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Arundel Castle, hopeless situation

Author File Description
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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
Story: Trouble and dark times came over England after the fail of the crusaders in jerusalem. There Richards army had incredible losses when they wanted to break out of the city. France saw a chance to invade the island so King Loius II mobilized a huge army and crossed the channel after defeating the already hard damaged Norman fleet.

After the successful landing of the French army on the coast near Westsussex Lord Willam of Norfolk (Player) gets early in the morning a message that the invaders are marching right towards his area. He orders a few groups of
defenders to keep the villages mines and farms for a short time so that he’s able to organize an effective defence line around the castle to hold it as long as he can. William knows that it's inpossible to stopp the mighty enemy army but he hopes for a wonder...the last night befor the assualt he thinks and thinks and thinks...then...he has an idea....

The king has sent a little reinforcement to help you. But use them wisely :-)

Task: build up many defensives and survive all French waves. Drive them back with your reinforcement or do you want to see another Eiffel tower in London !?

the last time i played this map it was too hard so i reduced the enemy forces but i set all resorces weapons, stones and wood at max.

A few details from the castle:
The castle was built in the 11 centuries. It was 850 years long in the hands of the family Howard, the duces of Norfolk. They had many enemies because they allways stood near to the crone
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design2.5
Playability: 2.5
Probably not one of the most playable scenarios. Sure, it was fun charging around with 200 knights and killing everything, but this really lost appeal to me after about 15 minutes.

Even though gigantic battles here are the norm for this type of scenario, well... a giant battle doesn't fill it to the brim and just over for me.

Balance: 2
This "siege" scenario was rather heavily swayed towards one side...... Me. The vastly inflated starting goods made this scenario just too easy. A horde of arab archers and crossbowmen really will stop anything in their tracks, privided with ballistas against trebs and catapults.

Plus, my entire army was just way too big to handle. Usually in a siege map 300 troops on walls already turns into a micromanagement issue, but 1400 soldiers plus enemy soldiers was just too much for me to handle, as well as my computer. Probably the only thing bumping up this score is this one-time complete field, no-strategy "massacre" of a battle.

Creativity: 2.5
Historical castles usually do require a lot of attention.... but basically nothing is creative here. The castle was rather strangely shaped, but never the less well-done. Just recreating a battle or siege doesn't show much for creativity.

Map Design: 2.5
In reality, not much map design. The land was grass... grass... road... grass... and hills. Even though the mines and villages part might have been accurate, nothing in the way of landscape has been attempted. Even the number of scrubs (which really add to the landscape) was plain next to zero.

The castle was quite well done, but basically nothing in the form of "natural looking". The landscape looked something like the land you see in the "Age of Kings" random maps games. "Far from reality.

The land looked... computer generated.

Story/Instructions: 3
There was quite a bit of history and story explained in the scenario description, but for historical castles, a history of the castle would really boost this score.

The insturctions were quite clear though.

Additional Comments:
If this was your first map, well done. If not, I would consider this map a "draft", which still needs a bit of editing. However, this review was just an opinion, so I don't care if anybody else agrees with me.

Well done, but polish it off a bit!!!

[Edited on 04/15/06 @ 12:09 PM]

Sir Steele
Map Design3.0
Playability: 1
I have no idea how are you going to play this map. Just like what artofmath said, the "little" reinforcements that then king has send you is TOO huge!
The game has no objective, and the enemy waves are unlimited. So what's the point?
The player is also too strong! you have everything on max! maybe you want it to be easier but putting everything to the max really isn't the way.

Balance: 1.5
You have TOO much soldiers and the enemy's is too less. Also your troops are all over the map so the enemy siege equitment are destroyed when their engineers are moving closer to the castle.
Your archers are guarding their signpost! so we can arrive, you're already shooting at them!

Creativity: 3.5
Outside the castle there were small villages, roads, and stuff like those.

Map Design: 3
There were only two kinds of terrains on the map: earth and oasis. It really makes the land looks ugly when you do that...

Story/Instructions: 4
I did include a story but it would of be better if you found the historical imformations about the castle.

Additional Comments:
You should really work on the balance and map design. The playbility is low only because there were no winning event.(object)
Try to make your next map a little... playable...

[Edited on 03/28/06 @ 06:42 PM]

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Map Design2.8
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