill off your own buildings, most of which you cant replace! No good. Also, the weapons can make are out of wood or iron, which you cant get!!
The farms look pretty, but are infunctional. They dont add to the balance of a strong ecconomic land, which this is supposed to be *10 year later, you think they got it right*
Instead you have moated in lands, that are inaccessable to get things produced...also, you cant tear 1/2 of your buildings down, due to the fact you cant rebuild them! *not taking score off that one, but its sad*
The wolfs troops pretty much stand there for the whole thing. a few here and there, with some killing pits, or a bunch of swordsmen, but a completely stangnant AI is really sad looking. If I had the patiance to finish this, I know the result:The either stand there and let you kill them, OR they only attack you if you attack them. Im not Impressed. A few hours of playtesting would reveal the fastest that some onecould produce a decent ecconomy, and send in a few invasions then. Its a VERY lazy approach to the AI. Also, having ford out into the ocean could symbolize the units coming a shore from a ship. I think that would have been better that that.

WELL DONE ON THE LANDSCAPE! You can really see the work put into it, and the details. Again, the beauty of this map is amaizing. The way the land has slight variations to it, as well as the mangonel *?* stones works very well. The ship looks great, and so does the ruins.
The farmer hasnt moved AN INCH. There has been no development on the island, as would 10 years have shown. Also, the creativity of the plot of "the wolf" is a bit thin. We all know that we cant change who is attacking, we've all learned to move around it and work with our imaginations. I feel that that took a good hard chunk out of the whole image of this scenario.
The "farmlands" are Creative, but completly ineffective. They dont produce their goods fast enough, and unlike the first lighthouse *>:D* you cant tear it down and start over. *which is what I did* Also, a lack of building room has been usurped by the mad moat! I cant say that I like the idea there fore:(-1)

Map:I've gone on and on! ITS REALLY PRETTY TO LOOK AT!! The hours of detailing show. I could go on for days, but Ako knows what he's doing. I hope he keeps it up.

Story: Well as far as Sagas go, its doing well. As a book, its good, but as far as a stronghold based plot, it does nothing for me. Its the wolf vs you. It doesnt have to be spectacular, but I think from the missions, we've all heard enough about the wolf. I think that a more dynamic charactor would be good. Also a little bit of a role play element would be good too. Throw in a siege engineer, who acts as your charactor, and you have to see him through the missions...I know that there arnt the triggers for it, but its fun anyway, and thats what this is about, having fun with the plot. Also the comment "He's throwing everything he's got at you" doesnt work. They are standing on the beach getting a tan. I dont think thats much of a throw.

I hope you take this as a constructive critisim, and not get upset about it. If you want, I woud be happy to play test any scenarios that you make, to make sure they're free of snags. Ok?
The Red Baron
Map Design5.0
First impressions: This is a wonderful map. The first time I went in to play it I thought how do you begin with this scenario? My advice to anyone playing it don't give up (I almost did) and be creative in solving the military and economic dilemmas.

Playability is a 4 no question in my mind. This is very addictive once you get going. Even after winning it I still wanted to play it again. It keeps you thinking.

Balance is a 4 mainly because it took 3 times to win. I did not consider this too hard or too easy. Although the huge army on the shoreline is daunting, finding a way to break through is very satisfying.

Creativity: I gave it a 4 but could easily been a 5. Unique is the best one word description for this map. Starting setup, terrain, building limitations, market limitations, location of the enemy and the events to name a few all contribute to a really Unique map. By the way, the crossbowmen on the ship are murder, but they make for a great challenge.

Map Design: 5! I have said it before, I rarely give out 5's but this is a flawless map. It is outstanding not just for the eye candy, but more importantly how it was used by the designer and how it must be considered by the player. For example the boat looks great but the defensive advantage to the troops on the boat is perfect. There are several other examples of this in this scenario but to be brief the map is exceptional.

Story: I give it a 4. Although it is not an epic work of literature it is an above average lead in narrative for the scenario.

I really liked this map and highly recommend it. It is very challenging and forces you to think in terms that you might not be used to in a Stronghold scenario. Well done.

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Map Design5.0
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