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Brinewood - should work now...

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Map Size: 200x200 (Small)
Difficulty: Normal
Strolling through your castle you ponder the contents of the message a courier brought you. The king has been overthrown by the four most powerful lords in the land, the Rat, the Snake, the Pig, and the Wolf. While the transition of power takes place the kingdom is in a tomporary anarchy. Bandits roam freely even way out in Brinewood where there have been no bandits for years. You've been forced to put patrols in the streets to keep the peasants from panicking, outrageous! As you near the keep you spot Margolis with his bow camped out with Andric with his pike and Philonius boiling something in that kettle of his, probably that foul smelling pitch he's been asking for.
"When firing the bow or crossbow it is necessary..." you hear Captian Lowman shouting, instructing his students in the art of warfare and soldiery.
As you enter your keep you prepare to make a list of supplies you deem necessary, the lords will arrive in about a year and a half after visiting almost every other city in the kingdom. The only question is wheter they will take the city by arms or accept an oath of fealty from you. Stone will be required to better the bridge to and from the island and fortify the crossings from attack, food of course is also needed in case of a siege, and gold is always welcome, iron ingots for weapons, and lastly pitch for Philonius (his idea of boiling it and dumping it on the enemy seems a bit eccentric, maybe even sick, but if it helps it's definitely welcome). Unfortunately you'll have to buy everything except the food, there is no pitch or iron anywhere near the town, and the only stone available is from that ruin of the old church which of course the peasants avoid like the plague, afraid of ghosts. Sighing you prepare to consult the court scribe and accountant on the state of affairs and how much you'll need to set matters aright before the new rulers arrive... If only this matter could be solved peaceably everyone would be happier for it, but there's no gurantee in that so you must prepare for the worst.


A few points:

-To win you'll need 2000 gold, 150 stone, 50 iron, 200 cheese, and 5 pitch.

-You have 20 years (not 20 months oops) to win.

-Feedback and rating will be appreciated.

-If you find something wrong with the map tell me or fix it and email it to me with a short description of what was wrong at (spam me and I'll kill you >.< I already lost an email address to spam)
----------> Pitch is now enabled in the market, thank's to lollard for pointing that out, if you already downloaded it you can re-download it or fix it yourself as it is not locked, and the only thing wrong (that I've heard) is that pitch is not enabled.

-Hope you enjoy the map, it's the first economic and bridge map I've made so far.
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brandonlavoie i think he means 20 years
lollard97367 I will be playing and rating this map today. Are there any fixes or glitches I should know about?

lollard97367 Pitch rig is unavailable to build and you cant buy pitch in the market like some of the other goals. I think the author meant to make it available in the marketplace, but forgot to turn it back on. Incomplete and I will not rate it as is.


[Edited on 11/26/05 @ 12:35 AM]

File Author
Sorry about that, it's fixed now...but I suppose the...incompleteness...puts it at the back of the list, and that it won't be getting rated any time soon. I think I'll go over it in the editor again to check for other things that may be wrong, I thought I had fixed all the problems and I have absolutely no idea how pitch got disabled :-P
Paradox_king map looks a little plain, maybe some rocks in the sea, check out my map Denial (invasions) for an extreme example.
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3.5
This scenario focuses on resource gathering and defending against small bandit attacks. There is a time limit in place to help you speed things along. Generally speaking, the map plays fine and most things seem to work as they should. There is plenty to do here but if you take the wrong approach, as I did on one attempt, you can get yourself in a real predicament. I'm not convinced that being able to buy the iron, stone and pitch at the marketplace (three of the goods requirements) rather than extracting them in a normal manner works properly here. It's certainly a different idea and approach and it COULD have been a genuinely unique map, but needs a few tweaks here and there for it to work properly. I seemed to experience a few buggy moments whereby my wheat farmers couldn't place their harvest on the stockpile, saying it was full, when it clearly wasn't. This caused granary levels to dip perilously low and I was forced to buy in food to supplement this. In addition, none of the bandit invasions were effective, appearing and promptly disappearing off the map without raising a mace in anger. This could be because their numbers were too low compared to your troop numbers. A great effort, despite these shortcomings, and really not too far off being a quality piece of work.

Balance: 3.5
Aside from the bandit invasions that didn't work as they should, Brinewood does pose a decent enough challenge in terms of meeting the gold requirement. The 2,000 pieces you need is fictitious as in reality you will need far more than that to buy in the stone and iron. Manufacturing weapons can give you a bonus income, however deleting them and clawing back some of the money used in placing the buildings can reap benefits. Given my faulty stockpile, the usually stable production of wheat for bread caused me concerns. Initially I planned to set up a heavy industry based on bread production and sell the surplus to meet the gold requirement. As it happened, I was forced to place some 15 woodcutters to cleat the land of trees in order to place as many apple farms as possible. Balance was, for me, quite hit-and-miss. Some parts worked well whereas others less so. Still, and as above, not too far away from being a really tough, challening map.

Creativity: 4
I've mentioned this above twice now, but this scenario, casting aside the glitches and faults, has a genuinely unique concept underpinning the gameplay. I really like this idea, and credit to Evilercheese for attempting something fresh and different. I also like maps where large scale clearance of forests are needed in order to place farms and other buildings as it leans somewhat on historical evidence from the early medieval period. The score here is bolstered by a decent story (see below).

Map Design: 3
Quite good in principle. A fairly decent attempt at a wooden bridge is supported by a small settlement with a nice feel and atmosphere as the macemen and archers patrol around the place 'keeping order'. It is pleasing to see small boulders used too, which limits placement of most farms close to the stockpile. The landscape was a little flat and plain and the appearance is unusual to say the least, but it works well enough.

Story/Instructions: 4
A great effort here, with a good, strong storyline that fits perfectly the scenario you must play through. Good supporting instructions too from the zip file contents and the Download Description page. The story is a decent length and reads quite well, setting the scene for the map. Nothing negative to say based on what was submitted, a really great attempt.

Additional Comments:
Despite a few faults and flaws, I like this map for what it is. Take away the obvious ridicule from being able to buy most of what you need to win from the marketplace and look a little deeper... you will see a very promising map and a rarely used idea underneath. Very well done, Evilercheese!

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Map Design3.0
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