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Soylent Green

Author File Description
brave sir robyn
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal

Master of all you survey, Patrick de Chaworth? You’d better believe it, Your Lordship, because that feeling definitely won’t last. The soothsayer gives you just thirty years to prepare for the battle to end all battles. He’s not been wrong yet and it would be a brave man who ignored this latest prophesy.

Establish a keep, Patrick, and get ready for conflict. Your peasants are merely eking out a living at present, whilst the wild hinterlands are seemingly populated by rather more than animals. Put plans in hand now to stockpile weapons and introduce the novelties of alcohol and religion to your benighted people. That will at least take their minds off current problems and encourage them to fend off the rigours ahead.

You have until January 1160 to complete all of your seer’s detailed instructions. Fail even one of these initial tests and your horizons will darken for ever more, without sight of friend or foe.

A fairly straightforward 'place your keep' invasion scenario, designed and tested at Normal difficulty level. More hardened players may enjoy the experience at Hard level.
As the story states, reach the economic requirements by Jan 1160 and the game will continue to the final siege. Fail to reach the requirements and you will lose shortly after Jan 1160 when the Wolf's troops show up. (The 'less than' operator that makes this feature work in the script was inspired by a trick first used by Ultima Spock in the scenario Kiev 1240).

Many thanks to WitchHazel for playtests and to Lord Michael for playtests and guest-writing the game story.

SOYLENT GREEN (no fires)
As well as the 'proper' scenario, there's also a version that contains no fire events in the scripting. This was made specially for all those players who REALLY hate fires in original Stronghold and in theory should be a somewhat easier game. :-)

I hope you enjoy the map.

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playabilty and Balance 9.5/10

What a great map! A truly epic invasion map from bsr that is hard to fault. It is tough but possible and it also keeps you on your toes every step of the way. There are events at every corner. I was taken by suprise by two droughts early on which were almost disastrous as I nearly cut every tree down on the map! Fires are also devastating, you need a lot of wells and be really quick with the mouse if you want to survive! Second time around the map had lost a bit of its magic as I knew what was coming but it was still very entertaining. I was defeated on the first attempt mainly due to the fact that I didn't know you could use the weapons that you have to create for the economic goals! In general though this is another fantastic place your own keep map from bsr, great fun!

Creativity and Map Design: 9.5/10

Really nice looking map, plenty of building space but the map still looks very realisitc. I liked the way farmland was restricted but not badly restricted, you could always subsidise bread with meat and cheese. The mountaisn around the edge are also very effective and I like the splattering of trees that sit nicely over the map. Evenly spaced quarries and areas of iron are neatly placed and well balanced. It's a very creative map as well, a place your own keep which therefore allows flexability and the economic scripting is also clever (allowing the economic goals to arrive early.)

Story/Instructions: 5/5

Really nice storyline and an organised site description. Very aesthetically pleasing!

Additional Comments: A really superb map from bsr, it's long and pretty tough but is worth every minute. Strongly recommended!
Map Design5.0
One of the best Invasion maps ever - great map bsr!!!!!

Events are non-stop. You have it all, starting with FIRES, FIRES, FIRES!!! Ended up with 18+ wells just to give myself a chance. Then there are the WOLVES and BEARS. Don't remember a map that took a greater toll on my folks from those d#@n critters.

Add on droughts that limit your ability to chop wood (no market available - great feature - you are on your own!!)

And finally, non-stop invasions with the last one of the most difficult of all time. Finally mined enough stone and built enough crossbows to slow everybody down. Still had to burn my inner court to survive!!!

Playability: 5
Balance: 5
Creativity: 5
Map Design: 5
Story/Instructions: 5

Couldn't fault anything - a true classic if you are looking for a "place your keep". Most hightly recommended!!!!
Jasper Tudor
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Incredibly fun to play, not only was there always something to do, you also had to really push yourself all the time.

Balance: 4
Here I've actually took of one, since I think the map is a bit too hard (atleast for me), to even beat it at Easy, I really have to think and push myself...However, the map is still excellently balanced, and other players may find the map even more well-balanced than I do.

Creativity: 5
VERY nice use of all that is availavle to you, different player/bandit colours, very thought-out use of the editor-tools...Are there some kind of signs carved by the marsh to the north?

Map Design: 5
Possibly the best part of the map. Looks fantastic, wish I could give this a 6. All resources are perfectly placed, and in a very natural way. I'm usually not a great fan of marsh, but in this map it looks really good.

Story/Instructions: 5
A well-written, and entertaining, storyline. No flaws, so this is a 5.

Additional Comments:
A great map, can find no real big flaws with it. I have no advice at all to give, since you're obviously way superior to me when it comes to map-making. Fantastic!
Andy Baz
Map Design5.0
Brave Sir Robyn’s Soylent Green is awesome! It kicks you into a fantasy world of strategic medieval warfare and incessant economic plague like no other. A brilliant map littered with experience and style, it’s a real class act that delivers on the highest level ticking all the boxes a Stronghold player would want ticked.

What boxes? There’re no boxes in Stronghold.

The premise of Soylent Green is to survive until the last invasion. Intelligently the game is split down the middle, allowing the necessary economic objectives to be accomplished without detracting from the real mission. Be warned though there is no space to cut corners in this one, which is probably more of a testament than anything to Brave Sir Robyn’s ability to design playable, challenging, and engaging maps. Soylent Green is fantastic. There’s no question about that! If you’re looking for a ‘place your keep’ a very much castle orientated, with plenty of events then look no further.

I’m still looking for boxes!

For me what makes this map stand out is how well it plays. Although it’s a relatively long campaign you’ll never consider it boring. In fact the peaceful months is the period of rejoice and the time to look forward, as it will be these key times when you’ll have to expand and restock.
The invading forces are never too far away either and will cause mass destruction if poorly prepared. Fear not though as the numbers are truly superb in that they are tailored for the situation you should be in at the time. Your economy is also crucial for success, brilliantly there is no market place which is inspiring. Everything you need is out there! You just need to go and get it. Fortunately there are a plethora of areas where you may choose to mine stone and iron. Pitch can also be dug and of course wood is available to be chopped, so there’s never a feeling you’re boxed in your castle.

Could I be boxed in? HELP! Take me away from these dreadful boxes!

Brave Sir Robyn is no stranger to producing great maps; and by just glancing at his portfolio you’ll soon realise that he’s one of the best designers out there. Many may know already that he’s a key member and moderator of the Stronghold-knights site which is another dedicated Stronghold fan site, and has written many articles on design and scripting for them. I’d argue Brave Sir robyn’s best asset is his experience, he understands the finer details of map making which is always reflected in his map design, creativity and balance.

I get it now! Idioms and plays on words…Tuh Boxes!

The 5 categories.

I. Map design is excellent once again. The terrain is mainly set on mid ground with mountainous areas interspersed with fertile farm. The environment has very good depth and a level of realism you come to expect, but for me the cartography offers the best insight to brave Sir Robyn’s ability to design great maps. Soylent Green has brilliant scale and distance; it almost feels like the map is bigger than it actually is. Resources are intelligently positioned as are the sign posts. In fact everything from rock formation to the amount of trees is in perfect harmony.

II. The balance of the game was spot on for me, and just like it was in BSR’s ‘Star and Crescent’ the invasions rose in strength and numbers all the way to the finish line. This is not an easy thing to do but is done perfectly in Soylent Green. The bad and sometimes good events woven into the script were nicely timed in too. The fires particularly were very nasty as I found out but everything is doable and fun too, so no complaints from this corner.
Some people might find this a tad hard though, not only because it’s a long campaign but because the economic/military juggling is quite tricky at times and the invasions prove to be no push over. The thing is battles can be won providing you have the right defences and military power- strategy and good organisation is everything! So if you’re not in good shape before the bigger boys show their face there might be problems. This is no determent to the balance of Soylent Green, because there is land and there are resources and you have time and the people will work for you to construct a great castle of your choice where by to house your solid army. So in truth there’s no excuse, just exciting times ahead.

III. The overview to Soylent Green is well written and sets the scene for your forthcoming quest. It’s no story but to be honest it was never meant to be. Instead it’s an interesting paragraph in what could be the integral part of the deciding chapter of an engaging medieval story :o). And for that I think the credit lies with Lord Micheal.

IV. For me the most creative part of Soylent Green is the script, I so much like the way it’s written especially how the economic objectives have to be achieved before you enter into the second part of the quest. It’s true also because this map is a ‘place your keep’ you get that little bit more flexibility at the beginning. Although I’d say it doesn’t have too much bearing on events. It’s fair to say the landscape is very creative too – it all looks very good, very real and is perfect for the script.

V. Soylent Green is very playable, if you’ve read this far you’d already know that I think this map is very good :o). In essence this map offers something all the time, from invasions to defeat, objectives to achieve, armies to manufacture, fires to put out, resources to collect, a castle to build….to killing those pesky wolves and bears the list goes on and on. If like me you like doing these things then you’ll love Soylent Green.

Additional comments.

Brave Sir Robyn’s Soylent Green is top map. Download it now for a quality Stronghold session.

[Edited on 02/01/06 @ 09:07 AM]

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Map Design5.0
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