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The Rain The mud

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
The snake and the wolf have returned to take back the homeland and destroy your castle and kill you...

This is my forth fith and sixth map iv'e created a would like a rating on it please and i hope you injoy it!

p.s i added two maps to the file 2 days after i put the three maps on. The two new maps are of the same series and i up dated the first map.
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Captain Diablo How can it be your fourth fifth and you sixth map?
EvilerCheese Look at the size Captain Diablo, 1.78MB probably means that there are three maps in the zip, not just one.
lollard97367 The story is included in the write up on each map. I'm impressed by these maps, and I'm going to write up a review on each (theres three) and then do a complete rating at the end of the individual ratings for the whole file. Here goes...

The Rain and The mud (1st map included in the trilogy)

Playability: 5
This map is a huge invasion map and its awesome! I played it on normal and didnt complete it, but came really, really close at the end. It was a classic keep "last stand". I found the oil pits and spikes pits were grouped conviently (I bought oil and added more) You are falling back to the keep eventually because of the numbers of attackers. The author didnt make an understatement, when he describes the approaching army as the "biggest force known to man". Its true. The numbers are insane, and playing this on hard or very hard would be hilarious. But on normal its a all out war, with the defenders grimly holding on. I ended up with about 58 archers wandering the walls and picking off a knight or pikeman when they got too close on the walls. Then I sat by a brazier and went to town on the oil. Fantastic play!

Balance: 4
On normal the balance is enough to keep me on my toes throughout the game, and with a final huge battle with fire being critical. If you dont use fire you will have a unhappy expierence.

Creativity: 4
Im giving this a four because it is a basic invasion and defend map. Its a garden variety invasion - that only takes away a fraction from the design work and playabilty (see below about design). The way the attacks flow through the castle, with blind draws and open fields of fire for the archers are well thought out.

Map Design: 5
This is five because of the practical and effective design of the castle. A map that is functional with dynamic design, increasing the effectiveness of the defense. The castle walls are the key to the defense. I almost beat this map the first time I played it, and I am going to play it again.

Story/Instructions: 3
Good story in the write up part of the set up screen. But the map details page is lacking, and really doesnt do these three works of art justice. People should download this posthaste.

Additional Comments
Mesmerizing in scope and battles. If the other two maps are this entertaining then I will not be disappointed.


The Rain The mud 2

Playability: 4
I played this on normal difficulty and it was a good challenge. At first, the invasions are not too daring and are easily repelled. Your troops start in tight line formation and in the beginning these starting positions are great for beating back archers and spearmen. Soon its macemen and crossbowmen, and finally ending with waves and waves of archers and armored troops. As the strength of the attacks increase, you are required to move up your reinforcements and use missile fire to cover your infantry. Very fun to play, and it deserves a 4.

Balance: 4
Keeping in mind the invasions are the only really determiner on balance here, I gave this a 4. This kind of map (that is really only one big fight) can easily be out of balance because the number and strength of the attacks. This map is well balanced this way, and the attacks grow in strength and intensity and make this a totally gripping map. I like the mix of troops, but I'm taking off because the archers at the end seem to be in the multiples of hundreds. I used a group of pikemen to flank and attack from behind and even then 40 pikemen were worn down to ZERO down by the numbers.

Creativity: 4
Again good enough for a 4. I have thought of doing a map like this myself and have practice maps of the troop formations. Its pretty tough to pull it all off, and takes a lot of creative thinking - more than just lining up the troops. Good use of messages. Good job

Map Design: 3
This is because the keep is on the map, but there no way to feed the population or build anything because the availability of all buildings is shut off. This causes the popularity to see saw up and down, while your peasants starve off and then bounce back. This probably would work better without a keep.

Story/Instructions: 2
Really short story here, that shows a lack of effort. These maps could have been developed individually and probably got higher ratings by themselves with a little more work.

Additional Comments
This is a map that uses troop placement effectively to simulate a great battle with lots of attackers. Its fun, and if you move your troops around a little bit, you will come out with a victory on normal. I found by selectively using the 'aggressive' and 'defensive' settings, you could really make the troops work together. Good!


The Rain the mud 3

Playability: 4
First-rate play on this one. You have to delete the walls and killing pits to build up a defensible hold out. You have plenty of time to get the resource goals, which are stone and wood so its not terribly hard to see the author's intent here. Nicely done. I like the map because it uses the original castle from The rain the mud 1, which I enjoyed defending the first time.

Balance: 3
The invasions are challenging at first, but after you get a tower up and construct an archery kill zone its easy. You could have blended less invasions (but tougher). The stone is easily gained many times over with the ruins of the castle to delete. This seems to easy, and I have to give this a 3.

Creativity: 3
Its a saved map, flipped into a map file. Good use of game mechanics, but I feel its stretching it a little thin on the original castle idea. Get some other ideas from websites, books, old maps, ect. You have talent, develop it!

Map Design: 3
I like the scavenging feel to the map, where you need to look around and click on each part of ruins to get the wood and stone together. Again the castle is fundamentally sound, and this makes defending it naturally easy. But it turns out that too much of the generous walls in the beginning are left and its just a matter of running the delete tool along the walls. Why tear down such a masterpiece?

Story/Instructions: 4
This story is about the same as the others, except you get a bonus +1 because the trilogy series runs together. I think everyone should make their own 'star wars' or 'hobbit'. Nicely done on all these maps, and you should continue to develop your writing and cartography skills.

Additional Comments
These maps are a 3 for 1 special. For only one download, you get 3 terrific maps to play. The third one of the series does not disappoint, which happens in the groupings of three sometimes on here.



[Edited on 11/08/05 @ 03:18 AM]

File Author
I may make two more maps to add to the pack and storie!
File Author
UMMM..... so when are you going to do this review?
lollard97367 I moved to a new house. Cable just got connected. Will be rating this, I've played all three and I have to say its going to be a high rating.

lollard97367 I will download the new version update later and maybe add a couple of points if I feel like it. This rating is for the first three maps only.

Playability: 4
With the last two lowering the 5 I gave the first one.
map 1: 5
map 2: 4
map 3: 4

Balance: 4
Maps are excellently balanced with the last one being a little too easy after buildup.
map 1: 4
map 2: 4
map 3: 3

Creativity: 4
Good invasion maps that have plenty of action. See comment for details on creativity for map 3.
map 1: 4
map 2: 4
map 3: 3

Map Design: 3
This dropped down to 3 because the last two maps had some flaws which I took off for (see comment for description).
map 1: 5
map 2: 3
map 3: 3

Story/Instructions: 3
I gave this extra because the stories run together well which is unique.
map 1: 3
map 2: 2
map 3: 4

Additional Comments:
Want three well designed maps to play and check out? Download these gems.


[Edited on 11/07/05 @ 10:53 PM]

Dougleass for some unapparent reason, i win after one minute or so in the first map. And i gotta say that the map design is really poor on all of them in my opinion. I won't really rate them, just wanted to stat that there's atleast two things you should work on...
Geoff The Archer Im 'the rain in the mud 4 the game dosen't work. you need to build a granery but the building is unavalable.

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