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Devils Pass

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
The sound of toads and moist boots deep in mud echo outward into the black of night, the moon is full this night and our path, though treacherous is well lit. The reeds waver in the cool breeze along with the warm marsh bellow, as the pits of oil bubble monotonously an eerie fog gathers and floats low on the ground acting as a shroud for the hazards bellow.
Dead trees stand silent and are unmoving, their bark is black as suttee and their skeletal arms carry thorns-sharp and cruel. Only the occasional hoot of the owls that perch in these canopies of death waken the men, momentarily bringing them back on guard. Soon as always they return to their drab march, heads hang low as if by a thread they hold.
The wind is cold and our march long, my feet are sore and blistered, my shoes-old skin-do little to shelter from the sharp rocks and thorns that lay abundant on the ground. Better we be dead than on this march, ironic that soon most shall, those in command sit high on their horses and scan the endless dark, what do they know of life and hardship, nothing, nothing. We come to halt, and again we snap from our daze, what is it this time I wonder, surely no enemy, for if it is I would gladly lay down my arms and surrender, be it to the enemy or death itself. No it is no enemy, at last some favour, we can rest, this is where we will camp.
I find myself here, cold on the floor in desperate need for rest, yet I cannot. My mind ceases to rest; memories and ideas run through my mind, I am tired yet I cannot sleep. The soldiers who lie besides me move restlessly in their sleep, dreams on their minds, happy times. I have no such luck this night my thoughts are only of my wife, my child, they are safe yet I fear for them, like all in this world they too must answer to the call of their masters. I am not more than a simple farmer, my ideals are simple and yet I now like many find myself in this cold and distant place. My love is with them; my only wish is that I too could be. I close my eyes. Soon it will be morning.
‘To arms you pathetic rabble, on your feet I want you all armed and ready to move as soon as the order is given,’ comes the screams from those who sit high on their horses, those who no nothing of life and of hardship.
The sun as always rises, and again we are on the move, this time the light is not gold nor does it warm our soles. Instead the light shines out white rays, as though we march to our death and destruction, the light filters and slithers like a serpent over the land and glistens off rocks and moist holes in the ground. Cold and hungry we march under the orders to which we are expectant, better to march as free men then as free men in shackles.
Not long after we are told to stop, the cavalry are given an order to circle around and attack from the north, some distance away. The faces of the men are bleak and lifeless, as though their souls have been ripped of them. There will be no inspiring war cry from our generals, only the high stench of moist ground and the whistle of the wind as it passes through the trees. In front of us the high wall cliff, jagged and hard, the shrubs that grow below it are dark and cruel in appearance, they carry purple flowers, like the insects these plants lure soon we, I fear, will like them meet our end.
Soon the order comes and like ants we cluster into arranged groups, as we march though the cliff sides cut into our flesh, the salt filled air does little to ease our pain. Soon light becomes more abundant and we find our selves on level plain, the ground is covered in hard stone and dry shrubs. The pass from which we came howls as the wind passes through and the men look weary and despondent. ‘We’re doomed, it’s the devils pass I tell you’, came the whispers from behind me. I thought not of it, I closed my eyes. My wife and son are smiling at me, I feel warm inside and the pain is gone, by death or glory, I know I will see them again.
The enemy sits high in their towers awaiting their fate as do we, now the battle will begin. Before the order is given the land goes quiet, a warm scent seems to float around me, the breeze drops a single white flower from the sky. ‘Charge!’ and so we entered the Devil’s Pass.

Thanks for the story Alexus

As always guys thoughts are welcome and im always around if you need help. The full instructions are in the read me file included with the map and are pretty important.
Thanks and happy gaming!

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
File Author
hehe thats the reason why i didnt allow gates ;)

Please don't give up on it, ive spent hours balancing this one i just hope it shows :S because im sensing some poor balance scores in reviews - would people like it easier or do you enjoy the challenge?
Dark NeRo The map is very hard to beat. But after 4th try i beat on easy. The same tactic i won it on easy did suceed on normal too.
when i have finished on Hard I will write a review for it warlords.
But just some comments:
Landscaping is as always great and casle very nice too.
The invasions arent very hard to handle i fixed this problem on second attempt. But their ar many traps (killing pitches, Oil) and so i had to save and reload it often.
But i like such kinds of maps. Are you going to make a remade of the other maps in your old campaign too Arthus?
File Author
Well it all depends on whether people enjoy this map or not, if so i may go back to some oldies if i have the time :)

Dark NeRo
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
I really had a great time to play this map. I played on hard for a first but I was surely surprised of the invasions because I moved all my men forward. And soon my lord died. I played again on easy and on the 4th attempt finsihed. I tried the same on Normal and managed to win it on my second attempt but I saved often and restart then to lose the minimum of troops during the invasions. I don’t want to post my solution in this threat because every player should find his own ways to play the map but maybe I will post a solution but I don’t exactly know when. I didn’t enyoy sieges very m

Balance: 5

Well I could finish the map on my second attempt on normal but I played on hard and on easy many times before an loaded the game very often and tried so many tactics to take over the castle and from the comments I can read that many players have the same problems with the map and so it is a 5 (its very hard but i like challenges so it is beteer if if it would be winable on 4 th attempt or so). I just found it annoying that I couldn’t beat the map on hard or very hard =) I don’t know why it doesn’t work but well I will trie it again one day. =)

Creativity: 5

So the map was an remake of one of your old map Arthus, but still the map features some new aspects. I really cant say what was the most creative thing in the map because I really found everything very creative. Really liked the invasions ( so you always have to defend your keep and the fortified area with wolfes were your knights are. Very nice

Map Design: 5

Mapdesign is BOMBASTIC as in all of your maps. There is almost nobody who designs so nice than you exspecially terraining but in all map the cities looked very good to. Really nice design I don’t know how to describe it.. its amazing!!!!

Story/Instructions: 5

I really liked the story. It is very long and has many details and I liked to read it. Some hints are included and I have to say your stories are always of very high standart and some of the best writtens ever posted here. Who of you is writing the storys ? I don’t know who it is but I have to say a big thanks to you we players are allowed to play so nice maps from you and read so well written stories.

Additional Comments/ questions =P

The map fits to your other projects… It is nearly perfect… maybe perfect =)

Some questions at the End: How is Mystic River going ?
Are there other planned projects so far from you?
How do you make so f***ing good maps ? :P

Very very very big ccongratulations for the next perfect map Warlord Designs =)

Hope to see some new maps from you soon =P

[Edited on 03/31/06 @ 07:45 AM]

Jasper Tudor Now that you've reviewd this map, can't you please review my Others' Sins? *Puppy eyes*
Dark NeRo Well i had time to day and so i reviewed yours Warlord Designs and if you look; i have just reviewed yours Jasper with a five in every categorie =)
File Author
Ok i'll say a few things. 1. the castle isnt crash hot as im not a builder and i know it. So to counter this i made a strategic castle. One thats hard to beat, sure looks arnt there but its still ok i think ;)

2. Thanks so much for your review, you made my otherwise boring day :D

3. Mystic river is a while away but getting there.

Thanks again champ,

File Author
Looks like it was worth the wait,

a nice five is good to see, not to mention the map was enjoyed.

I write the stories, that was my contribution this time as it was a kind of solo form Arthus, glad you liked it.

Good work Arthus. :)

Dark NeRo comme on guys review this great map or aat least download its the best siege available here
Lord Karpathea
Map Design5.0
Before I begin.............homina homina homina homina homina homina homina homina homina homina homina homina...........................Ok, now for my review..............

Playability: 5
In the words of Lord Edy upon rating Sulis's Secret of Sylvandell: We're not worthy We're not worthy We're not worthy!!!! This was without a doubt one of the best maps I have played from SH.

Balance: 5
For me, perfect. I beat your map easily! Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.............ok not really, I got my a** kicked.....nine times. Ouch, but in a good way. I love maps that are this hard. Finally won it, though......took me half the night, I fell asleep the next day in my morning college class, was reprimanded by my Prof., but finally won it. So overall, it was worth it.
If there is anyone out there looking for the greatest challenge of your life, do what I did and try playing this map on Very Hard.

Ok.............long story short, the next three are 5, 5, and more 5.

Additional Comments:
Wow. That basically sums it up. Oh, and if anyone gives this map less than a perfect 5, I will hunt them down and blow them away with a bazooka. *points bazooka menacingly at people who are thinking about giving this map less than a 5*

[Edited on 04/05/06 @ 11:25 PM]

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