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the heaven and the hell

Author File Description
master teo
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Impossible
no description.

trust me it is funny because it is really challenging. you will see that animal are your worst enemy and best friend...
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Eagle ironsword Can you put up a minimap please?
Eagle ironsword Er... Did you testplay this map before publishing it? Because the goals aren't beatable. There isn't anywhere to get iron, and as one of the goals are to get 50 iron, and another one is 50 swords, the map is impossible. I tried it on easy and the wolves killed all of my soldiers + all of my peasants + the lord within a couple of minutes. So if you could make it a lot lesser wolves and get some iron into the map, then I'll download it again. And by the way, you should know that you can't make iron ores inside the dairy farm ( as you have done here ) because you can't place iron mines upon the dairy farm. Change these things, and I'll download it, finish it and review it.

master teo
File Author
Eagle, it is possible, trust me but don't worry because i sent another more simple.
maybe if you can't do it with hard try with easy and please review the map
Lord Karpathea No, it isn't possible unless you change stuff in the editor. There is nowhere to put an iron mine, and you can't buy iron. Do you even play test your own maps?
pswallace I tried this map....then I tried it using cheat codes and you cant do it.
HINTS: When you first start a wooden wall around your castle area. Make sure you also build it on the edge of the stream...the wolves can cross at two areas.

Just to the right of the castle area....there's an iron mine, however, you must tear town the dairy farm first. Go and tear down the ox teather which is inside of the wall to the right also. Tear down the's useless...and you'll get back more workers.

Another thing, build a market so you can sell the stones and trade for food.

Tear down the barracks and build it closer to the castle. Build a sword maker, build a few arrow makers...or whatever theyre called. make sure you build an armory and build some wood cutters.

Teaqr down the 4 hunter posts and the fence around it....use that wood for your new wall or sell the wood and buy food.

Make sure you have enough room and peasants to make a windmill, a few bakerys, a couple hops farms and a couple of brewerys and worry about apple orchards and dairy farms later.

Overall...the map is impossible because your time will always run out. Once you build a wall around you....the wolves wont be much of a problem.

Because you will always have a hop weavol wont be able to make enough and more than likely, you wont have enough swords.

The idea is nice, however, there's not enough time and maybe if the hops weren't always infected that would help.

One more thing, offer the peasants a small bribe and set your food to extra or double rations....that should keep everyone a little happier. With that, you maybe be able to stay at 65 or 70.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 2
very complicated....not for the novice....not enough time.
Balance: 1
It sways way to much to one will never complete the mission in time.

Creativity: 4
Nice looking map, lots of trees, streams and other eye candy.

Map Design: 4
nice map design

Story/Instructions: 1
the instructions are pretty clear....but it lacks a story line. Why are we fending off wolves, making swords, baking bread and growing hops?

Additional Comments:More time should be given and turn down the hops problem a couple notches.

[Edited on 09/23/06 @ 06:10 PM]

Map Design2.0
Playability: 3

If ever a map lives up to its name, this is it. The start of the scenario sees you facing hordes of wolf attacks as your peasant and worker activity triggers them into action. This meant a fairly interesting first ten minutes or so as I tried to carve my way through the attacks, followed by a sweep across the map to kill any remaining wolves haning around my buildings and farms. After this, you are left to your own devices to meet the goods requirement, which takes a little effort to set up a suitable food and industry chain, but with no events to keep you on your toes, I did find myself a little bored towards the end. Not a bad effort from the author though.

Balance: 3

The goods requirement seems at first to be rather steep, however by movement of the stockpile to a site adjacent to the iron deposits, you should be able to meet the swords and iron targets without too much fuss. You may need to address this issue early on in the game though. With massive expanses of flat land to place an abundance of hop and wheat farms, the ale requirement is relatively easy to meet, as is the need for bread. As above, a lack of events held back the overall difficulty of the map, and once the wolves are gone there isn't a huge amount to do.

Creativity: 3

The theory behind the map is a good one, if not a little basic. I do enjoy playing economic scenarios set against a timer condition and thos wolves at the start can eat into the time you have to meet the win criteria. Despite these plus points, there wasn't really anything else here to comment on, as this is a scenario that has been done many times before and would have benefitted from something else added to the scenario to justify a higher.

Map Design: 2

The design is very much one of contrast. The area near the keep and behind, where the hordes of wolves are, is a little rudimentary but atmospheric and definitely meets the author's intentions to create a dark, dangerous place. The problem is that 80% of the landscape isn't used, that being the plain, more or less featureless grassland to the south of the keep. A map of contrast by name and nature. One or two smatterings of eye candy are present.

Story/Instructions: 2

The map submission is let down somewhat by a relatively weak story and little in the way of instructions or any other information to introduce the map. Whilst a story isn't essential, I review this area of an author's work based not just on quantity but quality, and the map is crying out for some more effort in this section. As a result, I cann't give a score higher than 2/5.

Additional Comments:

Some elements of this map are fine, enjoyable and generally well done. This isn't a bad scenario at all, but it does need some more work across all areas to gain a better score.

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Map Design3.0
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