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Jupiter Lighthouse

Author File Description
El duke Mario II
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
Jupiter Lighthouse
by El Duke Mario II

Welcome to the Siege of Jupiter Lighthouse.
This siege is supposed to be a few weeks after the siege of Neptune Lighthouse, which was witheld (you survived didn't you?) by a small force. The wolf doesn't knows this failure by now, and with his main force will attempt to capture the lighthouse. We won't let him beat our forces do we?

*A HUGE siege to a castle that serves as a lighthouse but also as a fortress which you'll have to deffend from the Wolf.
*Pre-placed units to help the AI.
*Instant attack and a fast moving siege.
*A balanced defensive force based in archers and crossbowmen with the support of a large force of infantry & cavalry troops.
*The choice to use your engineers wisely manning siege equipment or boiling oil.
*"Peasants"(tunnelers in fact) that joined your cause.
*Some Eye Candy.

Jupiter Lighthouse
This well-known fortress was built 1000 years ago by the first king of the country, as a structure for lighting the sea at night. Boats and ships were commonly used for fishing and trading with other lands, and the area was dangerous for them because of all the rocks. So the Lighthouse prevented ships from getting too close. The lighthouse was abandoned for 3 centuries for unknown reasons, maybe because of the bandits that captured it and used as their hideout or due to continuous storms. Anyways, the lighthouses were restored by the lords of the Towers as they became to known for taking the lighthouses of Pluto, Neptune, Jupiter, and Mars as the main fortresses. And so Jupiter Lighthouse was adopted by the territory of the northeast.

Now after many years of peace, war has already destroyed Mars lighthouse and surrendered Pluto, only Neptune and Jupiter are free of the opression coming from the Wolf.

Recommended dificulty: Normal or Easy.
Recommended side: Deffensive (only).

I recommend you to watch first how the AI attacks (sometimes, I don't know why or when, the AI doesn't attacks and stays static) to plan your strategy.

And the most important thing...
Have Fun!!
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Dragons Rider
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
Well, what a fast pace! You had to be in 4 different places at once. Loved it. There are many diferent ways to win this one, most ending in disaster. To give a breakdown on my winning strategy: I would have my reinforcements stay put, saving them for when I needed them, to hit the enemy from behind. I favoured the mangoels over the ballistas, so the attacking force were in the middle of a turrent of rocks, fired using attack here in strategic posistions. They were like that for the whole of the game,(except for a couple of times when they got smashed by archer fire and maurading macemen) causing heavy damage to the forerunners and siege engines. Some archers were delegated to shoot the trebs, while the rest fired in to the advancing horde. This only put a small dent in their forces. All of my troops were gathered together in front of the gate(apart from a few soldiers who were on top of the keep to protect the king). Pitch was applied to the siege towers and battering rams, with some degree of success. The reinforcement knights now charged in, taking on the ones on the hill with a treb. When these were dispatched, they raced on to the towers, which they usually destroyed before the main army arrived. They then ran into the safety of the gate, the army on their hills. The reinforcements to the south are then sent in to cut the force in half. They are inventibly killed, but they cause enough of gap that I can dispatch of the first half, with some difficulties. My old favourite, the sally forth then fall back, as always was put into effect. The sencond half will sometimes breach the gate. Then it is a matter of getting my troops into a defensive wall, slowly moving backwards towards the keep whil the archers on the walls shoot them from behind. It is then a time to mop them up and enjoy a hearty engineer slaughter. (Heehee).

Balance: 5
A lovely sense of balance with the forces, in my opinion, absolutely equal with the only way to win being tactical, precise and cunning. Considering that they did not have much in the way of heavy armour and protection, whilst that was most of your infantry, meant that you were outnumbered about 3 to 1. As I already said, this called for precision and tactical masterminding. It was a matter of protecting the gate. The longer it held, the better your chances of survival were. As soon as it fell, they would swarm you and most likely over-run you. Obvious skill in playtesting and choosing the troops.

Creativity: 5
Some really neat ideas in this. I liked the substituion of iron for sand for the purpose of paths. Lighthouses, let alone citadel style lighthouse, are unique. Reinforcements and all have been done before, but still, they should give you a point, bringing the total up to 5

Map Design: 4
A wonderful looking castle-lighthouse, with some pretty good eyecandy in it. Thats the the good part of the look of this map. The bad part: The surrounding terrain. The hills looked unnatural. They were obvoiusly done with the hill tool. A piece of advice: Dont use that tool. It has an unrealistic look to it, with the hills much too steep. A much better way to create hills is to put mid, high or max height
Depending on how high you want it, then smooth it out. Also some placement of dirt would be good too. Waaay to many stones in my opinion looked ugly. Put something a bit less conspicious

Story/Instructions: 3
A bit too short for my liking here. Try adding a bit more detail to it.

Additional Comments:
A very good map overall. EVERYBODY COME AND DL IT!!!
On a side note Sulis, what is the mininum for a review, and how long will this be for?

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Map Design4.0
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Size:837.95 KB