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The Desert Citadel

Author File Description
The Rabbit
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
After a few years in the crusades pointless killing, pillage and other “fun” of your “fellows” disgust you. Having been wounded did not cheer you up, either!

You thus wish to settle down and claim a piece of the land of milk and honey. Unfortunately no liege will let you, as they do not recognize your title!

Finally a duke with a questionable sense of humor allows you to set a manor anywhere in the desert as long as you do not enclose your keep and grants you the right to build a few walls and two small towers. Great, eh?

Sitting in the pub and swallowing your pride and anger with ale you meet an old friend, a monk. He tells you about an old, abandoned small "citadel" in the desert where he and some brothers have build a small cloister. You decide to use that for an advantage and build your manor, few allowed walls and two towers right next to it!

You plan to collect enough goods and money to either be recognized as an independent lord or ... (well, insert any idea applying force here)

Turns out however: There is a catch. That "abandoned citadel" is a holy meeting place for the desert tribes. Guess who is not amused and wants it back? In addition, fires, plaque, crop and hop disease and pestering lions are your constant friends. Furthermore the son of duke was not amused by the joke of his father and wants you dead. He'll become heir in about 20 years...

Key facts:
- Have 250, happy people (religion and pubs > 50%),
- Collect the stuff needed to make and supply an army
(500 bread, 750 beer, 60/60 swords and amour and 25.000 gold)
- Enclose your keep or loose your lord and your done for!

Some hints:
- The duke never said anything about moats …
- Get rid of enemies fast or you might miss out on some help
- The fair and bards come to the remotest places!

p.s. I could start the game only from the "own scenario -> play maps" menu. However that might be due to my german version of the game (neat way to excuse myself for any funny use of the english language commited above, eh?)

Reviews would be most welcome!
I hope you enjoy the map, I personally did!
- goals slightly lowered (beer 500, Ppl 180)
- fixed jammed brutal invasions in later years
- Added more eye candy :)
WARNING: The later invasions profit from the good things of "player 2". This is intended and should be considered. Not having a tight defence will break your neck !

AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
The Rabbit
File Author
I'm happy that several have allready downloaded it. Would be even happier about some feedback ;-)
Lord Michael I
I will rate! Wait a bit...
The Rabbit
File Author
LOL, guess why I marked it as "hard" :-)

First of all I thank you very muchfor your time and effort in your fair review!

Honestly I would not recommend this map to beginners. I made it in order to be challenged myself throughout the whole gameplay.

I accept your "verdict" however I'll keep the 250 ppl. for now (heck who thinks this to hard: you are invited to adjustit after download).

The key to an "easy victory" are creative defence, constant adjustment of economic tactics and exploiting all resources. I set the goals quite high because I wanted a long and challenging mission.
Lord Michael I
Anyway, thinking it the other way, that population goal is a bit fair, hard, but fair, since it proves a challenge for those who want good gameplay and, well, a challenge.

Good map!
Lord Michael I
I've reconsidered my rating.
Real nice map!
The Rabbit
File Author
Thanks a lot! As for the grassland: It's carefully adjusted (LOL). The player needs a creative idea to cut down on food consumption... As for beer: almost anything is for sale or purchase (but swords).
Lord Michael I
Well, I have'nt finished the mission, so I will consider it. And as for the comment I mad e for the invasions, they are a bit too easy, except the last one :o
I barely got out of that!
peter2008 I have ambivalent feelings with this mission. Found unique effects of creativity and boring flaws in here.

Moat digging is the only chance to hold off the huge invasions. A tricky tactics, but it cuts off part of the gameplay.
After buying bows at the start (to take care of lions) and digging 3 long moats in front of the different signposts, I could boost the economy.

500 ale? Crazy, there is no reason for the amount. Placed almost only wheat farms which are far more productive and bought 450 kegs of ale during the game. So what?
Fire, plague and lion attack events happen repeatedly. The last one can happen to be the most devastating. Employed apothecaries and countless water pots and trained some 60 archers for not having to care about these "inner enemies" any longer. At last, as often, the requested amount of gold was put aside.
Ah yes, best played with fear factor -5 and game speed 90 (the worst case scenario for eco missions).

Once all measures have been established, there's just two things left to do. Selling some good, especially from the armoury. And a constant variation of tax level.
For me this belongs to the two big points of the game. Popularity is affected from all sides possible, constant new adjusting of taxes keep the player busy. Every tax level may be used! This is an exciting job and a good practice

Another strong point, not mentioned in the earlier comments, is that the map allows the player to lay special stress on parts of the economy he or she likes most. I concentrated on the wheat and the iron chain selling lots of metal armour.
As for population, I occupied about 300 people. On the map, some 200 more would be possible.

This leads to landscaping, which is quite poor imo.
Wood there is nicely few at the start. Later, a tree fungus event makes tree stumps block some farm land.
I cannot see that the landscape is nice. Iron and stones are offered in very huge clusters. Most area is just flat and empty (useful only for moat digging).

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