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Manor Under Fire

Author File Description
Captain Diablo
File Details
Map Size: 100x100 (Tiny)
Difficulty: Normal
"Ahhhhr!" You brought your axe down on the last Arabian attacker. Blood was dripping everywhere, mostly from you. Your small castle had been destroyed, all felt silent. Suddenly you heard some small, timid footsteps.
"Who hides as if we are enemies?" Your wellman came out, and said; "Sire, it is I."
And you to him; "Ahh... I'm sorry I frightened you."
"That is okay my Lord, but we should flee. Before they come back."
"Yes... but where? God look at this!" You surveyed the damage and carnage.
"Sire, if I may redirect your attention to those highlands." Your wellman pointed towards some nearby mountains.
"Yes, excellent idea. First we must gather our supplies."
"Wait! Sire, I hear them, they're coming back!"
A trumpet resinated in the distance.
"Save me my Lord!"
"Wait, those are Crusaders." Two knights rode up, their small force trailing behind them.
"Hello noble knight."
"Be silent! Maceman! Get him and seize that coward!"
"What is this?!" You grunted as you were held back against the wall.
"Spearmen, get the food!"
"Why are you ransacking my manor house?"
"We have been on the trail for months, with little food and rest."
"So you steal?"
"Yes." The spearmen come up and one says;
"He has hardly any food for himself!"
"We were attacked by Arabians moments ago." You motioned to the fallen Arabian swordsman.
You continued; "We were just about to flee into the highlands. Then you came."
"Let him go!" The maceman released their brutish grip.
"I have a proposition for you young knight."
"What do you want?"
"If you protect us, we will raise an ample supply of food for everyone. We will flee together, and you can make your way back to Europe." The knight sat there on his horse in silence, then replied; "Very well. Men! We're staying here! Defend this place, we shall flee and rid ourselves of this ridiculous Crusade!"


Author's notes: This is my first Crusader map, and has been playtested thouroghly. Hope I did well for my first one, enjoy Manor Under Fire! And please leave some feedback if you wish.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.5
Playability: 4
I had to start over once. There is a fire danger, but you can use that to your advantage by placing dancing bears (cheapest) out front. When the disposable dancing bears are burning, they are not much of a threat to you and they are a burning blockade for the invaders. Then use the dancing bear population bonus and a generous bribe to eliminate hunger (no rations). Then make two (maybe three if the trees are cut down) wheat farms and around six bakeries. Small, fun, and short map. But thats the kind of maps I make, so this is worth a 4 playability.

Balance: 3.5
No marketplace. If you decide to go with no market in the design you need to include more economic alternatives. The invasions are sneaky and well balanced.

Creativity: 4.5
Good idea to defend a beat-up, old place. Some of the parts of the map seem to be just added in during design. I like that strategy, but starting out with the economic and millitary basics already on paper helps when you are making these small maps. Pre plan the goals and the economic flow charts the map will follow in the concept part of creation.

Map Design: 4.5
The map works to get the small homestead defense theme across. The little 'creek' that is just north of the place is kinda a pisser because enemy find a way across even if you try to block it. The farms are the safest place to be if you manage to block this crossable 'creek'. The mountains look real and I felt like I was out in the middle of nowhere with no walmart.

Story/Instructions: 4.5
Fiction well written by the author, Cap D. These small maps are a perfect way to get some experience on write ups too.

Additional Comments:
Giving this the Lollard's offical "Thumbs Up" for the playability and tense bread goal. I had a fire going most of the time somewhere. You can make wells but I watched the enemy swordsmen and 1 assassin burn.

Sir Hugh
Map Design4.5
Playability: 4.5
I didn't have to start over like Lollard. I just built another water well. This map had options, but did lack a market, but I think it was fine without it.

Balance: 4.5
Whoa! The slaves really can cause fires, and the sneaky assasins are a bother, especially since the lord's health is low. One or two hits and he's dead. I had to keep him constantly under guard while my archers, macemen, and knights kept the others at bay.

Creativity: 4
The map definitely has the bare necessities and starving lions who are both friend and foe.

Map Design: 4.5
There is a trickle of water coming down the center of the map. I have seen streams like this before where they enter into the earth and flow back out a few meters away. I really like the landscape on the left. It look very much like lion dens. I even peeked on the flat view to see if there was a lion or two in one of those dens. There wasn't though. The stone was definitely an uneed feature, but welcome. It gave the player something else to do.

Story/Instructions: 4
Not a bad write up.

Additional Comments: I know it's about time that I reviewed this map! Gueno Capitan Diablo!

Sir Hugh

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Map Design4.5
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