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Ciervo's Revenge

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
You have just returned from your battle to take the Island of Lord Agotado, expecting a long rest. Your King Ciervo seemed satisfied when you handed over the island to him before you sailed home.

You arrive home only to be met by the King’s Advisors. It seems the Island that Lord Agotado built his Castle on was merely a well-designed ruse to pull your King Ciervo away from his real target…the lower counties rich in farmland and ore.

Needless to say this did not go over well with your King.

The King personally led his army to retrieve these counties and drive the Lord Agotado out for good.

Before leaving he sent word to his Aids for you to take the remainder of your army and march on the Castle of Lord Agotado. You have been charged with taking the Castle and sacking and pillaging everything in your wake.

On your arrival you see the ruins of ancient castles, mountains and a grand defense thrown up in your path.

It will take cunning, patience and a strong will to survive here…


This is designed as an ATTACKERS map. It is not a 45 minute and “kill them all” map. If you are not one for a long protracted game this map will probably not appeal to you.

Choosing the correct assortment of troops and moving carefully and cautiously will win the day. A headlong charge will make a very quick game. Check the readme file for more insights.

This is the sequel to Ciervo’s Island Siege

Comments and reviews are always welcome
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Dragons Rider
Map Design4.0
I must say that this map must be brought forward into the light hence now my review.

Playability: 5
This map is an incredible materpiece. The challenge of the map is so great, the tactical movement of every troop is a question to ponder and argue, the difficulty and frustration I had with every moment was so great several times unfortunate accidents were only slightly avoided. Nethertheless, when I saw my banner being raised over the ramparts of the castle, I knew that every piece of sweat and blood was worth it. Indeed, an extreme challenge on easy!

Balance: 4
Sometimes I felt that there were just too many enemy troops to take out. It was obviously designed to have them in groups, with spaces in between so they couldnt support each other. This made it easier, although the pitch, traps etc were a bit too plentiful. The enemy troops needed to be reduced, but only by a small amount.

Creativity: 5
The move-through-certain-passages idea is a nice idea, with different directions to choose from, each resulting in an entirely different situation. I might have seen this idea before, but I cant recall, so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and give you a 5

Map Design: 4
Nice map organisation, the terrain wasnt bad althought it could have used a little more work.

Story/Instructions: 5
Nice good summary, I liked it, and as he said the map makes its own story as you play. Although some more hints would be appreciated!

Additional Comments:
Anyone who defeats this map on very hard will have my undying admiration. Download and see if you can get it!
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4

This siege map offers something different to the standard castle layout, with heavy use of terrain modelling to ensure your troops have to fight through numerous blockades, some small, some huge and extremely well-manned, before you reach the keep area. As a result of this, the map takes some time to play through and this was an element of design that I both like and appreciated. There are several different approaches you can take and the starting troop options are yours to choose from. In terms of replayability, the map has it by the bucketload. Different difficulty settings can be used depending on your skill level, troops combinations are probably critical to your progress, as is your own style of gameplay. The map is certainly something different and combined with the options available, playability is highly regarded by the reviewer.

Balance: 5

This map can be extremely tricky and even on the easiest setting, a player can end up facing an embarrassing defeat. I played this through on easy and normal setting, several times in the end, before tweaking my tactics and troop combinations. Take the hint in the zip file by the author, and don't rush in thinking numbers will overpower the defending troops! On normal difficulty, I found the setting to be about right. There are areas where you will come under fire from different fortified areas, which adds to the difficulty of this scenario. Given that the author has clearly stressed the preferred difficulty setting that the map should be played on, and combined with the option to play on other settings, I can't find fault in the balance element of this map, with a level to appeal to just about all levels of experience. I seem to recall that Ciervo's earlier version of this theme was just as tricky...

Creativity: 4

The concept of having a long, drawn out siege such as this appeals to me greatly and whilst it isn't unique in the downloads section, this is by far one of the best of such examples. Such a scenario can be done horribly wrong, yet this map genuinely pulls it off with stunning playability. Despite comments from other quarters of the 'reviewing community' over this map, I can see clearly what the author is trying to achieve here and the simple idea is a good one, made great by decent design throughout.

Map Design: 4

The landscape is intensively modelled in order to add the longevity that the map requires. In terms of technique, the author has done well to capture the scale of an island settlement within the constraints of the editor and the map really does feel so much more expansive than it actually is. Some areas of the terrain are a little clumsy, such as the large areas of boulders, but it serves a purpose and the map is bound by the functionality that it requires in order to succeed. That said, there are some lovely areas of eye candy with lowered stone-topped palisade walling and the work that is required to produce such a landscape has not been wasted on this reviewer! It may not be the prettiest or the most realistic use of the terrain tools, and some of the defensive structures are a little over the top in my opinion, but that is minor nit-picking. Ciervo has designed an intensive map and fully deserves a 4/5 score. I might add that the author has clearly indicated in the notes that accompany the map that there are areas where a lazy hand may mean the destruction of a structure which is essential to progress any further in the scenario, and in view of this I do not feel that this should override rational thinking when reviewing the map.

Story/Instructions: 3

The zip file contains a minimap and some notes from the author, however aside from comments on the download description page, there is a lack of anything substantial which would justify a score of anything greater than 3/5. What has been provided is good, with those notes essential reading BEFORE you play the map.

Additional Comments:

This is a very well designed, intricate and exapnsive siege map that deserves to be played over and over again. Take your time, don't rush in and think about how to tackle each obstacle you need to overcome before you move your troop units into position. Beware of pitch ditches! A very good effort, something different and recommended for hours of gameplay!

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Map Design4.0
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