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890 AD - Battle of Haystack Rock

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Hard
The Battle of Haystack Rock, 890 AD

Based on fictional work by me from my D&D days and named after a famous Oregon coastal landmark.


Suiting up in your armor and sheathing your sword, you kissed your wife goodbye and set off for your destiny. The road to riches in the adventuring business is long, with many turns. Many friends were met, and many lost, but you survived to see the end of it. Past are the forays into deep caves, where dragons and trolls lived and waited in darkness to spring on some hapless adventurer. Luck has seen you through to this day, and you have taken your riches gathered on the many quests and bought a island. You paid the almost bankrupt owner, 1,000,000 gold pieces and he quickly handed over the keys to his castle. You moved into your new residence and like any new lord, built a few starting buildings (including a nice sea vessel dock). You hear the bad news from peasants that the neighbors are quite upset that you just swooped in and bought the place out from under the previous penniless owner. They are angry enough to attempt to move in by force. You managed to defend the place so far you have kept out the locals up until now. As the first months passed, you discovered iron on the island and quickly went to work exploiting this new resource. You also sent word to your friends (far away on a different continent) for help. They heard your call for aid, and sent a small detachment of soldiers across the entire sea of dread to help you. As soon as the men weakly stepped onto your new pier, the ships set sail on a course back home. The men, a little shaken from months at sea, are standing on your nice new dock ready for deployment. The island was very expensive (1,000,000 is an unprecedented sum!) and you now are short on gold. You have planned a new adventure for the future to go kill some more monsters and take their treasure, but getting it started will take some special weapons. 24 new pikes to be exact. Also, some of your peasants (88% to be exact) on the island like to party hardy, all of course on your bar tab.


AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Jasper Tudor
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
Turned out to be way too long, took me about 40 years to get all the ale needed. The pike goal was easily achieved though.

Playing level: 5000
Troops lost 0%: 10000
2 Pikes extra: 100
5 Ale extra: 50
4970 Gold extra: 4970
Score: 20120

Balance: 3
When I finished the map (at Normal) I had 86 archers, 102 crossbowmen, and none of my melee troops had even been engaged in combat.
The map was way too long, you always had something to do, but since there were repeating invasions that never grew harder, I just got pissed since they destroyed my few hop farms at the mainland, and the invasions never even threatened my gatehouse.

Creativity: From 4 raised to a 5
This would be a 5 actually, if it wasn't for that most of the stuff has been used in your previous maps (the idea of hop plants at the other side of a narrow bridge/landtounge from Battle of Sellwood Bridge, the long, curving path up to the keep from Cede of Mad baron VonHendricks).
Edit: As Lollard said, try not to complain, so I'm not. This map is indeed creative and unique.

Map Design: 4
A high 4. A lot has been improved since your previous map, the landscape looks all natural and is very functional (except for the fact that there's too little farmland to grow hops at), but still, I think something's missing for a 5.

Story/Instructions: 4
Good work. Well written, short and to the point. A functional storyline.

Additional Comments:
This map is good, but it could be much better if the goals and the invasions were altered (easier goals, larger and less invasions).

[Edited on 12/08/05 @ 05:11 AM]

Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
The playability on this map was quite good, and a definate improvement from other maps that i have played. Build uip your economy and army and fight to protect the farms across the waters from your castle, though the attacks are small they are constant, and i really guess it depends on your gameplay, if you stay in the castle you will be there for quite some time, perhaps a bit long but still a 4 for me.

Balance: 5
Balance is also an improvement in this map, the economic challenges keep you busy while the threat of attacks and need to reinforce your farm protection keeps you on your toes good job.

Creativity: 5
A simple design yet a very creative one, to be honest in previous maps I hadn't been to impressed but i felt that this was a clear improvement in creativity, the whole idea of the need to be strategic in order to achieve your goals quickly really was well done, perhaps a timer on the map would encourage the gameplay you would have liked to see, yet i understand your reasons for not including one.

Map Design: 3
I still feel that you need to spend a bit more time on your map design in order to get your score lifted. Some areas are bland and simply covered with trees, a combination of shrubs dirt stones and rocks would lift your map and make it more appealing, when you make a map try to fill in as much space as possible. Good effort though, i particularly like the tower extended on the cliff to the sea, nice!

Story/Instructions: 4
I wish i could give a higher score here but I think im being generous in giving a 4, the ideas are good and well written however they are far too short to reciece anything higher, I use to do the same thing and it wasnt until i provided write ups in a word document, (around 500 word is ample) that I recieved 5's for storyline. Really you are hurting your score by doing this, like I said, a generous 4 becasue i didnt want to hurt the overall rating.

Additional Comments:
A solid map from lollard, I know we've had our differences in the past however i hope we have moved on and are able to help each other by offering our honesty and help.

A good map for all stategists, give it a go!

[Edited on 12/11/05 @ 05:03 PM]

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Map Design3.5
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