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Troy (Arming the Army) Phase 1

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Easy
Welcome Prince of Troy.

Wow, ive worked on this map a loooot. Ok here is the introduction.

Setting: Troy
Time: Trojan War
Who is involved: Trojans, Greeks

Basicallly you are the king of troy. Your son, Paris has taken Menalous's wife from him, Menalous is one of the greek lords and brother of Agamemnon, The Greek King. Agamemnon has seized this opportunity to take over troy, since he has wanted to destroy it for years. Troy has never fallen, its high walls are a pain to any enormous army, even the numerous greeks. Troy is also known for its skilled archers, and ofcourse its brilliant general and prince, Hector, brother of Paris and son of King Priam, king of troy.

Now the Greek king, Agammemnon, has gathered all the greek armies together, a massive army, thousands of ships sail at the same time, heading straight for the trojan beach, your beach. Upon hearing this you arm your men, your archers are already armed. YOU have produce the infantry arms in order to arm your men who are coming from the countryside. This is a war that will never be forgotten, on the Greek side there is the famous warrior Achilles and the brilliant general Odessius. Your high walls have never been breached, this looks like a good war to you, is it ?

Okay, thanks for downloading my map, this is the first phase in many phases to come that will eventually conclude the trojan war.

The map takes after the movie troy and so some small historical facts might be wrong. Troy has very high walls, two temples to the sun, a great water supply and a very organized community. You shall see that this is well represented on the map, hopefully.

In this phase you have to prepare for war, produce the arms required and then play with the castle all you like, familiarize yourself with it, you will be defending it against masses of greeks in the following phases. This map is not intended to be hard, it will serve as an introduction to you, I assure you that the coming phases will be much harder, so dont panic about it not being a challenge.

Historically Troy fell to the greeks and all the trojans were exterminated, the surviving torjans escaped and formed the famous, Rome. This is what is said according to the Illiad, Greek mythology. We do not know for sure if Troy ever existed or not, however i do believe so in my heart, I love troy :), its a shame it got sacked and burnt to the ground, all of this because of the queen that paris fell for, women, sheesh, (just kiddin).

Anyways, have fun with the map, i will be working on the other phases. I seriously hope Troy would be considered a good castle and series, :)


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Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
hm... Ok, first it was quite annoying waiting for the people to get their jobs. If you want to know how to have everyone employed in the beginning, you play your own map, wait for the people to be emlpoyed as usual. Then you save your map - go to the save folder in the Stronghold folder, you remove the .sav in the end of the file, and then write .map intead - put it in the map folder and then you can play your saved map, as a map made in the editor.

The AI wasn't too good, the big wall as expected, was not so fun to defend, because the pikemen attacked it, and they were in their little tunnels, and more archers became unable to hit them. So it took some time for them to everntually die. Which was boring, so i killed them with the knights. These types of walls never really are good to use.
When I killed the invasions, i realized I had like 150 left of each type of things I had to acquire, even though I had built blacksmith's and stuff, throughout the game. So I simply stopped, it is very boring to just wait for goods to be made, and to build more blacksmith's. And also for a very long time.
It was quite fun in the beginning, and it was cool how they really attacked that temple.
Overall... it's average I guess, and i'm probably generous with only that.

Balance: 1
As stated above, there's too many goods to acquire, either you make some events or something to make it fun to play while collecting them, or you just reduce the ammount, and very much of it too.
About the invasions - I probably lost 5% of my army. Or less.

Creativity: 4
I really like the idea with Troy. Though, you're not first, but that won't affect the score. It's not a five, because I don't think you portrayed it to the fullest as I will comment in map design.

Map Design: 3
The first feeling I get is that it is very plain. Both outside and inside the city. Just grass. Not much looked natural, for example there was a bear trapped inside some wooden walls in the middle of the street. And the city overall...well, could be better. I didn't really get the water around the city. It only made it harder to move around, and it doesn't look natural, and city-ish. The city has some eyecandy, but they look a bit wierd. Though, I like the stronghold design, but it looks awful much like a pyramid. Did Troy have this kind of architecture?
The wall could be better too. I remember when I was a newb - I wanted to everything to be as big as possible. In reality, bigger is not better. I didn't understand what those walkways inside the walls were. The wall is too thick and it would look better if it was only one level. A medium sized, tall - not too thick wall would probably look good.

Story/Instructions: 3
A good ammount of story. Not much to say here.

Additional Comments:
I can see you tried with this map. It's unique, I can say that, but needs some improvement. If i'm not mistaking, this is your first map? No one gets such a score on their first maps. Anways, in either case you will improve as you make more maps.

edit- I just thought of something... I have a little tip for you. I think the problem with most newbs is that they don't focuse on details. For example, you make the wall, the castle, the temple but you forget the roads and stuff. You could for example make roads, small statues, maybe some elaborate tower design with several towers together connected with staircases and passways. One thing everything should know, is the lower walls trick, and everyone should use it.

Hope it doesn't feel like i'm bashing you too much, I just found things that needed improvement.

[Edited on 05/14/06 @ 08:10 AM]

File Author
Thanks for your review Douegleass,

It is indeed my first real map.
Actually when i said this idea is new, its is new, considering ill be the first person to make a whole series and to apply what troy really looked like.

Well, as i said i will be following a story line, and i know this was more like an economic campaign, but i guess ur not into economic missions, the rest of them will be full of invasions hopefully. At the beginning of the movie, the trojans had a hard time arming themselves, and thats what im offering in this chapter, the beginning of the story. About how the place looks really plain, thats exactly how it was i the movie was well, the lands were really flat, (i hope u watched it). Furthermore, the trojans were well known for their many high walls and different leveled walls, their king always sat on the highest level, and there were lower levels to protect him, i.e the pyramid shape. I cannot demolish the walls, since they are representative of the city, however im going to make invasions much harder, and fighting space smaller. The river is just a watersystem and to give a better look to the map, it should not have annoyed u because you dont need to move your troops there, it actually makes it better for your own people. Finally, the bear just kept appearing out of nowehere in the editor and they appeared whenever i killed one of them, so i built a wall around him, a real bugger, i knw it looks bad.

Sorry u ddnt like the map, i hope ull like the other ones !
Dougleass Yeah I have seen the movie. Pretty good. Anwyays, about the plain outside, I have an example for you.
Ok - in the movie The return of the king, Pelennor fields looked pretty flat didn't it? But still, a field is bumpy a little here and there, and it definately has rocks, stones and bushes.

Take a look at Warlord designs Minas Tirith. Just search for it, you should find it easily.
He really shows what the map editor can do when used to its fullest.
File Author
Yeah i know, i downloaded almost all of WDs maps, including the Minas one, they are really nice, and hard to do to!,

I guess ill try my best in making the lands look better i guess, thank you for ur help :)

Im really excited about finishing the series, i have a wonderful storyline in my head and i think i can represent it in a very intresting way i hope.
Anyways, whats more important is that everyone enjoys the map, its all about ur pleasure :)
Personally im happy if some1 is having fun or is happy cause of smth i did. Thx

Have fun
lollard97367 This looks good. Is this the part where Achilles runs up the stairs and sticks that one guard near the beach landing part of the movie?

File Author
lol yeah it is, its the landing part,

Thanks for the nice complement lollard :)

Hope u enjoy it
File Author
I just read your edit dougleass,
Yeah ill try doing that, although to tell you the truth i hate messy landscapes.
About the lower wall trick, i learnt how to do that already.

Thanks, and no your not bashing me too much

[Edited on 05/15/06 @ 09:36 AM]

Dougleass Ok good, of all eyecandy tricks I like the lowered wall trick the most. On my map that'll pop up soon for download you can see that I use it very much. Maybe you can get some inspiration. I've made roads, for example.

Also... yeah you know what, I don't like too messy landscapes either. On my map, you'll see what I think is enough for fields. Though, i'll probably make just a little more details to the fields in the invasion version of the map which i'll probably make some time.

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Map Design3.0
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