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The Viking Raid II (updated)

Author File Description
Lord Ako
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
King Halfdan the Brave stood on top of his keep and inhaled deeply the fresh air. He had finally bested his old enemy, Askald the Snake. With the man hanged and his lands taken, it was now safe to journey southwards. He oversaw the town from his high vantage point and felt proud of what he and his people had accomplished. He had beaten a well trained and armed adversary with fewer troops and means, and this had impressed even some of the other kings. However, there was one man who had not needed to see Halfdan victorious to place his trust in him. This man was King Asgard Silverbeard and he had given his daughter Ingemar, even though the Snake was still very much alive. A few years later, Ingemar had given birth to Halfdan’s son and they had named him Harald. King Halfdan the Brave loved his son very much, but he was not the kind of man to sit still. The recent victory and the spread of his wealth and fame had only wetted his appetite for more.
The thaw had come and gone, and it would soon be summer, one hundred and sixty men boarded three longboats in the fjord. The ships were now ready to set sail, as each had been packed with supplies and arms. Last to step aboard one of the bigger longboats was King Halfdan the Brave, the man who knew no fear…

Read the conclusion to the story about Halfdan and his men in the zip file. In case you haven't played part one yet I recommend doing that first. You can find it here:
This map has a dual scenario. The way this works is simple; at the start of the map choose your victory condition and start playing accordingly. This is all further explained in the zip file as well, so be sure to read that before you start playing. The scripting will work sub-optimal at easy difficulty level so try to avoid using it.
Allright, I hope you'll find this a worthy successor to part I and have a good time. :)

1: I uploaded an updated zipfile after 4 downloads, the updated file includes epilogues for both of the scenarios/stories.

2: After 24 downloads I have uploaded an updated version of the map. The only change is that you now have an extra month. This was done to lessen the time pressure on the cede event. (Although you will benefit from it in the wood scenario too.)

3: After 47 Dl's I have updated it again to make sure the fires will never occur in the cede sceanrio.(deleted the '300 woodplanks aquired' condition that would trigger the fires)

If you are having trouble finishing the cede in time; I posted some spoiler-ish advice on the second page of comments here.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Lord Ako
File Author
Maybe I should start making LOTR maps. ;)
Thanks for sticking up for me Jasper! I agree with what you have said. Black_Sabat, PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO MOTIVATE YOUR SCORES. Whether they are good or bad. If you find it too much effort to even think about or motivate your scores, then please don't post a review. I don't like to be so harsh but it almost seems like you just filled in some random numbers. I can understand the playability because it's not easy(Hopefully Lord Karpathea will review this one too.;) but I was kinda hoping the ships, graves, double scenario and stories would impress you into rating creativity (even)higher. :D

Alexus, after BSR,'s feedback from playtesting I have already widened the time to cede by two months, it should be doable now. Try to immediately send your swordsmen to the gate to kill the enemy swordsmen, then have more than half of them walk to the other gate to kill the other four swordsmen. Meanwhile use knights to hack a hole in the side wall between the river and gate. Try to leave the flattened wood standing. When you have entry send the rest of swordsmen up the wooden platform and have half of them clear one side of the wall while the other half walks in the opposite direction. If you have destroyed the flattened wood and no longer have access to a small section of wall send in your archers to kill the last archers. I hope it works for you now. (I gave you another month too)

[Edited on 02/17/06 @ 05:45 AM]

WarLord_Designs Cool, thanks Ako.
I have to agree I dislike recieving reviews that have no explanation, worse still the once which praise you so highly and yet the scores never seem to fit the praise.

I think it would be good if everyone put in the effort to atleas put a few lines to describe why they gave the scores.

I'll give the map another few goes, thanks for the tips. :) Then i'll review it.


[Edited on 02/16/06 @ 05:11 PM]

WarLord_Designs The Viking Raid II

Playability: 5
Could it be anything other than a five, incase your still pondering the answer it's no, a clear five in this department and let me tell you why. (takes a deep breath, then remembers he has to type it not say it) From the beginning you are give two choices as to how you will go about beating this map. One is a task which requires you to gather a handsome sum of wood, the other a cede event, take the small river based ‘burh.’ After quite a number of attempts at ceding the fort I retired defeated and went with the economic goal of gathering 1000 planks of wood. The events are well timed and the worry of fire and the enemy invasions and bandits are always out to get you, not to mention you have to get the wood in a certain amount of time. There is rarely a dull moment, love the peasants sitting, very nice trick. The cede was tough, until Ako gave me a few tips and I just felt like military noob, it was fairly simple once explained. After taking the fort I began repairs and got working on food and ale, as well as the strengthening of my army. I felt that the wait between attacks was a bit long, however when they arrived I wouldn’t have wanted the time they took to be any shorter, a great blend of economic and military challenges here, yes I think that’s about it, there’ still a few other categories left.

Balance: 4
Another examble of an expert map maker is shown clerly in balance, but enough about me, we're here to talk about Ako, just kidding mate.The balance in this map is of high quality as always, unlike the first instalment in the Viking Raid this one was a bit tougher in my opinion and I found it a quite a challenge, I was able to collect the wood yet I found holding off the enemies in the bugh to be all so difficult. The struggles came first with food and popularity, one, which I had overcome far to late into the game to hold off the final assaults pf the enemy forces. I focused on creating knights and archers mainly, the time between attacks gave me time enough to hold out yet I found myself with less and less troops each time and in the end it caught up with me, very tough, yet a great challenge and a great deal of fun, I wish I could have heard victory at the end instead of defeat. I thought I had a lifeline in the marketplace yet found no trade, so my age had ended on a sour note. This a high action game which will require all your skill and wits to beat it, apparently I lost my skill and wits, maybe someone threw tem out. But all in all a good ld 4 from me, still I wish I could given a 5 but I just found it too hard.

Creativity: 5
Ah, creativity, make sure your head is equipped for growth cause here comes the praise wave. Perhaps the most creative designer of his time Lord Ako can hardly disappoint, his skills in all areas of mapmaking label him as one of the great talents of the stronghold community, it seems with each new map comes a bright world of innovation and magic something that only a great can provide. The Viking series has seen again, a great development of ideas and thinking from Ako. From the awesome sight of the longboats and invisible troops, to the ability to have peasants wait till given the ok to work, not to mention the use of snow and now just recently everlasting fire it seems it there was a prestigious award for mapmaking talent he would surely win. Scripted events also show a great deal of dedication and the reward is in the map, collecting certain food types allows bandits to reinforce your positions and everything is so well timed, a great example of a dedicated map maker. Well done!

Map Design: 5
Map design as usual is of high standard something we’ve come to expect from you, so don’t stop or we’ll rebel. Perhaps most notable is the winding river, which looks very unique, quite an interesting body of water one must say. The on shore boats and the burh look great, as does the custom church, very nice indeed. I personally liked the original fort of which you have a screen in your write up, but it’s a personal thing, I know I create something that looks perfectly fine to Arthus and yet I find it appalling, just opinion I guess. The ditch around the burh gives a great effect and the small town outside looks good too. I love the way you have incorporated apple orchard into the forest, an overall outstanding effect when viewed, the path leading through the forest blends in well with its surrounds and gives a natural effect. Another high level of design, love the unique shape of the minimap, congratulations on another great design.

Story/Instructions: 5
Finally we come to the storyline and instructions. Again a 5 here and with good reason, not only have you created an interesting story but you have also included hints on how to win for both styles of play. More than this you have included some very interesting information in you historical write up along with some information about how the design of your map was developed and changed as you progressed, each piece is informative and an enjoyable read, just what the doctor ordered.

Additional Comments:
Well I feel if I add much more I’ll have to publish this review as a short story, but seriously this is another great map by Lord Ako, though I found it a bit to tough in some circumstances I’m sure all will agree it lose none of its fun factor, Great work again, I take my hat off to you. Download this map now!

Thanks for the enjoyable experience, maybe Arthus will have more luck with it, then he can post a review. I would have liked to give a 4.9 but the reiew syste doesn't permit.


[Edited on 02/16/06 @ 07:04 PM]

WarLord_Designs Why is it that you can give review scores for crusader maps such in .5's and you cant for normal stronghold maps? Can this be updated? As I mentioned I would have give a 4.9 to Ako but couldnt because the system is different to crusader. i was able to win one way and not the other so I should only deduct 1 point, however I cant do this unless its a crusader map, is there any chance of change? Otherwise I might round it up to a 5 , it is a good map.

[Edited on 02/17/06 @ 02:14 AM]

Lord Ako
File Author
Thanks Alexus, reading your short story was a very good way to start my day! :)
I really appreciate your words in the creativity category, coming up with new stuff is my 'designer obsession' so it's good to hear this is valued highly.

I could see one possible flaw in your strategy for the cede game, should you ever play it again. "I focused on creating knights and archers mainly" - knights are a luxury, I made the same mistake when I first started playtesting, but you'll need every swordsman you can get for the first three invasions. Position them on your gates and when the enemy is damaging the gates or wall too much, walk out for a quick sortie, then retreat is what I do. Sometimes I will build some knights too but only from the pre-build stables. As I said in the hints it is a good idea to prepare for the final invasion by building more stables and knights though.

"The struggles came first with food and popularity" -try to quickly build some chapels and get ale flowing, together with the bonus from two types of food and a pleasant fear factor you should be able to quickly get out of the popularity 'danger zone'. BTW I forgot to mention that trading is unavailable because you're an invader and the natives see you as such and don't feel like making a friendly trade. ;)

[Edited on 02/17/06 @ 05:54 AM]

NAT black_sabat has been emailed requesting that he should review and back up his scores with acceptabel comments, unless he does his review will be removed.

- Angel NAT

[Edited on 02/17/06 @ 06:18 PM]

Jasper Tudor
Map Design5.0
I only played the fighting-side of the map, so this is what I'm reviewing. This review has nothing to do with the gather 1000 wood objective.

Playability: 5
As always, of a very high standard. The highest possible there is actually. The cede was quite nice, but it was the defending battles that was the most entertaining part of the map. I don't think that the time between battles were too long, the opposite actually =P
The fighting forced me to use tactics that I don't really like, like rushing out from the castle, placing troops in front of the gates (I prefer to protect my men behind walls), but this is what made the map so nice to play, the requirement to use tactics that you don't really like.

Balance: 5
Phew...tough! VERY tough. So tough in fact, that I wasn't able to beat it.
The cede wasn't very hard battle-wise, but instead proved to be a challenge when it came to time. You had to be quick, real quick, and it took me 4 attempts to just figure out how to beat it. Also, the cede didn't take up too big a part of the map, which was good, since it gave room for the real fighting.
At first, I had troubles getting my popularity up, I was without food for several months, since the peasants doesn't seem to understand that the granary has moved, and the wolf attack (that was no real attack, thank God) took my popularity almost down to 50.
The first two invasions were VERY tough, untill I read some hints (both in the write-up and here). After that, they were quite easily beaten off.
The bandits never proved a threat actually, and it was mostly fun to watch them get slaugheterd outside my walls.
The final invasion(s) however, was a real nightmare, and I haven't beaten it, and I don't think I ever will actually :( There's jsut too many troops...
Anyway, since I got VERY close to beating it, and I know that I'm not the best of players, this map is worth a 5 in balance as well.

Creativity: 5
Well...what can I say...A clear 5? Possibly a 6. All the things that makes this map unique has already been mentioned and are pretty obvious.

Map Design: 5
As usual, very nice. In my opinion, this looked even better than Episode I (which was a clear 5). I especially like the burh and how it was sited close to the river. Just like WL_D, I preffered the look of the original castle, but in the end, it's all about being historically correct, isn't it? =P
The rivers is fantastic, not only is it a rather wide river (different from most other rivers in Stronghold maps), but it also curves very natural, and as it gets closer to the coast, it starts to widen. I didn't have much time to look at the forest as I was busy fighting and trying to manage my economy, but it looked very nice and all natural. Nice little eye-candys with the apple trees as well.

Story/Instructions: 5
Since this is a campagin (although a short one) you get more involved in the story, and the story is excellent. It is well written, has a nice and interesting storyline, and actually has two different endings!
The instructions are clear, and no one who can read can fail to understand what to do (even though the map is a bit complicated). The hints are very useful as well, and I don't think I would have come as far as I did without them.

Additional Comments:
Defenitly a worthy sequel to the first episode, and this one was actually better than the first one, IMO.
I still can't understand how you made it through the playtesting for this one...the dual scenario seems like a nightmare. Lucky you did it anyway, 'cause it sure pays off in the end. Fantastic!
Andy Baz Hey is it me or is some of these reviews getting bigger :) I still reckon my review of Raglan castle is bigger though :D
Jasper Tudor Well...Perhaps it felt like we (WL_D and I) had to compensate for black_sabat's review =P
And WOAH, your review on Raglan Castle is HUGE, Andy.
Lord Karpathea Finally!!! Downloading, now............. 83rd person, yeah!!!
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