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Rush Town-Final version(with minimap :D)

Author File Description
Sir Steele
File Details
Map Size: 100x100 (Tiny)
Difficulty: Impossible
The huge city Varrock(you will know it if you play runescape) was sieged for more than 5 monthes.Even though that the resources were cut off, there are still some farms inside the castle to support the hungry peoples in the castle.
Sir, we had sieged over 5 monthes, soilders are running away from the battle because they think we're gonna lose! After a few more days more people are going to hate fighting, and they will all retreat! What do we do?!
Hmm... i think i'll have call reinforcements from the Al Kharid.
Few days passed, the reinforcements from Al Kharid has arrived: 6 assasins.
6 assasins???????? are they crazy???? how is 6 assasins going to help me??????????
Don't worry, Sir, we're special trained spies, we've already told one of the villager that has betrayed the city outside of the castle that we're going in tomorrow. We will assasinate the king and the city will be in chaos. Then your troops will be able to capture the castle.
Good, but you will have 1 year to finish your job, if 1 year has passed, we will retreat, so that means if one year has passed, you will be killed by the enemies.

================Story Ends===========================

In this game you will be at the right bottem of the map as you can see, and all you have is 6 assasins. there are houses in the city kind of like a maze.
There are swordsmen in the houses that are patrolling around, you must pass them. (because you're WAY out numbered) as you can see, around the center of the map, there is a gatehouse, there are flamethrowers and slinger on it, DO NOT GET CLOSE TO IT! also at left of the map there is a square tower with 5 arb archers on it. Even though that assasins arent very afraid of arrows, but still keep away! After passing the swordmens and buildings, you will be in the inner walls and you have to climb over then kill the king(the king can be killed by a assasin with yellow hp. no, really this time!) but look for where you "land" your assasins because there are 5 agressive swordmens inside the inner walls.

are your assasins wimps? nope! you've got 5 good things and they've got 5 bad things. "so what? what about it?" since that your assasins arnt wimps, you can kill some swordmens!
are those houses made of metal? NO! they're wooden buildings! you can destroy them!(but there are some ruins that can not be destroyed to block you)
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lollard97367 Looking good, will post review when completed.

Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
This is awesome work. If playability tries to measure how fun a map is, this one gets 100%. Its not long, but I dont think that a map has to be four hours long to be good. You have to move up the assassins. Thats all I have to say about that. There is a secret move that I figured out, where you can rush by a swordsman rather than fighting them. But the map is up there with the top "short play" maps of all time. I did download the first tester, but didnt look at it (busy on own project, coming soon!) and it didnt have a mini map so this was completly new for me.

Balance: 5
I'll just say that I didnt beat it on the first go. It took a "couple" of tries. Twice I had an assassin in or near the keep.

Creativity: 5
Simply genius. What a great idea with the six assassins, on a "hit". You really can get into the sneaking up and sliding over the walls, silently landing on the other side. A+ work.

Map Design: 5
I have to give it a five, because not only does it get the job done with the assassination story, but also looks good with the houses and good/bad things placement. The more dunking stools the better! Cant find anything wrong with the map. Download this right away and play it.

Story/Instructions: 4.5
Good write up on it. Good use of explanation and description. Took off a half to keep this out of the 5.0 listings, because its a hair shy of the best of the best on this site.

Additional Comments:
Good work on a nice short map to play for mass fun. Download it and rate it high because it deserves it.


[Edited on 10/25/05 @ 08:01 AM]

Sir Steele
File Author
O.o!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sure it deserves 4.9??? wow......... don't know what do say... thanks..i guess...
but there is a small thing i have to change to make it harder;
lose after 1 year

[Edited on 10/25/05 @ 03:48 PM]

Sir Steele
File Author
Oh yeah and people plz download "Death of the wolf" and "Robin Hood and his impossible mission" but "Robin Hood and his impossible mission" is a little bit hard, you'll have to save at every place and there are bugs like the "invinsible" firebalista
lollard97367 I can lower the rating, if you want. More like a 2.9? I can do that. I just thought it was original and fun, and if a map can challenge you enough to play it a "couple" of times its 4+ in my book.

Stratego Hi Sir Steele,

a very creative map; well, the rating 4.9 is a little bit excessive, imo.

I would say 4.4 sounds more realistic...;-)
lollard97367 hey stratego

Thanks for adding in that you think my rating is too high. I appreicate all feedback whether asked for or not. You havent submitted a map in a while. Whats the matter, eyes going bad because this is a 4.9 if you look at it! :)

Map Design5.0
Rush Town

There are many creative and innovative maps these days! Here’s another one by Sir Steele you ought to play immediately! In deed, it is possible to win this map where you’re facing an opponent being head and shoulders above you.
Your small and ridiculous heap of six assassins is forced to get over the walls and fight/find their way through a maze of streets and alleys of a huge town in order to kill the enemy lord within one game year. Nothing else to do here, though very challenging…!

If you don’t discover this single path to the hostile keep you’ll mercilessly lose. The fortified city, with partially damaged walls, is well guarded and several patrolling groups of swordsmen are complicating your advance. After 5 or 6 vain attempts I finally mastered this tricky task and 4 assassins succeeded in entering the central area of the keep.

As I mentioned before, this exceptional map once more represents a new milestone on the trail of creativity. Superb!

Map Design:
I have to point out a great detailed layout of an oriental town and very authentic! I love this sort of labyrinth, perfectly fit into the entire concept.

Sir Steele is telling us an imaginative, pithy and vivid story, however considering a few orthographic or spelling mistakes I have to mark the rating down a little bit.

“Rush Town” will hit you like a hammer, definitely!


Dpminatr I helped with these updates. I downloaded the 'demo' and found stuff to fix, like lord health. About to download.
Dpminatr Make a lose event for when your troops die.
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Map Design4.7
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