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Flood Plains - Fixed

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Impossible
I have fixed the game so you can now build a castle, however you no longer are ceded the Sultan's Castle, and you simply begin with one. However your lord is not on the castle, and thats a good thing, because it has 25% of the Sultan's army on it! :) In this way I am able to maintain the need to kill the sultan before building a castle... I hope it works out ok, I have not fully play-tested the new version yet. Please report any bugs to me if you find them.

- I have now playtested it... It took me 37 tries to win it.

Thx, Skaarj

(Ps. If you previously downloaded the map, please delete the old file, as it will be literally impossible to win without the ability to build a castle, and download this new version. Thankyou).


This scenario combines cede scenarios, Sav to Map conversion, and just about every function and terrain possible in the editor. This Invasion map even includes functional AI, (However if you do not have warchest some of the AI will work, but do nothing).


(Note there is also a smaller version of this story in the objectives menu in the invasion map)

Time: 2 years after the first crusades.
Location: Near Jordan in the crusader states.

You are a crusader lord living in the crusader states. After a long and bitter seige by Saladin on your once proud and now crumbling fortress, you were forced to retreat. Saladins forces continued to pursue you however, and Richard the Lionheart, King of England, has dispatched a large force that retook your castle, and that has been oredered to kill you for your incompetence. After Several months of roaming through the desert with few troops to defend from bandits and even less supplies, you finally reach some watery plains known by the local arabs as "The Flood Plains." You come to the decision that this is where you will make your stand. Things only get worse however, when your scouts report that a Sultan, an Emir, and A Wazir occupy these lands, as well as Duc Volpe, who will likely attempt to kill you in order to recieve a reward from Richard the Lionheart. On top of this, the sultan dispatched a small army to ambush you in the pass and defend the dam and the narrow series of pathways you must traverse to reach the lower areas of the plain and has also sealed the way to the plain. Your supplies are extremely low, you have little gold, and limited troops. Don't forget that Saladin and King Richard's forces are still after you and may drop in at any time. Also, due to the fact that their is limited solid ground in the flood plains area, you will need to capture one of the other lords castles. You decide that you will probably take the Sultan's castle as this is the easiest to capture. However once you have captured the Sultan's Castle, the other lords will be alerted to your prescence, and will most likely team up to destroy you. Only your ability to command will be your advantage as you enter the flood plains.


1. Make your way to the sultans keep and capture it without losing all of your troops.
2. Defend from enemy invasions and build up your castle and army.
3. Kill the 3 other lords to achieve victory.


- The easiest lord to attack at the start is the sultan. Invasions will occur after about 5 years and you will want to be in control of one of the castles at that time, so the sultan's castle (although smaller then the rest) is the best one to capture.
- The engineers at the beggining have a purpose as well as the small amount of starting money. It is wise to make them construct seige equipment before doing anything else.
- Upon capturing a castle the other lords will immediatly decide to attack you, so it is wise to leave the first castle you capture relatively undamaged.


- This map is a cede scenario, which means you can capture the enemy castles.
- The map contains 4 fully functional AI: The Wolf, the Nizar, the Emir, and the Sultan. If you do not have the Nizar or Emir, these enemies will simply do nothing. (This was done using multiple ".sav" to ".map" conversions and a multiplayer to single player conversion)
- I have tried to use every type of terrain feature, and use the map editor to its fullest for this map, as well as providing a very challenging and enjoyable map for those who play it.


- The map is winnable (I have won twice during my playtesting), so dont complain if you cant win it, because it is designed to be very hard. Thus my reason for choosing the "impossible" difficulty rating.
- This map took me quite a while to do, so if you download it, could you please consider rating it? Hope you enjoy the map! :D
- Now that the map is functional, I put forth a challenge: "Try to win the map" It is winnable, but very very very hard. If you win the map take a screenshot of your final victory and send it to me at (in ".jpg" format), along with your name or game name, and any other details you'd like to include, and I will add you to the map's "Hall of Fame". Also please include the game year and month (found at bottom of the screen) in the email. If you do not send enough details I will simply ask you for more.


No Entries thus far.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Stratego Hi Skaarj,

the minimap looks great...! Downloaded!

lollard97367 DANG! Without a starting keep you go up against multiple enemy. Its listed as impossible. TRUE! Once you pop the first wall, the enemy fills his keep with archers and cuts down your limited starting troops. Also bombardment wont work, because the comps just rebuild and you dont have stone (no keep, therfore no peasants) to reload. If there is another strategy (maybe the assassins are the key) please tell me. BUT, I was impressed with how you got the AIs to work and how they were placed. Another issue was lag. With the map size, terrain, and multiple enemy - it slows down to a crawl, which is very frustrating when you are getting shot! I'll rate it if you want, but because of the difficulty it will be a low playability and balance.


[Edited on 10/22/05 @ 03:35 PM]

File Author
It is hard at the start, but if you read the hints engineer use is suggested. Here is an extra hint if your still stuck at the start of the map:

Ballistas work best, make 5 with your ten engineers and get them along with your horse archers to kill all the swordsmen, slingers and archers in the pass. cross over the river to the other side with all your troops when it is safe. and get your swordsmen to batter the sultan's barricade. Once through, get you fire ballista to sit out the top of the sultans base, ontop of the stone and iron deposits located there, and manually taret units on the keep. Do the same thing with your horse archers, and place them in the same location firing at the sultan's troops on the keep. just get them to whittle down the sultans swordsmen, archers, and slingers untill they are handleable for your swordsmen and assasins. Next send your assasins, swordsmen, slingers, archers, slaves and firethrowers around the outside of the wall to the front gate. Climb up and capture the gate with your assasins. Keep firing at the keep soldiers with your ballista and horse archers. Then send your firethrowers, archers and slingers to man the gatehouse. send your slaves in if you need to slow the enemy swordsmen as they will almost definatley try to recapture the gatehouse. After you have killed the enemy swordsmen with the combined effort of your firethrowers archers and slingers, make a run for the keep with your swordsmen. After you kill the Sultan, you will gain control of his keep, thanks to the handy cede scenario. I will not provide further tactics as it would spoil the fun of the map. I have completed the map twice (my 8th and 9th tries) so it is winnable. You will be forced to think a lot like in this walkthrough for the begginning of the scenario. I will provide one other hint... Once you have captured the Sultan's fortress, before you start building anything, immediatley send your remaining archers, firethrowers, swordsmen and slingers to man the dam, and the four lookout towers on it. Your horse archers will do for keep defense at the moment, just get them to patrol the outside untill you get time to purchase archers and more towers etc. The reason for this is that enemy invasions will start arriving from the signpost in that area. Dont leave it undefended, or you will find it hard to drive them back. Once you have defended that part of the map, you will find it easier to plot your seige methods against the enemy lords. Good luck! :)
File Author

it is a cede scenario which means you will be able to capture and gain controll over the first keep you conquer (which I advise you conquer the sultan). If you do this it is not impossible, as you can build up an army and castle. Although, once you conquer the sultan the other ai will start attacking you.

Read my above strategy if you are having trouble.

lollard97367 I drove up to Frys (Wilsonville) yesterday and bought the Stronghold Warchest, partly because you used the new AIs so well on this map. Hey, I make my maps hard too! Nothing wrong with it. Now that you have changed it, I will play it with engineers taking more of a role in the attacks. Thanks! I also will be rating the map pack, I havent forgot.

File Author
Thankyou lollard :)

The error was that the cede scenario didnt seem to like the constant conversion from single to multiplayer. When I loaded it on mine it worked fine, but a friend tried loading it and the sultans castle wouldnt cede to him (whoops :P). This version you get a castle at the start, however this only makes it harder, because the wazir and emir will send troops to attack you at the start. My previously mentioned tactic is still the best way, however with one addidtion... before you knock down the sultans barricade, move all your troops as close as possible to the barricade, then build your own barricade behind them, sealing them in. This will seal your lord in, thus removing the emir and wazir's desire to slay him. Then, knock down the sultan's barricade, and continue the tactic as normal :)

[Edited on 10/24/05 @ 05:21 AM]

peter2008 A technical hint, at first. The map may crash the game because of too much units. I took a save and played it in the Extreme version (the column with the Extreme capabilities won't appear).

So this is an exciting mission, and an advanced one for its time. Maybe this is the reason why it did not receive a review, then.
The author combined the map types of skirmish and invasion. He wanted to bring events to a skirmish map (as one can see in the editor). But the intended cede and other events are blocked by the skirmish type, unfortunately. In this case, the player would have taken over an AI castle. Phew, let it be the round installation of the Sultan.
What "remains" is still great stuff. You start in a labyrinth of a hollow-way. Looks like you want to conquer area below. First you have to eliminate the defenders there around.
Then a thin wall blocks you - and the AIs. With no target in reach, the AIs keep on training troops and will send out unsually large armies, laterm. (An effect I incidentally discovered when making "Apple War".) Here it is the Wolf who creates enormous armies.
You have to build up a new castle from scratch. No restrictions (which actually can be added to a skirmish). At the latest now one can see that the landscape was created with consideration. There are deposits enough in the backyard and some wood in a curve far enough from the outpost parties of the next AI. The hollow-ways host the market, hovels and good things. It was fun to create a round castle stuck with different buildings.
The last chapter will be the usual happy removing of the 3 other AIs in a semicircle.

[Edited on 05/20/13 @ 02:51 AM]

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