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Battle of Sellwood Bridge

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Map Size: 200x200 (Small)
Difficulty: Hard
Battle of Sellwood Bridge

I wanted to make a bridge map.

In the early medieval period it was the lords job to keep his peasants taxed, but he was also in turn taxed by his own lord. Usually the king or emperor of the land took a flat 20% of a lesser noble rulers income. Because taxes were never completely paid in cold hard gold coin, the lesser lords would sometimes send labor, cattle, crops, or other soft goods as part or all of the payment each tax period. Sometimes the king or emperor demanded extra payment in times of celebration, war, famine, ect. You are one of the lesser lords of the kingdom. Because of your lower title (Baron), you are required to pay the king an annual duty. This year he wants extra of course!

"We are in the middle of a war zone, my liege.", said the captain of the guard. He peered over the bay to the hills on the other side. Large fires were burning on the far side, and the sky was black with smoke. Indeed there was fighting over the hills, the fires were probably the next town burning. The war was now amongst them, and raiding bands attacked day or night. Sometimes they are organized armies who try to occupy the bridge, sometimes its only a small group of attackers that will just harass and then depart. All need to be repelled! Because not only are you in charge of protecting the bridge (its in your barony), but also the king wants 30 extra hops (win requirement) paid. Because of the war, you are given to fighting more than growing, but the king wants his special brew and no one will question a direct order from the king. So, you must grow these extra hops on the far side of the bridge by the hills. This area is also where the battles for the bridge are taking place. Hairy Primate (hops grower) has summed it up nicely, "You cant hide from all the arrows, sire." Protect the farms, hold the bridge, and stay alive are the simple but challenging goals here.

Rate this map. Keep in mind the bridge work. It still functions if you delete a chunk out of the center. The enemy can still move through the bridge (they have to destroy the whole thing to do it however). Running across the top of it is the easiest and quickest. The baron's home w/ working village is on the other side. Check out the earthen ramparts with wood "spikes" on the tops. Have fun with it. Normal is challenging to a good player. Comments welcome.


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Captain Diablo
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
An excellent first attempt! Although your an expert at mapmaking this IS your first SH1 map, Lollard, and you did a great job! This map is easily playable, the player must get a number of Hops to win, It's not Hard, but not exactly Easy either. The first time they destroyed the stairs leading down to the main castle area, I thought they couldn't get down, until I saw that they had a NATURAL passage too! I don't know why I was surprised, but, well.

Balance: 5
As long as you can keep up with weapons production, you can keep the game pretty balanced, I loved the part The Rat played his first message, seemed like a joke, but it wasn't. Perfect balancing.

Creativity: 4
Hmm, I've seen a lot of bridge maps, I even submitted one way back when. But this map takes the cake. A nice wooden bridge, with a few defenders on it. But the main defense was the wall within the mountain thing, that was cool. The map itself, the way it looked, it was very nice, it adds to the creativity, also if you lose your barracks you can't build another one. Nice.

Map Design: 5
Ahhh, I'm a sucker for good castle design. The castle was well done, looked like it fit and was built, according to nature's path. Very stunning. The landscape is also very pretty and natural looking.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story was short, but it served it's simple purpose quite well. Ehh, nothing much more to say about that.

Edit: Oops, I was only looking at the map description page. This story was excellent, it had a bit of humor, wit, and served it's purpose well.

Additional Comments: Lollard, not only did you submit a great map, but you gave me an idea for my own map, but I'm not sure it'll work. It all depends if the Lord HAS to die in order to lose. Thank you. Great work!

[Edited on 11/03/05 @ 06:41 PM]

File Author
Captain D, dont be taking all the good ideas! I was just thinking today of a lord killed win condition map. But, I'll let you take that one, LOL! If you want help on the planning part, say so on here in a comment. Thanks for the review. Getting a good rating from you means alot, since you are conservative with the points you give out. Thanks again.

Captain Diablo Oi, pulled an all nighter working on my map. And you know what? It doesn't work for the losing condition. Yes, I need your help Lollard, it is greatly appreciated!

(I'm conservative? Haha...)
File Author
I dont think you and I are on the same page as far as the lord killed event idea. I was thinking of making a map where you want your king to be killed, as in he is in a unclimbable pit, and missles (oil) can be thrown in by your own troops. When the lord is killed (you by killing your own king with fire and mangonel) that would be the events "edit condition (lord killed)" and then the Action would be "Win". The lord would not be able to escape (or could and be on the run back home). The men that you would control would have to kill their own lord, therefore winning the game. If the lord somehow got back to the castle because he was not killed in the ambush, there would be archers and or ground troops that would make the botched assassination attempt be 10 times harder. How does that sound? And, what exactly are you trying to put in the conditons on your map?


[Edited on 11/04/05 @ 06:17 AM]

File Author
I quickly drew up a map called Lord Killed Win Condition Map and I just posted it. It is a test map only, but I put it in invasions and I hope people dont think its a real final draft map. Its not a final draft, I made it in 5 mins. But it shows how the kill the king to win idea can be developed. I added the enemy swordsmen to make the test end with at least a little challenge. After the king dies, Im still testing that part so write what you think...


[Edited on 11/04/05 @ 06:52 AM]

Captain Diablo Ahhh I'll do that. I was thinking about a map that didn't require the enemy to kill your Lord to lose, instead you would set a condition for a certain amount of your troops to be killed, then lose. But it never let me do that.

I got the idea when I had accidently deleted part of the bridge in this map, the troops had no way to get back, and reinforcements couldn't help them very efficently. So, pretend the Hops could be woven into a boat, to rescue the people on the other side of the river, then pretend if all of the people died, then you would lose, without the Lord getting killed.

Right now I've modified it so the Lord will be killed, and still let the map look nice.

Would you like to playtest it?
File Author
Thats fine, I will play it today. Send it over to or post it on here.

File Author
I have found that if you want to destroy the bridge completely by using the delete tool, you zoom out to the wide angle far view of the map. Experiementing with the rotate view also takes time here, getting the right angle for deleting it takes trial and effort. Then using the delete tool, start deleting by the end of the bridge first- deleting one section at a time. You will see it delete cleanly, with no left over parts of each section. Once you can delete the sections with out leaving the residual pieces, the troops can walk the complete length of the foundation. The chance that the bridge will become blocked like you describe because of computer error is high (one residual tower mess up will block the whole thing), but with practice and the delete tool used in the above manner - worked once for me to destroy the whole bridge and still be able to get by. Free advice, dont mess with success; leave the bridge alone. Why would you want to delete my masterpiece?


[Edited on 11/04/05 @ 05:04 PM]

Captain Diablo Hey, I did it by accident! :)

Thank you for playtesting my map! I'll send it over right away! Thanks!
File Author
Cap D

I recieved your map in the email. I will be playing it. I moved to a new house and the cable isnt turned on yet. Monday between 2-4 the cable guy is supposed to be there. Until then I will only be able to post comments from the work computer. See you all from the new house and new connection!

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