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Rionadon - Remade *Updated! v 1.1

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
A great war against the gûras is about to begin! The biggest war ever been fought on Talas*.
I have added an additional map file, the same map but with the signposts more far from the wall, in case this,2603,,10 happened to you.

Note that this will probably not be able to play if you select higher than normal. I haven't tried it myself, but there are huge armies in this map!

It's based on a fantasy book. No one here has probably read it, so don't try to recognize it lol.
"May Lithele's* light shine upon you!" I hope you'll enjoy it!

"We got awaken of the same sound as we did in Andora*; the Andoran horn. As I rose from the ground the cold air hit my face and made me instantly awake. I immediately ran up to the wall to see what was happening and many others did the same. When I stood there and looked over the wall, I couldn’t tell if The plains of havoc suddenly got black by some evil spell, or if it was the army of gûras that had arrived. And at some points, I could see something more light colored than the darkness surrounding it.
To my great horror, I saw it was moving, and I understood…"

Your're not supposed to kill the army, but survive until Teudor; the main character, flees to the mountains.

Why is it named Remade? Because I've already made a Rionadon, but this one is bigger and better in pretty much all ways.

I would like to thank Garret Jax, without him, this map would be impossible to complete. So thank you!

*Talas = Another name for 'earth'
*Lithele = A goddess
*Andora = The land they live in. They are now in the lands of Ezgûrth.

Updated v 1.1
-There's now 40 less crossbowmen each time "Wolf" attacks. Or some may say that there's now 40 more macemen...
-More story. You now read the whole chapter 7, which is a little bit more into the war. It is One page more.
-The Pikemen will now climb up in the towers and attack.
-Think it was easy? You have to defend Rionadon for a longer time now.
-A stair is placed right behind the inner gate. Mostly in case the macemen would destroy the fortress on the other side.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Jasper Tudor Hi there, Dougleass. I've played your map, and I have a few comments.
First, I'd like to say that the map design is great in some areas, while not too impressive in others. The mountains are gourgeous, very well made, and has WL_D-style. Very nice! The field however is a bit plain, and could use a little more detail, so could the keep, which looks kinda odd.
Creativity is fine, the idea of one, huge, wall has been done before, and although I don't like the idea of it, it is indeed very creative.
The storyline is nice, although somewhat short.
Well, so far so good, but when it comes to Playability an Balance there are some issues. For example, the invasions concist of 100 macemen, 100 crossbowmen. That makes it A LOT of crossbowmen, which is very weird, and at the end of the map, there's this huge mass off crossbowmen charging, while all the macemen are already dead. The scripting is also a bit light, and there really only are two kinds of invasions, repeating over and over again. Balance is fine, although I beat it my first try.

Anyway: have you really playtested this map fully? Because the massive amounts of crossbowmen really ruins a lot of the gameplay. Not only does their AI work out bad (ranged units chargin swordsmen) but it looks very unrealistic. I planned on reviewing this map, and if this is fixed, I'm sure you'll get some great scores for this map (at least from me).
File Author
I know about the crossbowmen. But that's kinda what I like about it, because in the book, some ranged soldiers walk on top of the wall and shoots the men fighting in the courtyard. It also kills the archers eventually, which is pretty much what I want, too.

And I remember that I use to win very close to when macemen invades my castle; i'm pretty close dying. What tactic did you use to win? There is actually one thing that a player can do to give you a fullproof victory in the end. But I won't say it yet, but how did you do? And what exactly do you suggest I do?

If it is to remove some crossbowmen, I've actually already done it. But when I did it, the invasions didn't show up at all, and nothing changed when I changed back to as the invasions was before. I had sent a copy of the map to Garret some days earlier, and as told above, it's thanks to him I could finnish it.
So anyways, it doesn't work to remove crossbowmen if that was what you meant.

Did they breach the outer gate? To me, there is enough macemen to kill the swordsmen on the ground, and then to destroy the inner gate, and then run up and kill the king.
The crossbowmen walk up to the wall and through the gap where the gate stood, and kills the remaining soldiers. Works perfectly for me.

[Edited on 01/28/06 @ 02:08 PM]

Jasper Tudor ***SPOILER*** My tactic was to simply put some extra swordsmen up on the walls, when the outer gate was breached, I had the knights make a rush to secure the retread of the archers and the swordsmen (destroying a few siege towers while they were out in the open anyway), I think I managed to get 250-something swordsmen to the inner ward/keep.

I think that a lot less crossbowmen would be good. You could have crossbowmen in the first invasions, but as time goes, the invasions turn into straightforward meele-attacks. This would require a lot more, and customized, invasions, though.
File Author
It is updated now. I hope you like it more. It's harder, and has more macemen.

It didn't work to have 100 crossbowmen, and then to reduce the ammount in the end.

[Edited on 01/29/06 @ 07:27 AM]

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