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Kalmar Castle

Author File Description
Jasper Tudor
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Normal

I, have been assigned by the commander of the castle to ensure that we have enough food to withstand a siege. This is not how I figured that my service at Kalmar should become.
Only yesterday we heard the news that a large Danish army is marching towards us, and I fear that the castle is not strong enough to withstand a siege. Many years of civil war and bloodshed has weakened this country, and now, but a 100 years after the Kalmar-union we now face those who should be our allies as our enemies. So much for the union.
Should I survive, I wish to return home, and live the rest of my life in peace, marry, and have children of my own. I should never have come here.

Sven Mattson, garrison of Kalmar castle.


I will not live for much longer I fear. Today we sighted the city walls of Kalmar, and tomorrow the attack will take place. I don’t doubt that we can take the city walls, but I don’t think we will be able to conquer the castle itself. It has stood there for hundreds of years, and has not fallen this far, so why now?
Some other men deserted yesterday, this morning they were returned to the camp, and were executed. I’m lucky I didn’t take the chance.
I wish I could just go home, without my own countrymen killing me, because what we are now fighting for is wrong. We fight to keep the union stabile, but to keep it united, we fight within the union itself.
I wish I could just go home…

Jens Hansen, sergeant in the Danish army.


Kalmar castle was, as many other Swedish castles, founded in the late 12th century by king Knut Eriksson. The original castle consisted of a single round tower on a small island, protecting the city of Kalmar.
Later, in the 1280-s king Magnus Ladulås expanded the castle, and remodelled into a great medieval castle, perhaps the strongest in Sweden at that time, almost comparable to the great fortresses at the continent. But although the castle was strong, it saw little action for a long while.
The clearly most famous event to take place at Kalmar castle is the Kalmar-union in 1397. Sweden, Denmark and Norway (Finland was a part of Sweden at this time) were all united into one huge nation, the largest in western Europe in fact.
The union was not very successful however, not everyone enjoyed the unity of the countries, and especially Sweden saw many wars in the 15th century due to the conflict about the union.
During this time, Kalmar castle saw a lot of action, and in 1497, a hundred years after the founding of the Kalmar-union, the castle was captured by the Danish.
Later the castle was rebuilt into a renaissance castle by king Gustav Vasa and his son Johan III, this is the castle that we see today.

The Author Notes:

This is the siege that takes place in 1497, meaning that it is the medieval castle that is being besieged, not the renaissance palace that you see today (and the one pictured in the Castle of the Week articles).

Originally the great round tower at the inside of the walls was the keep, but since I found no way of making the keep without making it to big or silly-looking, I’ve decided to move the keep (it is now placed slightly southwards from the original keep).
I’ve followed the ground plan of the castle as accurately as possible, and all the stone building within the castle walls were actually there. Some of the stairs in these buildings look a little strange I know, but I can’t find a way to correct it (even the house replaced by the keep existed).

The map is designed to be played as the defender, but it might work as attacker as well, as the map is rather easy, I suggest that you play the map on Hard or Very Hard.

Enjoy, Jasper Tudor.

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
Satisfying action and play on normal level. The hard or very hard rating can be played by someone else, because I was down to the keep at the end on normal. The castle itself is quite a piece of engineering, and the author brings this castle alive in the year 2005! Good job. Convenient troop placements. The castle is easy to move around in. Superior work.

Balance: 5
Because I was using a fighting withdrawl all the way back to the keep and then made a stand and WON, I'm giving this a five balance. Couldnt be anymore close I dont think, I had a couple archers charging at the end. Use the oil effectively if you want a chance against the knights.

Playing Level = 5000
Troops Lost 67% = 3300
Score = 8300
Previous Best Score = 0

Creativity: 4
Nice replica of a castle that can actually be played and defended. The swedish make a good castle! Unique compass pointing east.

Map Design: 4
I was surprised when enemy macemen were suddenly running all along the outer walls at one point. They made easier targets for the second wall shooters! I didnt want the walls to make a access point, so I deleted some of the interior connections. This made a ruined wall/stronghold out front to break up the enemy as they swarmed in. Like the titanic, the compartmentalized sections can fall but whole theoretically wont sink. This time the design worked.

Story/Instructions: 4
The details page shows alot of inventive work on story. Even though its a siege that doesnt really require instructions, this has enough to get a high 4. I specialize in English History and dont study Scandinavian design that much, so this is less interesting to me than my own field. But still impressive work.

Additional Comments:
Giving this an official Lollard "Thumbs Up". Get ready to rumble, Swedish style, on this map with invaders at your door.


[Edited on 11/14/05 @ 09:53 PM]

Dougleass wow another Swedish castle. Svensk här! lol

I'm going to try it.

Let's just say i said something i really want to take back, here....

[Edited on 11/15/05 @ 02:00 PM]

lollard97367 I'll keep that in mind that when I'm rating your maps, Dougleass.

If a map keeps me playing and doesnt have any mistakes or errors that stand out its a 4+ to me. If you have a problem take it up with the site management, dont cry about it on someone elses comment page.

Jasper Tudor
File Author
Totally agree with Lollard, it's better to be nice to other designers.
Map Design4.0
uh...i'll take that back. sorry...i'm honestly sorry. I've seen you rate maps beneath 4.0 or whatever... And i do understand that one does more often rate good maps than bad ones.

anyways... i've played this map and it was fairly good.

Playability: 4
It was very enjoyable playing this map. I used the engineers to kill the enemy with fire and so on. The soldiers needed to be commanded so it kept me busy.

Balance: 4
I was not sure if it was going to be a 4 or 3. First i though it was almost a 5, but i changed my mind. It is very good though. I played on normal and i had too many soldiers left in my point. And i did also win on the first try. But that was probably because i played on normal, but a 4 it is.

Creativity: 4
I like when people make old castles. Especially if they are this good. It's well done, i like those lowered walls.

Map Design: 4
Very good indeed. It is very good, but not enough to earn a 5. It's close though. Could be better. I don't really understand why there's an "E"...?

Story/Instructions: 4
Very good indeed. But there's nothing special about it.

Additional Comments:
hm...i noticed everything became a 4 lol. It's a good map, but to me not that 'little extra'. And i want to smack myself with a stick... >.> sorry Lollard...

[Edited on 11/15/05 @ 02:00 PM]

Jasper Tudor
File Author
Thanks to both Lollard and Dougleass for their reviews.
Dougleass: The "E" in the corner of the map works as a compass, the "E" meaning East, so that you'll get a some kind of a hint where and how the castle is placed.
And as for the rest of the map designed I mainly improvised, since the landscape around Kalmar castle is flat and...well grassy.
As for the playability I think you should read the text-file again, since I said that the map is a bit too easy, so Hard or Very Hard level is recommended.

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Map Design4.0
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