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Publius Aelius Hadrianus (aka Maze)

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File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
Like I said in the downloads:invasion section this is really a labirynth. The action takes place in year 105 when the Roman Empire had to start war with Dacia to secure it's borders. I took the liberty to change the story just a tiny bit... well... a bit more just to explain the presence of a labirinth in the land north of the Danube. The story includes real names and real locations.

I can allready assure you that you haven't ever played anything like this. You will even get the chance to kill the enemy king, Decebal with your own king. Actually the king will be your only melee troop and also the only soldier available untill some frightened archers arive. His name is Publius Aelius Hadrianus, Adoptive son of Traianus , in charge of the assalut on Sarmizegetusa, gouverner of Dacia and emperor, starting from the death of his father.

I hope you will like this map as much as I liked working on it.

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Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
This is altogether unique. I couldnt finish it. But its a real maze and the moving the king by destroying placed stone barriers works to confuse and disorient (tricky to master). But if you dont save (or save after making a mistake) you will be teleported back to your keep and have to start over.

Balance: 4
The fighting is balanced and after looking at the castle, the goal is reachable. Dont try to destroy the wall closest to the enemy keep with the flag on it, or you will teleport back to start. The gravestone looking markers take a long time to destroy and lead to a dead end.

Creativity: 5
If I could give this a 6 I would. This map is something completely different. Nothing like any other mazes (or maps) I have seen. Nice work.

Map Design: 5
I gave this a 5 because its designed with an attention to detail. Theres a big island that says "WRONG WAY" in stone. Other unique eyecandy features are included as well (a peace sign in iron for example). I never finished this map, and cannot give a complete review of the final fight.

Story/Instructions: 4
The instructions are presented in professional html format written to confuse the player rather than inform. For example, it doesnt tell you how to use the 3 engineers, instead telling you to find out by trial and error. Unzip all the files in the download and save often under different names to make sure you can go back to a previous move.

Additional Comments:
This is a complicated but fun maze where you move your king around by his royal self. Good all around effort!
File Author
Try as you might to convince me, I won't tell you how to use the engineers. I can only tell you that you must use them to block the way on the side with the triangle. About the stone blocks... I know I shouldn't tell you the order but I can't help it because you must see the grand finalli: King vs king fight. So, destroy the block on the bottom, near the big rock, then destroy the one on the top right corner and then the one in front of the keep. You should find a way to make the king choose the square by then. Send your king to the pikemen and leave him alone, DON'T TOUCH HIM!!! after you kill the pikemen you should get some help from some archers. Send the archers on the tower and when the enemy king is weak enough attack him with your oun king
Map Design5.0
This map is one of a kind, people.

Playability: 4.5
It was fun looking for a way to reach the front of the keep.
The use of the stone blocks, that have to be destroyed by your own lord, is very clever.
It enables to save often and to divide the game in different "stages".
I found the disappearing act of your lord at the last block very amusing.

Balance: 3.5
Since I have never been able to find the proper solution to go through the bit with the triangle and the square, I was left with mixed feelings.
I found this stage very hard and frustrating after searching for all the possible combinations with the shields and the engineers.
Although this map is one of a kind in its concept, I reluctantly had to give a lower score for this part of the review.

Creativity: 5
The stunning "wrong way" sign is a perfect example of the very great creativity in this map.

Map Design: 5
The different features such as a peace sign, an ellips formed by water and walkways and some sort of pentagram give this map a unique character.
Absolutely perfect.

Story/Instructions: 5
A very great effort was put into the concept and into the writing of this story, all together with the use of html for the instructions.
It gives a clear view of what to expect.

Additional Comments:
I have never played anything like this. An absolute stunning concept.
A really great looking maze with nice symbols and signs everywhere.
If you are looking for a unique concept, download this one now.
Congratulations, Leaveyou !

lollard97367 Hey

I finally beat the map! How to beat it:

The stone block with the flag nearest the keep is tricky to beat. You need to destroy the two front blocks and not the one with the flag. Move the king off the block area and move in the engineers in front of the blocks. Then attack the flag block with your king. Have your engineer build a shield blocking the triangle path side. You can leave the siege equipment tent to block as well by stopping your engineer from moving all the way to the tent. Then attack the two pikemen with your king.

The king will go back to the keep at this point. Click on king and then your reinforcements will arrive (archers). Run the archers up to the enemy kings keep in small movements (you cant move all the way in one click). Put them up in the tower behind the enemy king, and open up with flaming arrows on him. Then just let them kill him, because the game wont let you move your king up at this point.

Excellent map, man. I downloaded some other maps of yours and I'm in the process of playing both. Im playing Alup and Jesse.
File Author
At last!!!! This small trick costed me precious points...

ps: one of my best maps was The Ignis Ater (it's an old invasion)but if you're looking for originality try troublesome 96

[Edited on 08/29/05 @ 03:22 PM]

Lord_Of_Defender WOW!COOL!!!

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Map Design5.0
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