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Battle of Sellwood Bridge

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Map Size: 200x200 (Small)
Difficulty: Hard
Battle of Sellwood Bridge

I wanted to make a bridge map.

In the early medieval period it was the lords job to keep his peasants taxed, but he was also in turn taxed by his own lord. Usually the king or emperor of the land took a flat 20% of a lesser noble rulers income. Because taxes were never completely paid in cold hard gold coin, the lesser lords would sometimes send labor, cattle, crops, or other soft goods as part or all of the payment each tax period. Sometimes the king or emperor demanded extra payment in times of celebration, war, famine, ect. You are one of the lesser lords of the kingdom. Because of your lower title (Baron), you are required to pay the king an annual duty. This year he wants extra of course!

"We are in the middle of a war zone, my liege.", said the captain of the guard. He peered over the bay to the hills on the other side. Large fires were burning on the far side, and the sky was black with smoke. Indeed there was fighting over the hills, the fires were probably the next town burning. The war was now amongst them, and raiding bands attacked day or night. Sometimes they are organized armies who try to occupy the bridge, sometimes its only a small group of attackers that will just harass and then depart. All need to be repelled! Because not only are you in charge of protecting the bridge (its in your barony), but also the king wants 30 extra hops (win requirement) paid. Because of the war, you are given to fighting more than growing, but the king wants his special brew and no one will question a direct order from the king. So, you must grow these extra hops on the far side of the bridge by the hills. This area is also where the battles for the bridge are taking place. Hairy Primate (hops grower) has summed it up nicely, "You cant hide from all the arrows, sire." Protect the farms, hold the bridge, and stay alive are the simple but challenging goals here.

Rate this map. Keep in mind the bridge work. It still functions if you delete a chunk out of the center. The enemy can still move through the bridge (they have to destroy the whole thing to do it however). Running across the top of it is the easiest and quickest. The baron's home w/ working village is on the other side. Check out the earthen ramparts with wood "spikes" on the tops. Have fun with it. Normal is challenging to a good player. Comments welcome.


AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
Fairly fun to play. Runs well. However it might be better to give the player more tasks then just modify weapons production, train troops, place killing pits, and replace hops farms. Though the great scenery adds to the playability in my opinion.

Balance: 5
Well balanced. On easy its easy, on hard its hard, etc. This has obviously been playtested (or just well done!) :). Nice work!

Creativity: 5
Very nice idea, I love these sort of maps where its not just a massive seige with the player defending or attacking en masse, with little time or need to take in much of the map itself. Good work!

Map Design: 5
I loved the blended and realistic scenery. This map is a perfect example of the map design tips in the mapmaking 101 article you wrote titled "Simple vs Complex." I actually spent about 15-20 minutes just taking in and marvelling in the beautiful realism and naturalistic appeal of the map, when i noticed a defeated banner displayed on my screen! haha :). The bridge is not the only fantastic feature of this map! The map contains so many minor details that contribute to the whole naturalistic appeal. Fantastic!

Story/Instructions: 5
Perfect lead in to the map. The story set the theme for the map perfectly, which is exactly what its supposed to do. Thus, a perfect score for this section :).

Additional Comments:
A highly recommended download! Not only is it fun to play, but it is also a great map to analyse and learn from for making your own maps. This map is designed on a proffesional level. Lollard yet again shows us that maps dont have to be jam packed with random flashy features (which can often detract from maps btw) in order to be brilliant. Lollards "Simple vs Complex" article in mapmaking 101 gives a better outline of this then I can explain here, and its coming from an experienced map maker :) a good companion read for this map, or any other of Lollard's maps. Thanks for the great map, I really enjoyed it :).

Captain Diablo
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
An excellent first attempt! Although your an expert at mapmaking this IS your first SH1 map, Lollard, and you did a great job! This map is easily playable, the player must get a number of Hops to win, It's not Hard, but not exactly Easy either. The first time they destroyed the stairs leading down to the main castle area, I thought they couldn't get down, until I saw that they had a NATURAL passage too! I don't know why I was surprised, but, well.

Balance: 5
As long as you can keep up with weapons production, you can keep the game pretty balanced, I loved the part The Rat played his first message, seemed like a joke, but it wasn't. Perfect balancing.

Creativity: 4
Hmm, I've seen a lot of bridge maps, I even submitted one way back when. But this map takes the cake. A nice wooden bridge, with a few defenders on it. But the main defense was the wall within the mountain thing, that was cool. The map itself, the way it looked, it was very nice, it adds to the creativity, also if you lose your barracks you can't build another one. Nice.

Map Design: 5
Ahhh, I'm a sucker for good castle design. The castle was well done, looked like it fit and was built, according to nature's path. Very stunning. The landscape is also very pretty and natural looking.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story was short, but it served it's simple purpose quite well. Ehh, nothing much more to say about that.

Edit: Oops, I was only looking at the map description page. This story was excellent, it had a bit of humor, wit, and served it's purpose well.

Additional Comments: Lollard, not only did you submit a great map, but you gave me an idea for my own map, but I'm not sure it'll work. It all depends if the Lord HAS to die in order to lose. Thank you. Great work!

[Edited on 11/03/05 @ 06:41 PM]

Jasper Tudor
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
Works fine. very tight invasions.

Balance: 4
Here the map actually lacks a bit, if you play it teh hard way it's a 5, but since you can just the destroy parts of the bridge (making the enemy AI not work), the barracks and some other farms and replace them with hops and continue production in safety I've given it a 4.

Creativity: 4
Rather creative with having to hold a single structure, although it has been done before.

Map Design: 4
Looks all natural and there is some good work with the low-walls.

Story/Instructions: 4
Nothing special to say about them, above average though.

Map Design3.0
Before going on i feel its a good time to say i'm going to try and review more. This map has a few flaws which are not evident given the maps rating. This isn't a witch hunt, just an opinion. There is no justice in having a friend give a high review. It harms both the designer in the sence that there is no comments to state what needs to be improved and it also hurts the downloader. Here is a few helpful words which i hope don't get taken the wrong way

Playability: 3
Very simple and although blunt, im afraid i found it a little boring. Basically no buildins available means you sit in front of the computer for 20 years watching most of the time. All i had to do was place the odd hop farm and let time to the rest, a 2 would have been adequet but lets no be too mean.

Balance: 3
Another problem here is the lack of tacctics that are needed in order to complete this little map. Simply making a couple archers and placing them on the cliff near the bridge keeps you 100% safe the whole way through.

Creativity: 4
Not really creative, nothing new but the disguise of the saxon hall is good as is the little squashy town, enough to ensure a 3.5 but a 4 is deserved.

Map Design: 3
Nothing much here, ocean takes a large part of the map making places to build nearly impossible, basically concerntrated on the bridge which is good but could be improved a 3 here because its little size leaves nothing else to be said

Story/Instructions: 3
Very short but to the point, once again i contemplated on giving a 2 but hey i don't want to be evil. :)

Additional Comments:
We have spoken to NAT and i have given a good review. If i have backup to my claims there should be no further discussion. All up a rather weak map which could be improved if made on a larger scale. well done,

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