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A Shining City of Brass

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard

This map is my representation of the City of Brass from the Arabian Nights written around 830 AD. I added some defenders so you can actually storm the city! The English translation is called "Thousand and One Nights". The original Arabian Nights, a series of anonymous stories in Arabic, is considered as an entity to be among the classics of world literature. Most people know of the the efforts of Scheherezade, or Sheherazade, to keep her husband, King Shahryar (or Schriyar), from killing her by entertaining him with a tale a night for 1,001 nights. The best known of these stories are those of Ali Baba, Sinbad the Sailor, and Aladdin.

This is taken from the actual text (english translation)

Stories from the Thousand and One Nights.

The Harvard Classics. 1909–14.

Nights 566–578

The Story of the City of Brass
"—And where, said the sheykh, is the way to the City of Brass, and the place wherein are the bottles? What distance is there between us and it?—The ‘Efrit answered, It is near. So the party left him, and proceeded; and there appeared to them a great black object, with two [seeming] fires corresponding with each other in position, in the distance, in that black object; whereupon the Emir Musa said to the sheykh, What is this great black object, and what are these two corresponding fires? The guide answered him, Be rejoiced, O Emir; for this is the City of Brass, and this is the appearance of it that I find described in the Book of Hidden Treasures; that its wall is of black stones, and it hath two towers of brass of El-Andalus, which the beholder seeth resembling two corresponding fires; and thence it is named the City of Brass..
...They ceased not to proceed until they arrived at it; and, lo, it was lofty, strongly fortified, rising high into the air, impenetrable: the height of its walls was eighty cubits, and it had five and twenty gates, none of which would open but by means of some artifice; and there was not one gate to it that had not, within the city, one like it: such was the beauty of the construction and architecture of the city. They stopped before it, and endeavoured to discover one of its gates; but they could not; and the Emir Musa said to the sheykh ‘Abd-Es-Samad, O sheykh, I see not to this city any gate. The sheykh replied, O Emir, thus do I find it described in the Book of Hidden Treasures; that it hath five and twenty gates, and that none of its gates may be opened but from within the city.—And how, said the Emir, can we contrive to enter it, and divert ourselves with a view of its wonders?
Then the Emir Musa ordered one of his young men to mount a camel, and ride round the city, in the hope that he might discover a trace of a gate, or a place lower than that to which they were opposite. So one of his young men mounted, and proceeded around it for two days with their nights, prosecuting his journey with diligence, and not resting; and when the third day arrived, he came in sight of his companions, and he was astounded at that which he beheld of the extent of the city, and its height. Then he said, O Emir, the easiest place in it is this place at which ye have alighted. And thereupon the Emir Musa took Talib the son of Sahl, and the sheykh ‘Abd-Es-Samad, and they ascended a mountain opposite the city, and overlooking it; and when they had ascended that mountain, they saw a city than which eyes had not beheld any greater. Its pavilions were lofty, and its domes were shining; its mansions were in good condition, and its rivers were running; its trees were fruitful, and its gardens bore ripe produce. It was a city with impenetrable gates, empty, still, without a voice or a cheering inhabitant, but the owl hooting in its quarters, and birds skimming in circles in its areas, and the raven croaking in its districts and its great thoroughfare-streets, and bewailing those who had been in it. The Emir Musa paused, sorrowing for its being devoid of inhabitants, and its being despoiled of people and dwellers; and he said, Extolled be the perfection of Him whom ages and times change not, the Creator of the creation by his power! And while he was extolling the perfection of God (to whom be ascribed might and glory!), he happened to look aside, and, lo, there were seven tablets of white marble, appearing from a distance. So he approached them, and, behold, they were sculptured and inscribed; and he ordered that their writing should be read; therefore the sheykh ‘Abd-Es-Samad advanced and examined them and read them; and they contained admonition, and matter for example and restraint, unto those endowed with faculties of discernment."

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kodakeasyshare Woooooowwwww...
did you type all of that, or copy+paste?

[Edited on 04/02/06 @ 10:33 PM]

File Author
Its quotes from the book about the city of brass.
KingofKings lol, i only know it from the card game 'Magic'
File Author
LOL, if you google search it all that comes up is information about the city of brass magic card. I had one of those cards once. There are special rulings for the card! This map is based on the City of Brass of the Arabian Nights legend.

[Edited on 04/03/06 @ 12:55 PM]

Lord Karpathea Lollard, how do you come up with awesome maps so quickly?
File Author
I played D&D for years and we had to think up our own adventures all the time. Sometimes we used real historical basis, most of the time the plots were totally made up. I just have practice at it and enjoy making maps! LOL

[Edited on 04/03/06 @ 03:26 PM]

Lord Karpathea Awesome. Enjoy your maps! Keep designing.
Lord Rushton
Map Design3.5
kind of crap in some places but cool in other aspects
File Author
Thanks for the rating and glad you like some parts. Other comments and ratings encouraged!
Map Design4.5
Playability: 3
good to play but it sometimes your units stick between buildings

Balance: 4.5
its ok

Creativity: 5
lot of creativity, many details

Map Design: 4.5
lot of details, nice fortifications

Story/Instructions: 5
lot of details, interesting

Additional Comments:
Good work! only the playabilty could be a bit better

[Edited on 04/11/06 @ 04:58 AM]

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