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Atlantis - Fixed

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Impossible
--Fixed Information--

The invasions in the scenario were accidentally repeated once each month (whoops! :P) I have retested and completed the map it is now fully functional and quite hard to win.


Once the largest empire on the globe, Atlantis' power has now begun to wane. Will you capture Atlantis and retrieve the bounty it holds? If so, will you be able to fend off the Greeks, Egyptians and Persians who all seek its bounty too? To Atlantis!


Atlantis was the first and largest empire ever to exist. Atlantis was said to have been founded at the beggining of the world by the gods, who created the Atlanteans to live on the glorious island of Atlantis in peace and harmony. They built massive structures, and engineered many great works in order to appease the gods, while at the same time they cultivated a variety of crops, planted gardens and built temples, all in honour of the gods. However, as the city of Atlantis became larger the darker sides of humanity began to show, with sins such as murder and rape occuring. The gods, furious with the Atlanteans for these sinful acts, destroyed much of the city in fits of rage, with earthquakes seperating and dividing the outer parts of the city where the crimes were worst. These outer parts of Atlantis became the continents of the globe and the gods obliterated millions of the Atlanteans within these sectors of the city, with hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanoes spouting up all over them. The inner sectors of the city that were left, were once again lowered into the ocean killing millions of people that were on the lower parts of the city. The small inner city that remained was saved from destruction and torment by the gods. The gods told these Atlanteans that they were now the true Atlanteans and all other humans were below them. The gods commanded these Atlanteans to reclaim the waters around the island to build massive see walls and cultivate the rich soils that lay beneath. For many centuries the Atlanteans were blessed with prosperity and wellbeing by the gods. The Atlanteans became a highly civilised society, with advanced thinking and engineering as two of the main traits. Eventually the gods looked back on the struggling humans outside Atlantis, and commanded the Atlanteans to build many ships and train many more troops, to sail to the outer lands and conquer them, and teach them the ways of Atlantis. The Atlanteans did as they were commanded, and quickly conquered much of the globe. Thus the empire of Atlantis was born, and for many centuries ruled over the vast lands of the outer world. Some parts developed more quickly then others under the rule of the Atlanteans. The Atlanteans also created a number of smaller empires in honour of the empire of Atlantis. These early empires, included Egypt, Greece, Persia and China. After many centuries of ruling their vast empire, the Atlanteans lost interest in the empire, and returned to Atlantis to live in peace and their highly civilised lifestyle. Not long after the Atlanteans left the world to return to the god-favoured city of Atlantis. The empires of Greece, Egypt, and Persia, all began to hunger for the power that Atlantis once held over them. The waning power of Atlantis was seen as an opportunity to capture it by these new and energetic empires. None of the young empires trusted one another and began developing armies as quickly as possible, and set sail for Atlantis. A young commander of a lesser and newer empire of Byzantine, was first to set sail with his troops for Atlantis. He would soon be followed by the greater empires of the world outside Atlantis, so he would need to first capture Atlantis, then reengage the mighty economic heart of Atlantis and quickly train an army for defence. Even though trouble awaited them, the commander and his men could not help but dream of the glory and power of Atlantis. Atlantis awaits!


1. Capture atlantis, by killing all Atlantean troops.
2. Restart the economy, and quickly train an army for defence.
3. You will need to push back all invasions by the other empires (Greece, Egypt, Persia).
4. You will need to acquire 250000 gold, 800 bread, and 800 stone, to achieve final victory.

--Other info--

If you find any glitches/errors with the map that are obviously unintentional, please tell me and I will fix it right away. I have spent a long time on this map and would really, REALLY appreciate feedback :)


AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
lollard97367 Im working on this map right now. I killed the occupying lord, but the city doesnt "cede" or transfer to me. If this basic problem is fixed then it would ROCK! If I'm missing something obvious, please post the solution. But I am pretty sure its just kill the enemy lord in order to get possession of the city.

File Author
Hi Lollard :)

It's not just the enemy lord you need to kill, but all of the Atlantean soldiers aswell :P

Anyway, if you still have trouble or any bugs to report I would appreciate the feedback ;)

If you get time, could you please re-try this map, and rate it? I would appreciate the feedback.

(ps. I downloaded and played your latest map a few days ago, the loch ness one, and will be reviewing it soon).



--added to comment--

oh, forgot to mention.. can you download the map again? because I have fixed an error, that is outlined above the introduction, thx skaarj

[Edited on 10/29/05 @ 07:06 PM]

lollard97367 Im playing this now and rating it when finished.


[Edited on 10/30/05 @ 04:53 AM]

Map Design4.5
Playability: 4
Once we got this to work and I finally got the final changed version, I played it and took over the city of Atlantis. It was a hard fight. The starting troops seemed more than enough at the beginning of the take over. But the fights for the towers can be daunting if you dont use assassins. So my last assassin (the one stuck by the maceman by the keep) ran up and killed the last two slingers. Once you take over the city, the economy is totally flat. This is tricky to get started, because you are attacked soon after. The housing is for 200+ and you need available troops as well. This didnt help my weak position, and I tried to get some archers together and rally. But the enemy assassins were already running around the city. I had my 25 engineers from the starting troops and started to build fire ballistas, BUT TO NO AVAIL. The lord was killed, period.

Balance: 2
I looked at the set up screen for the invasions. You have them set at 100 armored knights and then 200 armored knights about a year later. The last one is 500. I know that the economy is huge and builds up reserves of everything, but this is comical. I sometimes like maps that have gigantic scale fights. Sometimes its too much, too little, too late. Just didnt seem to have a half way decent chance of raising a army. The resources are worked quite well, despite the fact that they are behind many layers of lowered wall. So you end up selling everything for huge amounts of gold; reaching the gold goal assumedly would be very easy even though its set at the maximum of 25,000. Again, I didnt have a chance to try this because I was killed early on.

Creativity: 3.5
I knocked off because I see a reoccuring pattern of the geometric fantasy castle. Fantastic on eyecandy, extreme detail, and function - but thats map design. The theme of Atlantis bumped this up from lower.

Map Design: 4.5
Stunning castle with intricate walkway use. The castle itself is easily a five with its artistic form alone. But I had a hard time seeing all the action, because of the sheer mass of walls and towers so I took off a half. The detail and design work easily out-performs the originality or invasion balance.

Story/Instructions: 4.5
I gave you alot here, because the story is lengthy and solidily worded, but comes across with a impractical storyline. Taking over the city of Atlantis with those troops would be a feat INDEED! I dont think you could do it! Even if the city even existed...which I doubt. I knew a guy who believed in Atlantis and talked about it all the time. He would go on and on about how Atlantis was going to rise up and come back nowadays and become a global power again. He used Atlantian technology in his delusional stories, I guess they had some kinds of high tech gadgets. Most importantly was the decline of the race as it sank below the waves. Good all around work on the story.

Additional Comments:
Download this for the sheer architecture of the almost symetrical designed fantasy castle. Its a little staggering in its size, but all around astounding. The take over fight would have been enough here I think.


[Edited on 10/30/05 @ 07:41 AM]

File Author
Thanks for the review. I see your point about the invasions being too large, however I did manage to win the game, after 10 or 11 tries. Remember, it is listed as impossible. In order to survive the first invasion, you will need to have as many archers and crossbowmen, as well as a few assasins and swordsmen left over. This is part of the challenge. It takes time to reorder a city after a battle, this is why I made it hard for you to train troops (note: you can still build them 1 at a time, because there is a few seconds of delay before the peasant gets assigned a job). My tactic for fending off the invasions was to send the remaining troops to man the 3 lookout towers near the northern stone stockade. Its also a good idea to send a few assasins to lie in wait for the army to appear in order to kill the archers who appear before they can attack back. If your crossbowmen and archers are all positioned in the lookout towers there is no way you can lose to this first invasion. As soon as the invasion is over sell all the stone, sell some wood but leave about 150-200 for your weapons manufacturers. When pitch comes in sell it. And sell any excess Iron that comes in but leave at least 10-20 for your weapons manufacturers. When food and wine come in raise taxes to the maximum you can without lowering popularity, and adjust when the plague comes (but dont forget to reajust afterwards). If you get a moment place ballista on the towers closest to the entrance but this is not a priority. You will have a fully functioning economy by the time of the next attack, and before it comes use your money (you should have a fair bit from selling the stone) to train as many arabian bows, assasins, and swordsmen as you can afford in equal amounts and send them to the lookout tower just north of the stone stockpile. When weapons come in purchase all the different types of crusader troops that you can, and place them on your keep. During the next couple of invasions and in the short break in between you should build between 100-200 arabian swordsmen, arabian bows, and assasins and send them all to that same lookout tower. Dont forget to keep selling all types of rescourses when in excess. Afer jam packing this area so that you feel reasonably safe. Train another 100-200 troops and distribute them among the lookout towers just north of your keep, and the towers on the "bridge" to the north of that, and on the dam towers with water flowing out of them to the north of that. Keep building troops both crusader for the keep, and arabian for all areas to the north of the keep, you can even build firethrowers, tunnelers (they act as fairly cheap but usefull defense) and slingers. Replenish the northern lookout tower whenever it is cleared of troops (and it will be). And replace any destroyed buildings, and repair towers. If you keep selling rescources, training troops, and defending vital positions you should have at least 350-400 or more troops by the time of the final attack. I did. These troops will be more then enough to counter the final massive attack of 500 if youve been playing your cards right so far, and after this attack you can relax and build up your gold, bread, and stone reserves to achieve victory. By the way, its 250,000 not 25,000 gold ;)

If you still cant win then im not sure how else to help you, but dont worry because this is a very challenging map and I designed it that way on purpose.



[Edited on 10/30/05 @ 07:58 AM]

lollard97367 Have you tried to beat the "1121-Lord of Ludlow" map that is Sparrow's new extreme challenge. Very Hard difficulty. Check it out on the main page. I almost beat that. Still stuck on the last huge invasion. Im thinking this would be like that, frustratingly hard and you better have it saved in a good spot.

File Author
I just finished trying then... WHOAH thats hard! :) I didnt win, and ill probably try it again tommorow. Thanks for the reference, it was fun to play :)

(ps. I forgot to save :( whoops! ill have to start again)


[Edited on 11/01/05 @ 07:03 AM]

Lord Rushton
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
It was good

Balance: 4.5
fai amount of troops

Creativity: 5
I looked at the layers and thought wow!

Map Design: 5
It was cool on how many layes of water there was

Story/Instructions: 4.5
It was fun

Additional Comments:
The Dragonheart This map was too easy for me. The city intimidated me and when I looked at my army, I thought there was no way to win. But I got through the first part and found that I had lost no troops at all. Then I went around killing all the enemy and then the lord.

[Edited on 02/21/07 @ 01:47 AM]

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