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The Deserters of Wadi Durbash

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Normal
You are Baron Arnaud de Lavalle of France and are leading a small detachment of the great crusader army.
Growing tired of being defeated once again by the cunning Saladin, you and your men decide to flee from the army.
Hunted down as deserters, you find refuge in Wadi Durbash. This site with natural defences allows you to farm for food.
Now you can plan your long way home.

Your mission is to produce gold, food and weapons in order to make a safe journey back to the homeland.

The never tiring patrols of Saladin quickly discover your hiding-place.
Fortunately, an old watch tower stands deserted on the site.
Without iron or rocks, you will have to find another way of defence.
Keep in mind that distance can be an effective way to defend as well.
Good luck.


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Map Design5.0
Playability: 3.5
My friend, there is no marketplace. So its a down to earth, grow all your own and produce goods from only what nature provides. Its a good concept and makes a good long game, especially with constant attack. But with no marketplace you are unable to trade and getting the bakeries started you need quite a bit of wood. You have to get the wood for everything, including the spears and bows. If the market was there (even if it only bought pitch) it would put more economics into it. But this is listed as a invasion, so I can see why you opted for this type of NO MARKET strategy. It just makes it pretty intricate in the beginning where there are attacks coming in and your woodcutters are running around. Moving the stockpile south early speeds up the wood coming in. You have to get the expensive wheat farms going. Because of the wheat farms high cost, you better start with apple orchards first.

Balance: 4
I gave balance a 4, because its enough resources to accomplish the mission but they are spread out. Its a all or nothing affair without the marketplace, this makes wood gathering and use critical.

Creativity: 5
Great idea with a wholly new and creative way to simulate the pressure of hiding out as deserters.

Map Design: 5
Gets a five for the natural looking landscape.

Story/Instructions: 5
Getting better on story.

Additional Comments:
Download and play this map people. And get down with nature.


[Edited on 07/23/05 @ 09:34 PM]

File Author

Everything is about choices.
Therefore, I like creating situations with different options and their impact on strategy.
Do you go for the rapid producing apple orchards to increase "food happiness" quickly ?
Or do you choose the "slower" dairy farms with the option of producing powerful crossbowmen to defend against attackers ?

While playtesting, I have never utilized apple orchards but I can imagine certain players prefer this option.

Anyway, thanks for reviewing this map, Lollard.

Stratego Hi Waitandsee,

I also used your strategy and concentrated on recruiting crossbowmen and ignoring apple orchards...

...I'm going to write up a review for this refreshing map!


Map Design4.5
Wadi Durbash

Wow. I was enthusiastic about this tricky and creative map by “Waitandsee”. Looking at the very promising minimap, I suspected of facing a great challenge in this invasion scenario, and I wasn’t disappointed at all. It’s well playable even without a market place and trading, and if you’re searching for a map with restricted conditions you will find it right here.

After several restarts, I finally worked out a proper strategy to set my economy going and I noticed that it’s well winnable if you’re proceeding methodically. I never used apple orchards, but I concentrated on building up 1 dairy farm, 1 wheat farm and 1 hops farm, placed on my limited arable green area up on the central plateau in an early phase.

At the beginning it’s quite hard to keep both economic and military balance, and it will always serve you right to force wood production by spreading out at least 7 or 8 woodcutters, because trees are rare in this rough desert. Yes, wood is the key for a successful and fast development of your small settlement. With regard to the regularly increasing invasions, you’re forced to start your weapon production as soon as possible (especially crossbows and bows), and your pitch production as well.

I never felt bored and there has been a lot to do to hold your popularity up after adding two chapels (religion bonus!) and one inn (ale consumption!)

The landscape illustrates in a very realistic way the outfit of a mostly meager desert, where a so-called “wadi” (that means, “little stream”) apparently is trickling away. I personally suggest using additional fords on the riverbanks. That would illustrate the indication of a shallow river drying up under the hot desert’s sun.

The short but instructive story hits the nail squarely on the head, very helpful to get an overall view of what you will expect.
I absolutely recommend playing this terrific and enjoyable map!


File Author
Hi Stratego,

Seeking for the most natural look in a map, your idea of creating additional fords will be useful in future map design.

I am very pleased that you have enjoyed playing this map.
Thank you for your excellent and instructive review.
Firstly, you have encouraged me to search for new ideas in order to create more maps.
Secondly, I am thinking of writing up a review as well (that would be the first time).
And why not on one of your maps ? :-)

Best regards,

Leaveyou Excuse me, I havent yet downloaded this map but I don't understand what stops you hrom building aple orchards and just one dairy farm? the dairy farm can really supply about 6 tanner's workshop. I'm downloading it now and see for myself. Actually it could be very hard to create a script that punishes you if you use both food types so I'm quite confused...

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Map Design4.8
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