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Glory of the Varden (updated)

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
After reading the book Eragon I decided to make a map of it myself. I tried to do the whole city in the mountains concept, and I even made the AI attack from the tunnels, along with other things from the book, Ex: The dwarves of the Ingeitum clan get are buried in marble, the training ground, three battalions, Waterfall opening etc.

Together they watched the dark mouth of the tunnel through the ranks of men and sharpened stakes. A minute dragged by, then another... and another. Without taking his eyes from the tunnel, Eragon hoisted himself into Saphira's saddle, Zar'roc in his hand. Murtagh mounted Tornac beside him. Then a man cried, "I hear them!"

The warriors stiffened; grips tightened on weapons. No one moved... no one breathed.

Harsh Urgals shouts shattered the air as dark shapes boiled upward in the tunnel's opening. At a command, the cauldrons of pitch were tilted on their sides, pouring the scalding liquid into the tunnel's hungry throat.The monsters howled in pain, arms flailing. A torch was thrown onto the bubbling pit, and an orange piller of greasy flames roared up in the opening, engulfing the Urgals in an inferno. Sickened Eragon looked across Farthen Dur at the other two battalions and saw similar fires by each he sheathed Zar'roc and strung his bow.
More Urgals soon tamped the pitch down and clambered out of the tunnels over their burned brethren. They clumped together presenting a sold wall to the men and dwarves. Behind the palisade Orik had helped build, the first row of archers pulled on their bows and fired. Eragon and Arya added their arrows to the deadly swarm, and watched shafts eat through the Urgal's ranks.
The Urgal line wavered, threatening to break, but they covered themselves with their shields and weathered the attack. Again the archers fired, but the Urgals continued to stream onto the surface at a feroscous rate.
Eragon was dismayed by their numbers. They were supposed to kill every single one? It seemed a madman's task...

-I adjusted the terrain.
-Just like in the book, some of the enemy now comes from tunnels inside the castle.
-Now 400 more spearmen and 100 swordsmen attacking.

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Lord Karpathea Looks awesome, downloading.......I'll give you a review when I finish playing it.
File Author
Thanks Lord Karpathea for the review and saying it was perfect.
File Author
Somehow I just gotta get them to focus to killing the Lord not tearing down the Tunnels. Thanks Sim RPG for the Review and updating it =). You mentioned you played it on normal, Try doing hard next time maybe even Very hard, and still not enough challenging Just say the word and it will be done =)

[Edited on 01/26/06 @ 10:03 PM]

File Author
questions to ironfists

And for the playability, you're supposed to know the enemy came from, which is why they collapsed the tunnels!!!

and for the story/instructions, can you tell me what I should add or take out to make it a 5?

*thx for updating

[Edited on 06/22/06 @ 01:37 AM]

FroobaChoob Before i Post On this Map, i need to play Again Since I Havent Played In Ages!
candyman_09 Hey, so you've read eragon and eldest right? If you havn't read eldest, then don't bother reading this, lol. But, since theres a Carvahall map thats been made, and a Battle map, then could you try and attempt to make a map for the final battle in eldest? The fight between the Varden and the Empire? It'd be really cool if you could, lol. From looking at the Carvahall map, and yours, I'd say you could do it, and it'd be really really cool, lol. Well thnx for your time, l8r.
candyman_09 Hey again, I have another bright idea, lol. How bout making a map about the battle of Farthrn Dur' but different, kinda, like, the battle outside the mountian, where Eragon was in the waterfall pool. And the twist is, he isn't with Saphira, but he has the Dwarves instead, and he has to fend them off, and those who retreat have to be tracked downa nd killed. Idk, it's just an idea, lol. Let me know if it sounds good or not. Thnx, l8r.

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