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Holiday In The Sun

Author File Description
brave sir robyn
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
"My Dear Abbott, you look positively exhausted since that fracas at the Monastery. Why don't you take a break, get away from it all for a while?" Doubletongue grinned, "I know just the place ... "

Tired and weary, you agree to the slithery o­ne's offer and take passage to Southern Iberia, where he owns a small villa. However upon your arrival you realise the full truth of the situation.

Doubletongue had forged an unlikely trade alliance with both the Bishop of Baldlistingshire and the Wazir Al Buh Jheen. The deal was to supply the King of Spain with 400 bars of iron, which he will collect in the summer of 1144. Alas, true to form, once the majority of the goods were ready, Doubletonuge hijacked the deal and wants the iron for his own ends.

You have been dumped here at the villa to defeat the Wazir and crush the Bishop and his religious influence, seize the iron supply and get the hell out of there before the King shows up.

Some holiday!


* Collect 400 Iron
* Destroy The Enemy Cathedral
* Eliminate All Enemy Units
* Blessed 1%

Hope you enjoy it, happy gaming ... BSR!
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lollard97367 I played this map for several hours, and its good and hard. I'm going back now to continue playing, I'm having a tough time with the invasions at the beginning.

Stratego Is it really possible to acquire 400(!!!) iron ingots?
Some hints would be appreciated.

lollard97367 I'm thinking there is 400 total on the 3 stockpiles and you get all the iron there when you kill the enemy kings. Not sure because I'm still working on the first invasions.

Stratego Hi,

is there anybody who can beat this "thing"?
brave sir robyn
File Author
This 'thing' has been playtested to a win on several occassions, it can be a tough slog I admit but it is winnable!

As Lollard guessed ...
Collect what iron you can by all means, but the real trick to getting all 400 bars is to defeat the enemies.

If you're the sort of player who likes to sit safely behind their defences and pick off enemies at leisure, then this map is probably not for you.
When you do attack, wait until you have large numbers of troops to attack with and use as many shields as you can afford to protect your troops.
Also, you don't have to attack via the pathway that leads between the two castles, there is an alternative and safer route.

Btw, now you know how the Abbott feels in Skirmish missions! LOL :)
Sir Steele Ok, I think you should rate this map "impossible" because I tried to beat it with a hacking program (to lock my money to 4000 and always that much) I build a million houses and started building monks and archers, i build a defence tower and put about 20 archers on it. It is impossible to get stone unless you defeat the black guy's castle. I tried to siege his castle with 20 catapults and 10 shields, but the enemy just kept on coming and i ran out of stones(which you cant guy) then the enemy archers&monks came so i defended my catapults with my 70 monks. but monks are nothing compare to the enemy archers. after like 20 seconds i found out that i only have about 10 monks left.. Then the black's force attacked me, i've builded at least 20 archer workers, but i ran out of wood. so i builded woodcutters but it was too late, 10 of their abarian warriors just went up to my keep and wiped out all my archers and my king. FIRE!!!!!!
It's too hard, man
brave sir robyn
File Author
Sir Steele, it's no surprise you say this impossible if you didn't find the stone.
There's actually enough for three quarries in a line just to the north of the keep, on the mid level land. Two are safe to use from the start, the third is in the line of fire of the Wazir's closest tower, so you'd need to knock out his ballista for that one.

I haven't seen or played this map for over a year at least, so I tried it again yesterday and won at the second attempt after a reload from halfway through. I'll concede it's very hard but it's not impossible, so I'll change it's rating accordingly. :)

Part of my reluctance to uploading this old map was that I realised it'd be something that people would say they either loved it or hated it. That maybe it was too stylized and would not be appreciated by the majority. Oh well, that's the chance you take, looks like people hate it ... ;-)

I've added some pictures in a thread in the forums to show the stone mines.

[Edited on 10/16/05 @ 08:46 AM]

lord dredde Hello, brave sir robyn.Iwas playing this scenario again the other day and i thought that this map would make a great addition to crusader extreme.Have you any plans to add it to extreme or not?If not may i have permission to make a few subtle changes(subject to approval via email)and submit it as a tribute map?.The story is perfect,the castles' of the main protaganists are already in place,if you agree i'll email the map for approval.

Lord Dredde
peter2008 A masterpiece of a map. So many editor tricks united in one scenario, and this already at an early year after Crusader had been released. Kind of a skirmish-invasion, with invasions working(!) that take the colours of the corresponding AI Lords. Modified AI castles. Heavy trading and weapons restrictions, use of shields for protecting troops. An up and running beginning (own troops approaching). Beginnings of the idea of "estates" (ponds and an iron deposit placed in the Wazir's land). Not least the two extra events "Cede castle" and "Destroy cathedral".
With the experience of a fellow who has joined the site late I guessed the way of the gameplay at once but still was surprised by some ideas and of course had great fun progressing with economy and fighting.

The castles are custom ones. The AIs will never attack you. This is the price for the invasions being possible.

[Edited on 06/08/13 @ 01:04 AM]

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