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Jasper Tudor
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Normal
One of my first siege maps. Story is in the .map file.

And a few disclaimers:

I know I made the map way too big, and I've tried to downsize it, but then parts of the castle dissapears. As a result I had alot of landscape needing to be "landscaped", so the landscape is rather hastily done (and doesn't really look like that in reality).
Also had a problem in the game, since it suddenly refused to type small "ö"-s.

12/11 - 05: Updated the map aswell as the minimap. Now the attacker will be forced to use the original defences of the castle to get to the keep. Although it's only playtested as defender (and is not intended to be played as attacker, and actually never was). Some of the "blockades" preventing the attacker from destroying the squaretowers look a little wierd, but they are, IMO, necessary.
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lollard97367 This looks great, I will download and play it tonight. 2.8? We will see about that.

lollard97367 Playability: 5
First I'll post my score:
Playing Level = 5000
Troops Lost 39% = 6100
Score = 11,100

And then begin the review. The map is a great one, up there in the top ten in playability. You can use the attackers in one big rushing attack, this gets you in the keep with little trouble on normal. The playability is a five because you had me glued to the screen for the full 5 minutes it took me to kill the king. This map will keep a players intrest throughout the map's short time span. Good job on keeping it simple and fun. Hard and Very Hard settings recommended for anyone over noob level.

Balance: 4
The balance of the number of macemen vs. pikemen vs. archers for the attacking force is good. The engineers build battering rams when you play it on defend so watch out. Since the map is very easy on normal when attacking, I took off a point. I like the size balance of the map, even though you say you made it too big, I think its correctly sized.

Creativity: 4
This takes a real castle and makes it somewhat 'alive'. The only problem is that in the picture it doesnt have a moat. Also the walls dont seem 2-3 layers deep in the picture either. Both of these 'embellishments' make this a completely different castle in my opinion. I think the author took a few liberties when eyeballing the walls too. But this accurately sets the scene with a real-life battle in a real castle, so I'm adding one from the original 3 I was going to give this.

Map Design: 4
Honestly the castle looks like its a first time author (noob) submission. But thats not all the creators fault, either. The castle looks blocky in the given picture, and by transposing it to the map format, the visual effect looks barren and blocky. The outer walls have sharp angle for missle fire but they arent used in defense because the moat funnels everyone to the front gatehouse. But its fun to defend and attack, so I gave this a 4. The inner tower closest to the gatehouse was my entry point. I think its fun to try and get the attackers to follow the actual defense lines of these old castles.

Story/Instructions: 4
Author uses historical references in context. The battle is an actual battle, I assumed. The brothers attacking in 1318? I think this deserves a 4 story.

Additional Comments:
Good map. Keep on sending them in, and dont give up no matter what other people might say (or not say) on ratings. I'm also giving this the Lollard 'Thumbs Up' rating.


[Edited on 11/11/05 @ 04:27 AM]

Dougleass wow, a swedish castle. Du är väl också från Sverige antar jag?

I'll download it since atleast Lollard gave it good ratings, and it looks good.
Jasper Tudor
File Author
Yes, I'm Swedish. And there actually was a moat in front of the castle, but It's not visible in the reconstructional painting.
I made the inner walls thicker, since my first intend was to make the inenr walls slightly higher than the outer ones (as they actually were) but that way the enemy had a hard time breaching the inner wall (since it would have been indestrucatble).
Thank's for the review Lollard.

[Edited on 11/11/05 @ 09:20 AM]

Dougleass Playability: 3
There was stuff to do, but i won the first time, and also with 'hard'. It maybe could be more harder. And they also attacked the wall that directly led to the castle, instead of taking that other way, through the gates. It looked kinda bad.

Balance: 3
First i thought i'd be totally screwed. But then i won with 5 swordsmen left. I'm not really sure if it was a good balance or not lol. As i said i won on hard the first try. So i'll give it a 3.

Creativity: 3
I think its quite creative to make a real castle. And especially if it's done good, but it could be alot better. The castle was quite empty...

Map Design: 4
First i was not sure if it was good. But since it is a quite low land area, it doesn't have to have hills and stones everywere etc. And then i noticed the goodlooking stone piles beneath the trees which was a boost. And the river is good. So it's a 4.

Story/Instructions: 4
Explains enough. Could be more though.

Additional Comments:
A very good first siege map. I hope to see more of you in the future.

[Edited on 11/11/05 @ 02:49 PM]

Jasper Tudor
File Author
For some reason the minimap doesn't seem to update. Hope the .zip-file is updated though.
Dougleass pointed out that the castle is quite empty, that is simply because I don't wan't the enemy to spend too much time destroying the outlying defences instead of going for the keep. In the new version almost all walls have been made indestructable. And while creating the castle I followed the original ground plan, and made it quite precisely as it was.

[Edited on 11/12/05 @ 10:01 AM]

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