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Map Size: 200x200 (Small)
Difficulty: Normal
Hilly regions of middle-south Illberin have been a place of defence since Xth century. Wooden defences were destroyed during times of partition and rebuilt in stone by Edgar the Wise during 1170's, altough the plans for adding a canal connecting the river around the East side of the hill failed as Edgar run out of money.
Recently the castle have been strengthened with latest design of towers possible - they're round in shape and hard to destroy.
The garrison of Moonfang luckily managed to protect the transport of goods from Ellenoor and has prepared to the siege.Altough duke William Coswooll brought all his man with him and Moonfang once again will have to prove it's strength.

To be accurate with the story, the map should be played as "being sieged" not "sieging that".

When played on very hard, the engineer's tents are disappearing when they go to construct siege equipment, I don't see way how to fix that.
I have also planned to include much more siege equipment than it appears - I know there are limits for this game, but the engineers are there,so the limit of "population" is not reached, they just don't go to build anything.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
lollard97367 Playability: 4
Firstly I would like to say that I'm going to try and give more positive feedback when I write up reviews. I think its more appropriate to say something good about someones hard work here, but at the same time point out major flaws in a constructive way. If all reviewers could try and include some kind of positive feedback in their reviews I think this will tend to convince new people of sending in a map. In the long term this will also make the downloads more enjoyable, because of the variety of maps submitted from people who didnt want to submit because of shyness or risk of embarrassment.

That said, this map is fun to play and gets a 4 playability. Its not a huge and sprawling castle to defend. Its small and compact, allowing crossbows to become deadly from any tower. This led to the enemy "backflopping" before they reached the gatehouses. 30+ crossbowmen will stop an armored column in its tracks.

Balance: 3
Played on normal its just a pincushion festival outside the gates. The armored knights who charge in the first attacks get close, but after you get the 30+ crossbowmen set, they dont stand a chance. I threw maybe 3 pots of oil the whole time. I think I killed more of my own men with the mangonel.

Creativity: 5
I like the terrain. Everyone says my terrain looks "grassy". This would be the opposite of "grassy". All the animals are immediately killed in the beginning. I liked that. Seige that gets a five should be unqiue enough to stand out from all the other sieges out there because its superb. This does that, with just a few minor probs.

Map Design: 4
The castle itself is a defenders dream, plenty of stone wall and towers to place your almost infinite archers and crossbowmen. Plus you have enough oil for about 10 World Wars. I gave this a low four because I liked the compact design. However, there were about 30 enemy engineers left at the end of the battle and the engineers that did attack with trebuchets were ineffective.

Story/Instructions: 3
Normal story with no gigantic mistakes or major mispellings (except STRENGTH). The tips part of the description is good, but again I dont like to give too much away at first. I make someone earn the information, by trial and error!

Additional Comments:
"Thumbs Up" from me. I liked the castle, and with just a few minor changes (less X-bows, better use of engineers, and some infantry to run around and fight) this would be 4.5+.


[Edited on 12/02/05 @ 01:53 PM]

File Author
Thanks for review Lollard,especially for nice comments about the landscape, as I was reworking it a couple of times.
As I have written above, I've noticed that there are engineers left that don't do anything, and I don't know why :-(

The number of garrison was already lowered before I released this map :-) especially there's lower number of archers. But I see that's still too much for You, I'll try to do something with that.

The case of animals being killed at the beggining is accidential :P It wasn't planned, it just happens to be this way.
2.XII.2005, 22:29 - I have posted the updated version of this siege. Hope this one is more balanced.

[Edited on 12/02/05 @ 04:29 PM]

Jasper Tudor
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
Funny to play, the AI works out fine and attack properly, although there sure is a lot of engineers left, even when the battle itself is over. And how come all the deers die at the opening?

Balance: 3
I played the updated version at Normal, and it was still too easy, only 5% troop-losses, and I didn't even use the pitch or the oil.

Creativity: 4
A pretty creative map, doesn't feature anything new really, but creativity is hard to judge.

Map Design: 4
Landed on a low 4. The map has a lot of details, which is good, but they're not used quite right, and some things look really odd, for example, the castle lacks a wall around the keep (!) and you can see that the hills have been made with a single click with the hill tool, use Raise Land and the Equalizer tool next time for a more realistic landscape.

Story/Instructions: 4
Well written, a nice little storty, featuring dates about a fictional castle.

Additional Comments:
An overall good siege map, which unfortunately still suffers from bad balance.
File Author
When I was playing that updated version on Normal, the enemy has breached all the walls and came into the keep.As for wall around the keep -I didn't placed it there, as the keep is hanging on the clif above the Bouwine river and it can be attacked only from one side,where the gates are. The walls wouldn't fit in there also, cliff is too small. Thanks for review Jasper.

[Edited on 12/03/05 @ 04:04 AM]

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Map Design4.0
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