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The Watchtower

Author File Description
The Rabbit
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Impossible
This is a fragment of the recordings of the youth of Emir Abdallah Ibn Edur. He became to be known as one of the most effective military advisers to Saladin the wise and played a major role during the re-conquest of the lost areas.

Praise to Allah!

March 575 (1196 AD)

What a disaster! Being a young administrative clerk at the court of Wesir Semir Nassif, I only took a wrong turn and happened to stumble into his daughter. Unfortunately she was taking a bath. Next thing I remember is being sent to this forsaken place to be forgotten. If my uncle would not be an advisor to the sultan I’d be dead by now. My guards have specific orders: If I try to leave this place or if anyone tries to find me here, they are to kill me at once!
This place once used to be a watchtower guarding the bridge of the road to Damascus. That road once led from the mountains in the north-east along rich minefields over a mighty bridge. It continued into the valley and west to the coast. The first waves of the unbelievers (They call themselves “Crusaders”!) however wiped out the garrison and they also destroyed the maintower and the bridge.
Thus only the canyon was left as an approach from the north

July 575 (1196 AD)
No supplies since June.

August 575 (1196 AD)
Still no supplies. I’ve convinced my guards to a plan. They allow me to build an economy and to setup a defense plan. My goal is simple: I want to reinstall this keep and collect enough supplies to hold it. If I can achieve that I can “present” it to the sultan with the help of my uncle. I’d be back in good standing and no Wesir could remain in my way. The garrison hopes to get out of here as well if I succeed.
Completing the keep early might seem the first step. Nevertheless I think I’ll delay this sometime to have better access from the iron to the stockpile. Won’t make a difference anyway: Attacks must be stopped before leaving the canyon or I have no way of halting them… Also I have no ideas how to build walls or gatehouses. My only luck is that one of the assassins has studied famous major towers and their construction in the past. If I provide stone he can rebuild the destroyed round tower.

I’ve sworn to Allah that if he helps me in this quest I’ll never release any detail on how. Nevertheless it was clear that without any way to recruit soldiers only one way was left to defend the canyon. First step will be to remove those knights guarding the high ground and securing the old gatehouse guarding the descent from the cliffs.

September 576 (1197 AD)
This morning a wandering bard has joined our little dwelling. He surely cheered us up!

June 579 (1200 AD)
What a joy! Not only have we secured food but also we have grown large enough to attract the fair! However they bring grave news as well: A new crusade has landed in the north. They will still take about two years to reach us since they are currently tied up in a siege. Nevertheless I must shift my attention to preparing the only defense option I have.

September 581 (1202 AD)
The first enemy spies have caught us unaware! This might be the final wakeup call.

February 582 (1203 AD)
They have arrived and their armor is amazingly tough! I heard stories before about those crusaders but reality is worse. These guys cannot be underestimated. And this proved only the first shock troop of many to come…

March 583 (1204 AD)
I’ve lost a man. This did not only raise fear in me, even worse it raised doubt in my “guards” which so far had supported me. They held council and presented me with the verdict: If more man should die they’d kill me and return to the Wesir with some reason for doing it. I cannot blame them…

December 588 (1209 AD)
Even in this remote desert you can find a rose. My heart is full of love and I married her. The only shadow on my mind is the lack of options I can offer her combined with the little time I can spare in the middle of this ongoing war.

March 589 (1210 AD)
The crusaders have a grave humor. As a wedding present they send me even more “guests”. I estimate that I have to repel them a few more years before I am done in my quest. Once the sultan sees the work I’ve done and the number of enemies I have destroyed before they ever reached Damascus! He will surely take over this place with a full army, honor me and fulfill my dreams. Oh how I long to leave here with my rose for a better garden.

… Here the fragment of the diary ends.

Key facts:
- You are severely restricted in your options for defense and economy.
- You must complete the keep, wherefore you can only use a round tower
- You need to collect (or buy) stone, tar, bread and beer
- Your people want spiritual guidance (by both beer and Allah)
- You need to find a way to survive. This might prove the hardest part
- This map is marked as impossible for a reason! It’s not “really impossible” but requires a very precise approach to the problems. Even with that I recommend frequent saving (I know why from first hand experience). Please keep this in mind when possibly rating it in terms of playability and balanceJ. It’s definitely not for beginners (sorry). It can be won! Promise! If you cannot, rethink your tactics (Maybe food first? Maybe I need iron sooner? Maybe I should buy something rather then wasting resources in production? How can I raise taxes higher? …) If you need a walk trough, I’d be happy to provide one.
- Just in case you wonder: Yes it is intended that you cannot reach the NE high ground. What did you think the bridge was for before it was destroyed?

© The Rabbit 2006
The Watchtower V1.0
AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
The Rabbit
File Author
I wish to thank Lord Michael I for giving me feedback and constructive critcism durig the preparation of this map!
Also, if someone could let me know how to add a mission-text to the map itself, please help me out!
Needless to say, I'd be glad about feedback (or reviews), allthough I expect some bashing about the difficulty... Still, that's the fun about it.

[Edited on 04/26/06 @ 01:13 PM]

lollard97367 Interesting. Will download and play.

I see you put a copyright notice at the bottom of your description. Why?

[Edited on 04/26/06 @ 03:36 PM]

STreTcH23 Playing this now. Hard to manage an economy with the constant waves of swordsman which makes this fun and challenging; will review soon.
Captain Diablo All along the Watchtowa'! Sorry, just had to do that. : )

Nice writing, very creative entrance for the player to pick up where the journal left off.

I might rate this, if I can find my Crusader disc.
Duc Camembert Playability: 5
it's chalange and fun

Creativity: 4
u show well but i give it 4 because only a little while

Map Design: 4
(Insert Map Design analysis here)

Story/Instructions: 5

Additional Comments:

[Edit – This review has be retracted by staff as part of a retrospective moderation of reviews. This was carried out to deal with the issue of some reviews not meeting the minimum standard. The content of the retracted review has been left to stand as a comment. The author is welcome to contact staff about this. Edited by ericgolf]

[Edited on 11/21/08 @ 12:47 PM]

The Rabbit
File Author
Thank you all for your comments and reviews! I am relieved that you liked my map and that it gave you a challenge. (Lollard: as for the copyright, just a habbit of mine...)

I hope that ppl will continue to enjoy and again, in case of questions or beeing stuck, ask for more advice or snapshot-savegames of different stages if you like.

your furry friend.
strongholder nl hey i've got one thing moslems don't drink alcohol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the map looks nice.
The Rabbit
File Author
LOL, the booze is needed to bribe the enemy ... or to weaken it's battle skills. You choose :)
peter2008 This is both an excellent eco misson and a lesson in desperate fighting.
The requests are complex, just managed to keep the overview.
There are wide restrictions of buildings, including walls, and - of units! Besides engineers ...
How to kill the blue knghts (very helpful)? How to stop the rows of deadly swords? Thge longer the game takes the more invasions arrive. Partly they overlap (or almost, astonishing how quick certain traps can be replaced). Tension till the end.
A very good job as for playability and balance.

Wide parts of the map are not accessible for some reasons. Bit of torture to have iron and stones right under your nose but not way to get there. The landscape as such is not beautiful.

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