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Stirling Castle - Scotland

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Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Hard
No one really knows when Stirling Castle was built. Archeological finds show there has been a fortified set of buildings on the volcanic raised ground before the Romans. The dig record dates the oldest structures at the time when the Celts fought off the Pics from the elevated position. Countless famous people have lived and died in and around this famous historical castle just above the town of Stirling, Scotland. William Wallace and Robert the Bruce are probably the most famous from the movie, Braveheart. I toured this part of Scotland when I traveled Europe and I always wanted to make a map of this historical spot. The castle still exists and dominates the skyline of Stirling. I made the castle as accurate as I could (circa 1300 buildings and walls). The wooden town of Stirling is also represented on the map. The castle exchanged hands between the scots and the english and the exchange was almost always very bloody with many deaths. In 1299 Robert the Bruce sieged and retook the castle from the English. This finally ended in the 1600's, when both sides just became too broke to continue fighting over it.

One particular brutal death that occurred in the castle, was committed by a actual king. James II was worried about the Scotish nobles conspiring against him and invited William the Earl of Douglas to the castle for dinner. During the dinner the king asked the Earl if he was conspiring to over take the throne of england. William the Earl of Douglas replied yes, and he also mentioned the 'league of douglas', which sole purpose was to overtake the throne. The king became furious and demanded the Earl disband this league immediately. The Earl refused and James II grabbed his dagger and stabbed the Earl. But he didnt die right away, and the king's underlings finished off the Earl and threw him out a upper window of Stirling Castle. Today the spot where the Earl fell is marked with a garden.

Every castle needs a ghost, and Stirling Castle has three. The Green Lady, The Pink Lady, and The Highland Soldier. The Highland Soldier is the one the tourists see the most often. Normally the sightings are of a "Highland Soldier" looking chap, standing around like a tour guide. When approached the ghost appears to not want to chat, and turns and walks away. When followed the "Highland Soldier" walks through a wall or similar disappearing act. Most tourists are very frightened or they are simply upset that the "ghost" didn't want to talk.

Another particularly gruesome historical event was in the Elphinstone Tower located on the grounds. The story is that James V kept Siamese twins locked in a torture chamber in the tower and used them to answer questions about the future. One of the brothers died during one of the torturing sessions, and the other brother was forced to live on for another 10 months still attached to his dead sibling. The tower is just a stump on the castle grounds today.

Enjoy this castle! Please comment and rate as usual!


William Wallace (from Braveheart):

"Aye, fight and you may die, run, and you'll live... at least a while. And dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willin' to trade ALL the days, from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take away our lives, but they'll never take... OUR FREEDOM!"
[Crowd cheers]
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design3.0
Playability: 5
I have played this on easy, and it was hard for me to stop Wolf's men, have lost the first gatehouse and the second wall was nearly breached.

Balance: 5
Just accurate, defending the castle can not be left for a computer, but You don't have to move the troops constantly from one side of the walls to the other.

Creativity: 4
Except for the castle (resembling Stirling mainly at the bird's view) there's not much creativity - one bridge on the river and a few farms and hunter posts playing a town. Nice little bridge placed over the river is the only eyecandy I have spotted.

Map Design: 3
Looks like all the effort was used to build up the castle, and rest of the map was quickly covered with trees.The cathedral can't be built becouse there's not enough stone left, I had to destroy a piece of damaged front wall to gain stone.

Story/Instructions: 5
Complete information about the castle history is provided, that's enough for a story in case of a historical castle.

Additional Comments:
I have mixed feelings about this map - the fight is good and the castle has interesting design, but the rest of map is too simple.
Jasper Tudor
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
Fun all the way through. There is extremely limited building avaibility, so the map acts more like a siege. I think this map would actually do better as a true invasion, with an economy to run. Also, the enemy solved a lot of my problems, since they killed all the wolves.

Balance: 5
Very well balanced, I made it my first attempt at Easy without no real problem, but at Normal the enemy got to the keep (where they were all greeted by boiling oil).

Creativity: 4
A nice reconstruction of an old castle.

Map Design: 4
A quite generous 4, the castle is great, close to a 5, but the landscape is mostly flat and grassy. I'm not familiar with the landscape around Stirling, but I still think that in some cases, you should take some liberties and make an imaginary landscape.

Story/Instructions: 4
Very well written, learned a lot out of it, but it lacks of a real story to why the castle is being beseiged.

Additional Comments:
Another great map from Lollard, worth taking you time to play...over and over again.
Captain Diablo
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
The castle offers a unique challenge as most of the space is in the far back and not accesible to the attackers as the keep is in the middle. The first wave tore down the wooden wall, why I don't know, and the pitch took care of them. The swordsmen were the biggest challenge, but even then the killing pits killed them. Perhaps something a bit more technical and engaging was needed, like a falling back pattern. But this is a historic castle and it's interesting to see how people could defend it. Great job!

Balance: 5
Perfectly balanced, although you lose many troops (71% for me) it never seems as if you lose that many. This makes for a great balance without the player grimacing every time he/she loses a troop. Excellent.

Creativity: 5
Personally the Abbot of Stirling was my favorite AI to team up with, it was the most creative AI ever constructed! As was his castle, it couldn't be better.

Map Design: 3
Hmmmm... A forest, a small river... a bridge...
Even some nice empty space to look at! Kidding, my house was just nearly broken into, and I'm a bit pissed.

Story/Instructions: 4
Wonderful historical documentation of a great castle! Except the reference to Braveheart...

Additional Comments: I recomend this map to anyone who likes large scale, nearly hopeless situation battles! Lollard does it best in The Castle of Stirling!

Sorry for the late review! But it's one of those things that you think you did, but didn't... sorry.
Andy Baz
Map Design3.0
Stirling Castle

Map Design – 3
Balance - 2
Playability - 4
Creativity - 4
Story - 5

If you download Stirling castle you won’t find yourself building up huge armies to throw into the mist of battle, nor will you feel the tension of economic disasters that destroy any of your best laid plans. Indeed the main object of this map is to exterminate all that walk the lands of Stirling and then revel in victory. This for what its worth is quite enjoyable but it never reaches the level of satisfaction that I was hoping for.

The great thing about Stronghold is the fact there are loads of different ways to play this brilliant game. Designers like to think up new and interesting ways to play out scenarios and do a lot of work to make the game enjoyable for the player. The fact is I found Stiling castle to be relatively ordinary, it just never delivered anything different,
This map of Lollard’s is no doubt historically correct, the castle is probably a fair recreation of the castle itself – but the game play lacks bite and is oh so difficult with just a handful of arrows-men and boiling pots. There is a chance to buy melee troops but the numbers that attack you make it almost pointless in purchasing them. I thought however the castle was created quite well, but it did look unnatural against the surrounding, which incidentally I thought needed the most work done. It was clear all the work was placed on the castle, but I think more time could have been spent on landscape and especially balance, for example, reducing enemy troops, allowing arrows to be made, maybe even throw in trebuchets. Whatever was or is required I have little doubt Lollard will be back with better maps in the future – with amazing enthusiasm for history he has the real potential to recreate castles from his dreams. Andy

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Map Design3.3
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