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Return Campaign Map1-13

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
In this mappack are the maps 1-13 of the return campaign.
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lollard97367 Map #1

(01)Die Schlacht der

Very good with no playing glitches or errors. Some wolves are centered on some stone patches, and somehow they are trapped on there. Nice trick! Trebuchets are available, and you can use the large amount of starting money and stone to bombard the enemy base into submission. Extremely easy, hard or very hard recommended. Still worth a Thumbs Up!


[Edited on 12/16/05 @ 02:43 AM]

lollard97367 Map 2.


This map is awesome! Its a 400 x 400 map full of secret castles and entrances, invasions, economic challenges, oh yeah dont forget - two plain ole castle takeovers! All of that action in one map. Beautiful. Crossbows and leather armour are the only weapons and armor available for purchase at the marketplace. Challenging battles to kill the enemy lord. I'll take a solid bakery roof over a cathedral anyday of the week. The solid roof on bakeries is great cover for your crossbowmen to fire on the enemy king. If you use the cathedral for cover you will be shot! No engineers so its conquer the old fashioned way, you gotta earn it. Use missile fire. The wood goal is not really a factor. Wood is available in the marketplace, and there is mucho wood to chop. During my game a wall disappeared on the map, and the signpost took its place. This effect is amazing and acutally works (in the one game I played). I would give this map a 4.5 or a 4.7 if I could read the german instructions. Thumbs way UP!


[Edited on 12/16/05 @ 02:52 AM]

lollard97367 Map 3.

(03) Am

This map is not so awesome. The map is a divided map, with three isolated corners (two of them occupied). Your partially made castle is in one corner. The double walled castle of the enemy (ratte') takes another corner. The signpost is in the last corner. High ground and large stretches of river area fill up the rest of the map. The three corners narrowly meet in the center, where there is a basic winding path made from water and grassland. At first I noticed the winding path looked to have some recognizable shape (swastica). But then after a second glance, I saw it was just a random use of the river terrain tool at maximum size, drawn around carelessly. You also have difficulty building weapons. Metal armor and Armorer is unavailable. To eliminate all enemy, you have to rush a fortified position, against full gatehouses and walls of archers. NO siege equipment. Crossbows and Leather Armor are still the only weapons and armor you can buy. Even with a few herds of deer as cover against the arrows, I still lost 100+ macemen charging the first wall. Out of balance, with just too many archers on walls. Thumbs Down. The instructions are also all sadly in german only.


[Edited on 12/16/05 @ 03:16 PM]

lollard97367 Map #4

(04)Qual für die

I dont speak or read written german but I ran the title through a translator and it means "Agony for the rat" in english. After playing four of these maps I have found that they are all similarly "hashed out" with high ground used frequently to make draws and valleys. You have to move a medium sized army (60+ archers) up to the fortifcations. There are a few wolves on the way, but these are not a threat. Once near the walls, you can fire on the archers to keep them busy and run up your macemen. Once atop the walls you can quickly kill off the enemy archers. In the cede keep, there are one or two knights and monks. If you kill them, then you get control of the castle. Luckily there is nearby iron, on which you can place around 8 iron mines. Load up on iron, and corral the deer living on the keep' plateau and make use of that abundant food source. Then sell the iron in the marketplace to get your gold goal (12,500 on easy). I was disappointed with the lack of invasions after cede, and also with the rough draft of the landscape. The population goal is also set too low (15?). But I played this all the way through, and will give it a weak "Thumbs Up" for the strategic play, and forced forest and hunting management later on.

lollard97367 Map #5

(05)Auf die

I translated the title and it means "On the Brustwehr". I think "Brustwehr" means parapet. With that definition the map makes sense, because you are forced to fight along a narrow high ground against two groups of enemy. This is a short map, and you have some shields and one catapult. If you use these effectively you can easily kill the enemy without engaging in melee combat. If you make new catapults, they are given two cows to launch each. If you can get these on the target, they cause massive damage. But you basically need a lucky shot to get the cows on their targets. I think a italian quote sums up this map, "The best defense against an incoming arrow barrage, is to not be there." "Thumbs Down" because its too short, but still fun. Some good landscaping with high ground and iron placed, but you never use that part of the map.


[Edited on 12/16/05 @ 04:00 PM]

lollard97367 Map #6

(06) Im abgelegenen

English: "In the remote valley" map follows along the desginers regular map making strategy, high ground valleys and dry canyons. If you follow along these, you will eventually get to some enemy fortifications partially filled with enemy archers. Since the enemy dont attack unless they can see you, you can pick off the wall defenders by taking cover and lobbing arrows into the place. No siege equipment again. But this is not a issue, because there is a nice piece of cover (high ground) near the front towers and gate. From there its a turkey shoot. There is one pig invasion attack that actually worried me. But since the pig macemen have to walk down a long canyon, they can be comfortably dispatched before they get a chance to swimg their maces. Also the economy can be worked to get the GOLD goal. Sell wood and cheese to get the 2,500. This is accelerated if you shut off the cheese in the granary and use the plentiful deer in one valley as the food source. I'm giving this a Thumbs Down because the enemy dont fight back when you are shooting them, or even after you destroy their gatehouse and are standing in their courtyard! Aggressive setting needed. Also, I have decided to play the rest of the maps on normal difficulty because this was a picnic.


[Edited on 12/16/05 @ 05:20 PM]

Jasper Tudor Hmm, downloaded this first map-pack due to Lollards positive feedback on some of the maps, but I was actually quite disappointed...The terrain looks highly unnatural, and not very good overall, they all lack playability and, well, to be honest, these maps reminds me of my first maps...
Also, I beleive that 50 maps are way too many for a single campaign...Try to make less maps, but put more effort into each of them instead.
Eagle ironsword I completely agree with Jasper Tudor. The only plus in this campaign is that the player is yellow... Could someone please tell me how this is done?
lollard97367 That is done by loading a template map (preset, blank map) which is already set up for the player to be a specific color. Black, Green, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Blue, and I think a few others. You can find some template maps at the stronghold knights website.


[Edited on 12/18/05 @ 10:24 PM]

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