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Mulitplayer Practice

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File Details
Map Size: 200x200 (Small)
Number of Players: 1
Difficulty: Hard
This is a setup practice map, for training on producing a mass quantity of troops. I have used crossbowmen and pikemen, but the same principles apply to any units.
The "very hard" setting, I believe is actually impossible. You dont have enough room in the armories to collect all the goods in time, but if you can get to that point, your good. I have finished this my self on normal, so dont winge that its too hard!
This file can be found in the invasion section of the game.
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Map Design4.0
Shouldn't be rated as hard I beat it on Extra hard fisrt try.

map design was pretty well layed out should have placed a sign post some were ever if there was no invations just so you couldn't build on the entire map

Needs more enemy, I killed the swords men 1 year into the game with 2 xbows and a pikeman.

as if I'm saying this of all people but a little more work with the terrain, Oil in marsh mostly,

with bad things you can pump things out so fast that you can by and sell almost everything on the market.

balance, once the 2 swords men are dead its like a free build, no challenge just have to do it fast.

Story/instuctions, got my hopes up that I would have to play it lots to prove you wrong. then I did it on the first try

creativity a 5 because it was much more creavitly done for a MP game them my attempt.

good job
File Author
This is a practice map for those people who are not at your level yet. You could obviously do this map. You as good as I am, and better in production. Thats known. This map is created for people who have never, or have just started playing multiplayer games, and gets them used to the idea of producing alot in a small area, with the resouces given in a MP game. Sorry, but I feel your comments unjust. Again, this is not a replacement game, just training for one. The swordsmen are there so you dont just walk through everything. You actually have to repel or take over something. Its not ment to be a huge force, and its sure isnt an invasion.
derusett After reading the reply from wraith I stand true to my words that it should not be ranked as hard,

But this is a good senario for thouse of you that are trying to get starting in the MP world,

any problems I am more then willing to help contact information is in the forum under the Multiplayer section
Map Design4.0
I'm not a newbie... learned the bloody way on GameSpy.

Wraith has done a good job capturing the economic issues in this map. I played in on Extra Hard, came in with enough resources to win "Hard" with gold enough (had I had the room - only 8 amories not enough to hold it all!) to buy myself a victory. 3140 gold, 90 xbo, 100 pike, 110 leather, 100 armor.

Comments - weapons trading is often off in MP games, and the starting resources are at least "medium" as is in the map. You might want to edit the map and set starting gold 0 or 500, all weapons trading off, and starting resources as: 48 wood, 48 stone, 12 iron, 10 bread, 10 cheese, 10 meat, 10 fruit (that's "low" resources in an MP game - that would get you ready for GameSpy. Also, almost noone in their right mind would have this much weaponry actually sitting in their armory, you recruit troops as you go ;) so an alternative would be to shorten the game length and lower the output requirements. Basically, ramp up production in 5-10 minutes, the rest of the time is recruit/plan/defense/offense positioning.

It also seems you can buy all the iron you'll need -- I guess if you can run your taxes/food well enough to do that you're learning too!

If you want to learn how to deal with hoards of troops, play the campaign on very hard. Nothing like fighting catapults with archers and spearmen (yes, this happens in scenario 3 I think...)

I'd also think the "look and feel" of one of the standard mp maps would be nice. I've been trying to unlock the 8 player no walls map so I can try different econ layouts in freebuild.
I'm not going to rate this map as I don't think it's right to do so as my job is to check all the ratings. However, I thought there should be a review of this scenario from the sort of person it was aimed at - a virtual MP virgin.

Before playing this, I'd had 1 MP game & been completely massacred. Coming from a Citybuilding/Economic background I didn't understand about the need to build up an army really quickly, or much idea of how to do it.

Playability: It was very playable and, indeed, replayable. There was a lot of challenge and I really enjoyed it. I didn't bother to use the iron mines, just bought in iron and there are a lot of things like that that I could try differently on a replay.

Balance: I almost succeeded on my second try at normal. The first time I hadn't a clue what I was doing & realised quite soon that I wasn't possibly going to win. I thought a bit then gave it a second go. I was short of 1 pike & 200 gold. With a bit of organisation I could have won it, but it wouldn't have been easy. It was a learning process and kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I'm really looking forward to replaying it, but this time on hard.

Creativity: Judging the creativity on the purpose for which the map was made, it was excellent. There were enough resources and flat ground close to the keep to get everything going quickly.

Map Design: To be perfectly honest, I didn't have time to look at the map design, but nothing jarred or jumped out as being wrong.

Story/Instructions: Enough for the purpose of the scenario.

In conclusion, I would strongly recommend the map to anyone thinking of launching themselves in the MP environment. I still don't think I'm capable of winning yet, but I do have a much better idea of what I need to do to get better and a lot more confidence.

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Map Design4.0
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