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Crac des Chevaliers/Craclayam Castle

Author File Description
Sir Steele
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
Sir, Nur ed-Din Sultan of Damascus is attacking our castle in a few days! we MUST be prepared!!!
most of our market traders have left the castle, so we only have beer, flour, crossbow and stone to trade with!
also, there arent many kind of food left, our wheat farm must be guarded with more troops!
There arent many oasis left so we've build our diary farms on the poisoness scrubs(dont ask me why they did that), so they might get sick.
there are only a little iron ores and stones infront of our castle, but its too close to the enemy sign post, so its impossible to guard them!
The allied arbarians have send some reinforments to us, we should use them!
The enemy attacked from the other side of our castle which doesnt have any towers,(don't ask me why they build the castle that way cuz i copyed what's on the map)so it will be hard for us to defend against the enemy!
in the game:
your diary farm cannot be rebuild, so you must guard them with all your monks. since that they're build on the scrubs, they almost die once a year!
your monks can be hired from the church but once its destroyed, say good-bye to your monks!
the iron/stone mines are impossbile to guard, cuz they're right infront of the enemy sign post.
the front walls are almost impossbile to defend against the enemy slingter&catapults, so once its captured, TEAM, FALL BACK!(commands from counter strike) and defend at the inside wall, its way thicker.
watch out for the enemy assasins! place monks on the wall or else they're going to open your gate and kill your archers! you also have 3 assasins, what you do with them are not place them on the keep or use them with your monks, you should use them to retake the gate houses that you've lost, because they're invisible unless they're close to an enemy.
also their towers are dangerous, once when i was playing it, a seige tower was set up beside my gatehouse, then all their arbarian warriors went up to my walls and killed my king.
good luck playing!(my fourth map:)

The History of Crac des Chevaliers

The hill on which Crac des Chevaliers was constructed was originally the site of a small fortress called the "Castle on the slope". It was taken over in 1011 by the Emir of Homs, who garrisoned his Kurdish soldiers there to protect the Syrian interior from the potential threat of invasion from the direction of the Mediterranean coast.
In June 1110 the small fortress was occupied by the Crusaders under Tancred, Prince of Antioch. They housed a garrison of four thousand soldiers and built fortifications throughout their occupation when demanded by circumstances. They also had to restore parts of the castle that were shattered by earthquakes in 1157, 1170, 1201 and 1202.
The castle was attacked in 1163 by Nur ed-Din Sultan of Damascus, whose troops met the Franks in the Buqai'ah valley below the castle. Saladin (Salah ad-Din Yusuf) beseiged it in 1188, but renounced his plans to occupy it and continued on his march northward.
It was during the winter of 1271 that king al-Zaher Baybars, in his endeavour to rout the Franks, "beseiged it for several days (3rd March - 8th April), harassing it with the bullets of his mangonels before his troops began to attack and occupy the castle, door by door, and tower by tower." (The Krak of the Knights - Touristic and Archaeological Guide).
Baybars later restored the damaged parts and built new towers; and the fortress retained its importance under the rule of the Arabs.
NB. 'Crac' is also commonly spelt with two K's as 'Krak'.

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design2.0
Playability: 2
This should be named Crac de Way Too Big, because its so huge that you basically are two separate castles - the distant outer walls and the huge inner castle. You also have starting troops in the corner, with the sheer amount of wall space here you are going to need em. The outer walls are almost out of mangonel range of the inner castle towers. Because the map is too big, the farm production is limited. Buying ale is the only solution to keep popularity dropping in the beginning. The castle needs 53 people (there is 14 bakeries) to run it, and you start with ZERO peasants, and housing for only 34. So it takes extra houses (and a long time to build up the 53 peasants) to work just the starting buildings. The attacks are in huge waves, that are spaced over 10+ years. In my opinion this map is just overdone. If you manage to get any reinforcements made in your struggling economy, they will have to walk across a 400x400 map to see action. Because the outer wall is so huge, and has 8 Round Towers spaced (randomly?) around it, you really cant make a difference with reinforcing that castle. I dont think any commander would have his troops this spread out where whole armies could be cut off. I didnt have a calculator handy, but there is over 2200 attackers in this map. I just let this thing run, and tried to comprehend why I had 14 bakeries and no wheat.

Balance: 2
Crac De Way Too Big is out of balance in population, selection of building availability, starting houses, resources, and starting troops. It takes more than just filling towers with archers to make a map that works.

Creativity: 4
I checked, there are many maps of this famous battle. This one is not really that remarkable, but I gave it a sympathy 4.

Map Design: 2
Too many Buildings, Walls, Towers, A monstrousity which is a front gate (once the stairs are damaged, the thing is easily avoided by the enemy), 14 Bakeries, and all they have to do is destroy 2 Round Towers to get to the Keep? This is a 2 at best. Stick with small stuff at first. If this is your fourth map, then keep on a tryin'.

Story/Instructions: 4.5
I got through high school by copying out of the encyclopedia. Its plagerism, but I have learned to accept that sometimes its the only way you learn. You did make up a story again (this time with a more serious tone) and I think its worth a 4.5.

Additional Comments:
The secret to getting a 5 on here is pre-test, pre-test, pre-test with different strategies each time. Also when you think you are done, you arent, you still have to test it one more time! :)


[Edited on 09/21/05 @ 12:54 AM]

Sir Steele
File Author
but its not my fault that the towers are on the other side and out of range, you could see the overview map of the castle that shows where the tower and gate houses are
lollard97367 You should make another map. I was thinking about making a Stirling Castle map, or a map of Stirling Bridge where William Wallace (Braveheart) had his single battle (Scots won). If you want my rough draft just post your email on here and I'll send my notes over. The stirling map I started over a year ago was for Stronghold 1, not Crusader. If you wanted to make a Crusader map instead, you can have all the credit.


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Map Design2.0
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